Rand Fishkin and Peter Shankman - 2013 Predictions that are gold today!

Build A Brand and Create Good Marketing

Peter Shankman and Rand Fishkin are two of the most brilliant marketers I have ever had the pleasure of knowing!  In May of 2013 I invited them both to speak at a Digital Marketing event I was hosting in Miami, Florida.  The 9 minute clip of them on stage together provides timeless advice that was true in 2013 and is even more true today!  

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The Commitment Approach - The 6 Phases Of Mastery

In 2015 I hosted a small live event in Myrtle Beach, SC and invited a few key speakers in to share their insights and knowledge with our local community.  One of the biggest takeaways, for me personally, was this talk from Greg Harrelson on the 6 Phases of Mastery!

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What Is Influencer Marketing?

Consumers trust word-of-mouth advertising from friends and family more than advertised content directly from brands, making influencer marketing to be the hottest, most active influencer marketing strategy on the market.

Influencer marketing is more about building honest relationships between your brand, your ideal customer, who they are already visiting online and LESS about paid advertising and direct ads.

Influencer marketing is about the relationships you build, not the number of transactions you can make.

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Hashtags: Crush Social Media Marketing With Trending Hashtags

Almost 75% of users on social media are using hashtags. Hashtags are used to help categorize user-generated content, making it easier for people to discover new or related pieces of content.

When a user adds a hashtag to their post on social media, that post now has the ability to be searched and discovered by millions of other like-minded people all around the world.  

Hashtags have proven to increase SEO and visibility and is an essential component to building brand awareness across multiple platforms and to amplifying our content marketing campaigns.

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Instagram Marketing: Tips To Crush Instagram Marketing With Hashtags

How do you stand out on Instagram with over 700 million monthly active users?

Understanding how to correctly and strategically use hashtags on Instagram paired with a killer hashtag strategy is the answer.  Popular Instagram hashtags have proven to make content more discoverable on Instagram and has shown to be the most successful way to grow your following and increase brand awareness. 

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eCommerce Marketing - A single client success in March of 2018

I wanted to take a quick moment to share some the eCommerce Success from one of our clients in March of 2018.  Please note that the results are real (with screen shots shared) but the clients name is not disclosed to respect their privacy and avoid an unfair competitive advantage to anyone reading this!  
The raw data was pulled directly from BigCommerce, Hubspot and Google Analytics.  
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Content Amplification: How To Amplify Killer Content

There are almost 3 MILLION blog posts published every single day.  Every piece of content that is published is competing for attention with millions of other people throughout the world.

How do we ensure that our content gets seen by our most ideal, loyal audience(s)?

We have all heard the saying, "content is king", but what we haven't been told is what type of content we should be creating, how much time we should spend creating and most importantly, how much time we should spend PROMOTING it. 

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Hubspot Visitor Abandonment

In April of 2017 we became a Hubspot Certified Partner and began exploring the full power of using Hubspot for our clients.  During the last 10 months we have been named Rookie Agency Of The Year and become one of the fastest partners in history to reach their Platinum Partner Level.  Many of our clients were using Infusionsoft so it was a pretty big migration as we eliminated Infusionsoft and moved to Hubpsot. 

There have been numerous things we love but here's one of the coolest Hubspot Ninja Tricks we are doing!  

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HubSpot: What is Inbound Marketing?

Do you want to turn strangers into customers and promoters of your business?

Traditional marketing and buying behaviors of customers has drastically changed over the years. Marketers have learned that interruptive outbound marketing strategies have become less effective, because of this marketers are now using a more effective inbound marketing strategy instead.

The inbound marketing method ATTRACTS BUYERS TO YOU by providing more intriguing and educational content that aligns with what buyers want and need to positively influence their decision-making process.

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What is HubSpot?

Are you looking for the perfect platform to help you attract and close more sales?

With HubSpots all-in-one marketing platform, marketers can store all of their leads and marketing data in one powerful, integraged database.  HubSpot helps you strategically market, convert more leads and close more sales online.

HubSpot helps businesses generate more leads through detailed SEO, blogging, social media, marketing automation and marketing analytics.

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