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7 Reasons Your Business Needs A Facebook Messenger Chatbot

Posted by Larry Kim on Nov 18, 2020 12:15:00 PM

This story was originally published on and has been republished here with permission.

If you want to take your content marketing to the next level, then it's time to finally jump in and build a Facebook chatbot.

Chatbots deliver sky-high open rates, save you time/resources, and will give you an edge against your competition. 

Creating a Facebook Messenger chatbot takes minutes.

Facebook Messenger -- one of the biggest chat platforms in the world -- has proven to help expand reach to a bigger audience, increase traffic to your site and drive conversions. 

Here, we're making the case for exactly why you should add Facebook Messenger to your marketing mix. 

Learn why you should use this unicorn channel now!

1. Facebook Messenger Chatbots Makes You More Productive

Unlike human customer service representatives, chatbots can be there 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

You can handle more customers easily and build better trust with them without having to hire more people.

That saves you both time and money while also providing more customer satisfaction.

Chatbots are all about automating repetitive tasks like handling most customers' basic concerns. 

You can cut a big chunk of customer service handled by human representatives by a significant margin.

That leaves you and your people to handle more pressing matters, which you can do with live chat takeover.

Your chatbot becomes your personal assistant, helping your business become more productive.

Setting up and maintaining a chatbot does take a good bit of work, but the results you can get out of it is certainly worth it. Here are more successful chatbot examples to get inspiration from. 

2. You Can Send Personalized Content Through Messenger Chatbots 

The best chatbots can boost engagement by leveraging the data your chatbot gets when they add a contact to the list.

Do it right at the start of the conversation as the greeting creates that very important first impression.

The chatbot can greet them by the user's names with salutations that change depending on the time of day.

You can also do things like have the chatbot ask them about the weather in their specific location to get things going.

Even if they still think they're interacting with a chatbot, you get to show that it's not the usual run-in-the-mill chatbot.

Having that data also means the chatbot doesn't need to ask questions about certain details, letting it get straight to the point.

Access to user activity also lets the chatbot better pinpoint sources of problems based on history.

This makes for more efficient customer service that can also be used for content marketing.

Your content delivery can prioritize types of content that a specific user prefers to engage with.

This leads to higher engagement and open rates, making your content marketing more effective.

3. Messenger Chatbots Lead Customers Through Sales Funnels

A good Facebook messenger chatbot can take customers through all four major parts of the sales funnel: awareness, interest, decision, and action.

It can make them aware of your content and your business, then build their interest in your products and services.

Those interested enough may then decide on whether they should go through with a purchase.

Your content can further convince them to make a decision, and some of them may then be converted.

Those sales can then be guided by the chatbot as well, from the call-to-action to checkout and payment.

It can also help them track and monitor the delivery of their purchases, making sure they reach them as expected.

The chatbot can then continue to show them more products and services they may be interested in.

4. High Conversion Rate Via Click-To-Messenger Ads 

Advertising on Facebook is already way better than paying for website traffic or a bunch of leads.

You'd be glad to know that Facebook Messenger ads deliver really high conversion rates.

Click-to-Messenger ads are super engaging, and it helps that they're mobile-friendly by default.

Their conversion rate is 100% because you get contact info and are able to message them back in Messenger.

Getting those contacts then lets you take advantage of Facebook Messenger marketing and get a boost on your ROI.

You can also stay in touch with customers, which is made even easier with a good chatbot.

It creates a personalized one-on-one channel with them, letting you engage by helping them with their inquiries.

Whenever a customer asks a question, they can get a response right away, plus a human behind it if needed.

5. You Can Repurpose Old Content Using Chatbots 

Chatbots are great content marketing tools. can give new life to old content the same way they can deliver new content.

Features like chat blasting and drip campaigns can help resurrect old content, and allow you to deliver it in new and engaging ways. 

For example, did you know you can use your chatbot to deliver images, gifs and even survey questions? 

Bot features like these make the entire content delivery system so much more engaging and interactive for users (hence the high open rates!).

6. You Can Tailor Facebook Content to Spur Bot Conversations

Another particularly cool chatbot feature is the comment guard. When you set up a comment guard on a Facebook post, anyone who leaves a comment will automatically be contacted by your chatbot (using whatever script you've created for this experience). 

The more comments that your Facebook posts get, the more contacts are added to your list -- and those contacts, in turn, become leads.