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How Much Does Influencer Marketing Cost?

The buzz about influencer marketing is still on the rise.  But do you know what it costs?

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Does Influencer Marketing Work?

There are many studies debating if influencer marketing is a complete success or a total flop. 

Consumers have proven to trust recommendations from other people over advertised content directlly from brands, making influencer marketing the hot new marketing stragety for marketers.

Inspired word-of-mouth marketing generates more than twice the sales of paid advertising. 

When influencer marketing is done right, the benefits are endless.  Influencers give you that extra boost your brand needs to crush your goals and get ahead of your competitors.  Working with influencers is totally worth it.

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How To Measure Influencer Marketing

Are you working with social media influencers or looking to start an influencer marketing campaign?

Before you begin your marketing campaign, make sure your influencer marketing strategy aligns with your most important key metrics and goals.

Marketers will get the most success if they track and report analytics along the way.

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How To Do Influencer Marketing

Most businesses have the same question in mind, how can we convert everyday visitors into loyal paying customers?

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Influencer Marketing Has Changed The Game

Did you know that 92% of consumers trust word-of-mouth recommendations above all other forms of advertising?

Many consumers have grown cynical towards advertising, which is why influencer marketing has dominated the marketing industry and became more impactful than most forms of traditional advertisement.  People have learned that most advertisements from brands can't be trusted and rely more on reviews, testimonials and word-of-mouth recommendations from our favorite social influencers.

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Facebook Live Video - Should we always leave a 5 star review?

I just wrapped up a FB Live video on leaving reviews online. 

Should you always leave a 5 star review? 

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Social Proof: 14 Easy Ways to Become an Expert in Social Proof Marketing

Imagine you are looking at a product online that you've been thinking about buying for weeks, and while you're on that website you see a pop-up notification saying “Your friend (insert name here) has just purchased this item.”  Genius right?  This is an example of social proof and how the influences we see impact our decision-making process.

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10 Marketing Podcasts You Need To Listen To In 2018

Staying up to date with the latest news and trends in the marketing world can be overwhelming and a lot of hard work.  Marketers today want to learn the latest ideas, tips and trends that will help grow sales and drive results.

Without question, marketing plays a crucial role in developing, producing and selling products and services.  When you listen to these marketing podcasts you get access to exclusive tips and strategies to give your business that extra boost it needs.

Local SEO: Why it Matters & How to Get Started 

Local SEO is an online marketing strategy that helps local businesses promote their products or services to customers in their geographical location at the exact moment they are looking to purchase. 

Local SEO strategies include optimizing your website for local searchers and claiming directory listings on sites such as Google My Business and Yelp. 

Why Local SEO Matters 

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Google AdWords vs. Facebook Ads: Where to Advertise Your Local Business

No conversation about online advertising is worth having without mentioning Google AdWords and Facebook Ads.

They’re the two biggest players: Google AdWords is the “tried and true” classic, and while Facebook advertising has been around for awhile, it’s only recently that it’s become such a behemoth.

In fact, in 2016 Facebook saw a 50% increase in active advertisers, accounting for 65% for all social ad spend. Obviously, growth like that makes businesses start to speculate. 

Will Facebook overtake Google as the big guy of online advertising?

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