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4 Facebook Messenger Marketing Tools To Try Today

Posted by Larry Kim on Sep 18, 2019 2:47:25 PM

So, you’ve opened the door to Facebook Messenger marketing

That’s a great thing. 

It’s an underutilized channel, which means you can see real results fast with little effort. We call that a unicorn. Always look out for the unicorns! 

We’re talking numbers you haven’t seen before, like 70% open rates and higher engagement. 

Chances are if you’re involved with Facebook Messenger marketing, then you already have a chatbot. (Good on you!) 

But in case you don’t, I definitely recommend it. I put everything into chatbots when I started MobileMonkey. And it’s because I know they get results. Bots automate processes and improve efficiencies. Plus, they’re plain fun. 

You can include gifs, humor, and personality.  

Facebook Realestate Bot

Great way to interact with customers or leads. 


Solid channel to communicate information effectively. 

Mobile Monkey

And they’re perhaps the new email marketing, or at least, a better version of it.


Here’s four tools to start using with Facebook Messenger marketing today. 

Comment Guard

This one’s my personal favorite. It uses a bot to essentially grow your Facebook contacts. 

It’s an autoresponder. Whenever people comment on your Facebook post (organic or paid), they receive a message in Messenger with the MobileMonkey Comment Guard. An automated follow-up if you will. 

Once they interact with the message, they become a contact. 

Then you can message their inbox with chatbot marketing or future campaigns.  

It’s that easy. 

The key is to make that single follow-up message catchy.  

It’s a tried-and-true way to turn fans and already engaged users into contacts. You can offer up a promo code with two pre-filled text buttons in which they click before receiving it. 

Or you can push them towards valuable content they might be interested in. 

Check out what we did with MobileMonkey.

Screen Shot 2019-09-18 at 2.34.30 PMIncentivize users so they to take that next step. In this case, I used latest industry content. 

Larry KimA catch-all comment guard works well. Something everyone who sees your post is likely to be interested in. 

I’ve also seen trivia questions, promo code offers, and giveaways work well with the MobileMonkey Comment Guard. 

So, get creative and grow your list! 

Drip Campaigns

Ah, yes. Tool #2. If you’re not creating drip campaigns with Facebook Messenger, then you’re skipping over a huge opportunity. 

First, let’s look at some reasons we use drip campaigns in email marketing. Something you likely know well. 

  • Get new customers acquainted and on-boarded.
  • Keep leads engaged for future sales. 
  • Leverage automation to scale communications.  

All of those are concrete reasons we automate with drip campaigns. Though drip campaigns have become old news with email marketing, using drip campaigns with Facebook Messenger marketing presents a whole new avenue for higher engagement and superb open rates. 

Why? Because chatbots are more personalized and way more fun than email. 

I find the best use-case to start with if you’re unsure of where to begin is with on-boarding. 

What’s your business’ niche? Do new users need to a little more information to get on board? Conversational Facebook Messenger chatbots are the perfect channel to provide that extra info so they can catch up.

I do this all the time at MobileMonkey. I have a general idea of how much my audience knows about chatbots, but I don’t always know for sure. So, I send out content in a drip campaign that I think will be useful to them. 

Based on what they interact with, I can get a better picture of my consumers and also modify my campaign. One giant roadmap! 

Here’s some examples: 


This quiz question keeps our conversation fun and interactive. Plus, I gain some knowledge about my consumer. 

And it all leads to the big question:

Marketing BotsThus, the next message reads like I understand how brilliantly smart my audience is. If they answer “I haven’t yet”, I still offer up the same resources. I don’t try and push a sale. This on-boarding drip campaign is focused on education and information. The consumer is still in the prospecting phrase.  

And it leads readers to the same valuable content. 

Valuable Content

It’s that easy. Try making your own on-boarding drip campaign today to welcome new contacts or tackle another use case for nurturing leads.

Messenger Website Chat Widget 

All right. Enough is enough. Put Facebook Messenger on your site already!

If your bot is only on Facebook, you’re missing out. 

That Messenger icon is familiar to users, and that’s a really good thing.

So, optimize it!

Live chat on a website can increase conversions up to 45%. 

And if that’s not enough of a perk…you also get these benefits:

  • 24/7 instant responses
  • Far cheaper than live staff
  • Mobile-friendly interface

Not to mention, you’ll still be nurturing those contacts to turn them into leads. 

With MobileMonkey, you can add your widget in three easy steps to CMS systems like WordPress, Wix, Shopify, Joomla, Magenta, and more.

It’s all done using Google Tag Manager. It’s a super-easy and super-fast way to get results.

And it lets visitors to your site find the answers to their questions immediately. 

Live Customer Support

Don’t know about you, but that kind of efficiency always makes me fond of a business fast. 

Users can ask questions or you can prompt them with some options on how they can use the bot. 

Here, I’ve included an upcoming Instagram & Facebook Ads Summit right in the Messenger widget so visitors can learn more about the upcoming event and sign up quickly. 

No need to search. 

MobileMonkey Bot

Plus, I’ve provided other options in case that’s not what they’re here for. 


It’s an easy way to help visitors navigate your site. Plus, you can see all that their asking through the platform, so you’re up-to-date on what they’re looking for. 

All possible from that handy little icon in the corner. 

Facebook Messenger Ads 

Last but not least, this leads us to perhaps the most integral tool for growth: Facebook Messenger ads

Have you been frustrated by the rising costs of Facebook display ads? Because I definitely was a little while ago.

And then I used Click-to-Messenger ads. 

And what can I say? HUGE game-changer. 

We cut the cost of a lead acquisition from $150 to $5 using MobileMonkey. A true donkey to unicorn transformation. 

And you can, too. 

But let me back up for a second. 

What are Facebook Messenger ads?

Send-to-Messenger ads or Click-to-Messenger ads are simply sponsored ads through Facebook Messenger. They usually have a “send message” with the Messenger icon and users then interact with your bot. 

They look like this. 

Facebook Messenger AdsThe key thing to know is that they’re way cheaper than display ads. Instead of paying per website click as you would with Facebook ads, you’re switching the Facebook campaign objective. Now, it’s optimized for messages.

Then you can send those leads to a chatbot. 

And you save those leads in the contact database in MobileMonkey. 

Pretty cool, right? 

There’s a step-by-step tutorial here for Send-to-Messenger ad benefits. But let’s talk for a second about the key question you’re probably asking. 

How do we get viewers to click “Send Message”?

The same way we keep users engaged with our conversational bots. Try to keep it interactive and fun. 

  • Offer up a coupon code: Users can click-to-send message on the ad and then grab the code from the chat. Then you can send them right to your e-commerce store.  
  • Push out a relevant event, e-book, or webinar: Have users then sign up right through your Facebook Messenger chatbot.
  • Give out a free trial (great for platforms): Share a 30-day free trial and encourage viewers to sign up. 
  • Test out imagery and copy: You never know. A close-up ad of your product may perform better than a product box view. A copy of a testimonial quote may really resonate with your audience! Play around with your Click-to-Messenger ads just as you would any other ad layout. 

That’s a wrap. 

There are lots of great Facebook Messenger marketing tools out there to get started with. 

And if you need anymore…I have plenty of hacks right here