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3 Types Of Content You Should Be Creating Everyday

Posted by Gary Henderson on Dec 12, 2019 4:05:54 PM

Creating content can be complicated.

And it can feel like a lot of pressure to be responsible for creating so many different types of content. 

Especially, when you hear all of the smartest content strategist saying that you have to create this new eBook or that new infographic.

And then, after you get all of that created, you have to create a new course and a new webinar.

It can seem like it never ends and become extremely overwhelming.

But, I like to keep things pretty simple.

Which is why I have written this blog post to explain the three types of content you should be creating every day to grow and build your business or brand continuously.

It's 3 types of content that's based on my #R3MAT Method - show the right message to the right person at the right time. 

R3MAT - the right message to the right audience at the right time

Any content you create should be created with a purpose and a specific audience in mind.

There are so many different types of people who follow you on social media or support your business. And those people have different relationships with you and are at different stages in their journey.

For example, some people don't even know your business exists, and then some people have been customers for 30 years.

Everyone is different. 

So, we should be creating content that is specific for that group of people, the ones who should know who you are.

These are the people who should be spending money with you and telling the rest of the world that they should also do business with you too.

And there’s no single content marketing tool or method that’s guaranteed to tell you where your audience hangs out online.

That's where we get into the first type of content you should be creating every day.

Do You Want To Make A Bigger Impact With Your Personal Brand?

The 3 Types Of Content You Should Be Creating Everyday

1. Create Content That ATTRACTS People To You

This is possibly the most valuable type of content you can create. 

I still want you to try and value each type of content equally.

Each person must be given exactly what they want through every step of the buyers' journey and every part of their relationship with your business or brand.


Social media strategy that attracts every stage of the buyers journey.


Attraction posts typically meet people where they are.  

It's the first thing they see, and it's usually their first meeting with you, it's where they first learn of you.

This is where you create a social media post or a piece of content to build a relationship with them, to make them aware of you. 

They may not even know your name, or they may not know you exist, but you show them a piece of content, and they like it. 

There are a few different types of content you could show them. 

You could create any content like this: 

  • Motivational meme

  • Pretty picture

  • Cooking recipe

  • Social media post

  • Long-form or short-form blog posts

  • How-to videos

Here's an example of a motivation quote I made. 


Gary Henderson Instagram Post Example - Create posts that attract an audience


See it doesn't have to be something super complex, or that takes a ton of time to do. It can be as simple as sending out a tweet or posting your favorite picture of your dog on Instagram. 

You only want to get your name out there and your business in front of new people. 

This also works better if you spend money on everything you post on social media.

2. Create Content That Engages & Nurtures An Audience

This is where you ask thought-provoking questions, or you get them to start commenting or get them to open up the dialogue with you. 

Not to get them to buy something, but to have a conversation, to get to know them.

This type of content is all about strengthening the relationship(s) you built.

You can serve this audience and people in the same way you served them previously.   So take what you used to attract them and give them more of that to nurture them. 

If they liked what you gave them before, give them more of that to make them want more from you. 

That could mean you show them more of the attraction posts. 

But, the difference is you're showing this content to the people who have already engaged with you.

how to create storytelling content


Here's an example of how I engaged with an audience. 

A great example of engagement is questions. 

I went into a podcasting group on Facebook, and I asked everyone in the group a question. 

I asked everyone in the group, "Do you feel that consistency is important for a podcast?"

That post got 200 comments. 

This is an easy way to engage and build relationships with people, and it doesn't take much time. 

Here's why I did this. 

You're asking this audience that you have been attracting and nurturing a question that you know they will have an opinion on. 

So, this is where you want them to open up with you. 

You want them to start a conversation with you - you want them to have that conversation to open up dialogue and engage with you.

3. Create Content That Invites People To Take The Next Step

This should be content that asks people to take a step with you, or that helps people get to the next level. 

This is where you ask them to take a step. 

You could ask them to:

  • Subscribe to your email list

  • Buy your ebook

  • Read your blog

  • Follow you on social media

  • Ask them to like/follow you across social media platforms (meaning you invite your Facebook people over to like your Instagram content)

  • Invite them to jump on a phone call with you

  • Ask them to join your mastermind

Entrepreneurs Dan Fleyshman and Joel Marion Hosted a 100 Million Dollar Mastermind Experience as their next step. 


Dan Fleyshman IG


No matter what the ask is, it's always an invitation for them to do something else with you. 

It's something where they can raise their hand and say YES! I WANT THAT!

And then you figure out how you can get them to the next level. 

They're already following and engaging with you because they want something. They may not want something from you, but they want something that you have or for themselves. 

They want to learn something, they want to feel something, and this is where they achieve, or they get closer to their desired result. 

Final Thoughts

We are supposed to be helping people move through and get closer to their desired result. Not begging everyone we just met to buy something. 

We have to build relationships first and then help our people achieve whatever desired result they want. 

Instead of creating something, thinking everyone wants it and then blasting it to anyone, everywhere.

Start creating content that small segments of your audience want and replicate that for each one of your audiences.  


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