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Must Read: 31 Books To Read Before You Die

Posted by Gary Henderson on Oct 6, 2022 9:24:55 AM

If you're looking for your next book to read, you've come to the right place.

Are you looking for the top books to read in 2022? Best books for teens? Most popular self-help books to read in your 30s? Most read business books? Best self-improvement books? Best books every man should read? Want to know the most famous books and classics of all time? 

Don't worry, we've got you!

Books are by far one of the cheapest forms of education out there.

Reading books is one of the best ways to develop new ideas, enhance performance, expand our vocabulary and imagination, improve focus, see new perspectives, and see how other people live worldwide.

Just last year, 1.5 million new book titles were published across the globe.

And more than 129,864,880 books have been published since the invention of the printing press in 1440.

When having so many thousands and millions of interesting books to choose from all different authors around the globe, it can quickly become overwhelming to pick what book to read next.

Did you know the average person reads 12 books a year, and more than 51% of adults haven't finished reading one book in the last year?

To make it easier for you, we created this epic list of 31 best books to read before you die that every creator, marketer, entrepreneur, and business owner should read in a lifetime.

These popular book suggestions range from a variety of titles, authors, and book genres. 

The 31 must-read books listed in this blog will be a great read for anyone looking to uplevel their business and personal relationships, interested in books on happiness and love, audience building, business-related books, self-help books, business management books, fiction novels, leadership books, self-improvement books, and so much more. 

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Screen Shot 2022-09-12 at 2.51.18 PM

Not sure what book to read?

Use our guide of best books to read before you die as your next reading list. This list of best books can be your reading list for the next two years!

Since the average person reads 12 books every year and this blog has 31 interesting books, it will take a little over two years (if you read that much) to read every book on this list.  

Well, unless you love to read as much as this TikTok creator.

Avid book reader and book influencer, @amys_bookshelf read 87 books in 2022 😮 and made this TikTok video listing her favorite best books of 2022.

(I'll say, that’s pretty impressive...)

Now, let's dive into our top-rated books for creators, entrepreneurs, social media influencers, professionals, and business owners. 

Must-Read: 31 Best Books To Read Before You Die

Many of these inspiring book bestsellers have sold millions of copies to date and are #1 New York Times best sellers online and in bookstores across the globe!

1. Love Yourself Like Your Life Depends on It

Best self help book: Love yourself like your life depends on it

With over 4,823 4+ stars on Amazon, you can find this book located under the happiness self-help section on Amazon.  

The author Kamal's intention with this book is that by the time you finish, not only will you be committed to loving yourself, you'll know exactly how to do it. 

And most importantly, how to make it last.


2. The Clubhouse Creator: Build Your Audience, Deepen Relationships, And Accelerate Success In The Creator Economy

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  • Book Author: Gary Henderson

Best small business books The clubhouse creator build your audience, deepen relationoships and accelerate success in the creator economy

The Clubhouse Creator is an entrepreneurial guide that teaches you how to use the power of social audio and networking to monetize your skills and services, build an audience of superfans, and have success in Web3.0 and the creator economy regardless of what field you are in.

Gary Henderson, book author and founder of, reveals his best tried-and-true strategies on Clubhouse for:

  • Finding your ideal audience and superfans

  • Integrating into the flow of social circles and conversations

  • Conveying the value of your goods or services

  • Monetizing your knowledge and expertise

This short easy-to-read book is a go-to guide for establishing your platform, building your audience, and monetizing your skills and services on Clubhouse.


The Clubhouse Creator

3. Failing Forward: Turning Mistakes Into Stepping Stones For Success

Failing forward turning mistakes into stepping stones for success

Failing Forward is a strategic guide that consists of real-life stories that will help men and women move beyond mistakes to fulfill their potential and achieve success.

The author, John C. Maxwell takes a closer look at failure and reveals that the secret of moving beyond failure is to use it as a lesson and a stepping-stone.

Maxwell explains, the major difference between achieving people and average people is their perception of and response to failure. He covers the top reasons people fail and shows how to master fear instead of being mastered by it.

This book is listed as #212 of all books on Amazon for leadership and motivation, #88 in Christian Living (Audible Books & Originals), and #99 in Leadership (Audible Books & Originals).


4. Personality Isn't Permanent: Break Free From Self-Limiting Beliefs and Rewrite Your Story

Personality isnt permanent Break free from self-limiting beliefs and rewrite your story

Psychologist and best-selling author Benjamin Hardy, Ph.D., debunks the pervasive myths about personality that prevent us from learning. Specifically, dismantling the misconception that personality (a person’s consistent attitudes and behaviors) is innate and unchanging.

Personality Isn't Permanent, is a self-help book filled with strategies to help reframe your past and start designing your future.

Hardy liberates us from the limiting belief that our “true selves” are to be discovered and shows how we can intentionally create our desired selves and achieve amazing goals instead.

This book is ranked #66 in Business Motivation & Self-Improvement (Audible Books & Originals), #94 in Business Motivation & Self-Improvement (Books), and#157 in Psychology (Audible Books & Originals).


5. Can't Hurt Me: Master Your Mind And Defy The Odds

New York Times Best Seller

Over 4 million copies sold

Cant hurt me book by david goggins

This book is a New York Times Best Seller and has sold over four million copies. 

Can't Hurt Me is the inspiring story of how David Goggins overcame an abusive childhood and went from being depressed and overweight to becoming one of the most inspiring military leaders and top endurance athletes in the world. 

In this inspiring book, Goggins shares how most people only tap into about 40% of their capabilities and reveals The 40% Rule, a path anyone can follow to push past pain, demolish fear, and reach their full potential. 

You can find this book on Amazon with a total of 4.8 stars out of 60,880 ratings! It is listed #563 in all looks, and #90 in health, fitness, and dieting books.


6. The Art Of War

Classic book The art of War by Sun Tzu

This classic book is thought of as the world's oldest military treatise and has instructed officers and tacticians for more than 2,000 years.

The work, which is attributed to the ancient Chinese military strategist Sun Tzu is composed of 13 chapters. Each chapter is devoted to a different set of skills related to warfare and how it applies to military strategy and tactics.

"In the midst of chaos, there is also opportunity."

The Art of War remains the most influential strategy text in East Asian warfare and has influenced both Eastern and Western military thinking, business tactics, legal strategy, lifestyles, and beyond.

Customers reviewed this book with 4.5 out of 11,185 ratings on Amazon. You can find this historic book listed under Classic Literature & Fiction on Amazon.


7. Effortless: Make It Easier To Do What Matters Most

New York Times Best Seller

A Times (UK) Best Book of the Year

Effortless the book that changed my lifeEffortless is is an empowering guide to achieving your goals and a UK best seller.

This book starts with one simple principle: Not everything important has to be so hard

Effortless offers actionable advice for making the most essential activities the easiest ones, so you can achieve the results you want, without burning out.  

This book is a good read for overthinkers and overachievers and is also a great read for anyone interested in time management as it's listed #9 in Time Management (Audible Books & Originals) on Amazon.


8. Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit Of Less

#1 Best Seller in Time Management

Book Author: Greg McKeown

Purchase Link: Buy on Amazon 

most recommended books essentialis by greg mekeown

An eager recommendation by one of our community members, Eric Jackson, says

"Essentialism is one of my top five life-changing books it taught me how to choose what matters most and focus only on the essential". 

Essentialism, the #1 best seller in time management, is a top classic that is a must-read for any leader, individual, or manager who wants to learn how to do less and show up even better.

This book will teach you what is absolutely essential, and how to eliminate everything that is not.

It isn't about getting more done in less time. It’s about getting only the right things done.

By forcing us to focus on what is really essential, we have the power to take back control and choose where we want to spend our time and energy without letting the influence of others affect us. 

With 4.6 out of 5 11,093 global ratings on Amazon, Essentialism is ranked,

  • #14 in Time Management books
  • #19 in decision-making and problem-solving

  • #150 in success self-help out of all books on Amazon


9. The Four Agreements: A Practical Guide To Personal Freedom

⭐ Over 15 Million Copies Sold in the U.S.

⭐ Over a Decade on The New York Times Bestseller List

⭐ Over 2 Years on Publishers Weekly Bestseller List

⭐ Featured in “O” The Oprah Magazine

Book Author: Don Miguel Ruiz

Purchase Link: Buy on Amazon

The Four Agreements by don miguel ruiz

The popular self-help book The Four Agreements, by Don Miguel Ruiz, reveals the source of self-limiting beliefs that rob us of joy and create needless suffering.

Based on ancient Toltec wisdom, The Four Agreements offer a powerful code of conduct that can rapidly transform our lives into a new experience of freedom, true happiness, and love.

The Four Agreements are:

  1. Be impeccable with your word

  2. Don't take anything personally

  3. Don't make assumptions

  4. Always do your best

This popular book is still listed at #14 on the Amazon Charts this week! Customers rated this classic book everyone must read before they die a 4.7 out of 5 stars out of a total of 86,817 ratings.

Ranked #44 in Audible Books & Originals (See Top 100 in Audible Books & Originals), #1 in Other Religions, Practices & Sacred Texts (Audible Books & Originals), #2 in Happiness Self-Help, and #5 in Motivational Self-Help (Books).


10. The Mastery Of Love: A Practical Guide To The Art Of Relationships

Book Author: Don Miguel Ruiz

Purchase Link: Buy on Amazon

The Mastery of Love by Don Miguel Ruiz

In The Mastery of Love, don Miguel Ruiz illuminates the fear-based beliefs and assumptions that undermine love and lead to suffering and drama in our relationships.

In the Toltec tradition, three fundamental masteries guide us to our true nature, which are happiness, freedom, and love.

The Mastery of Love is highly recommended by many of our community members and thousands of people around the world. So much so, out of 11,525 ratings on Amazon, customers rated this book a solid 4.8 out of 5 stars.

This most loved book is considered a must-read by book readers and is ranked #2 in Consciousness & Thought (Audible Books & Originals), #9 in Love, Dating & Attraction, and #21 in Love & Romance (Books).


11. The Five Love Languages

Book Author: Gary Chapman

Purchase Link: Buy on Amazon

Best book to read The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman

The 5 Love Languages, is a must-read #1 New York Times Best-Seller and is considered one of the best books of all time.

Author, Dr. Gary Chapman identifies five basic languages of love and then guides couples towards a better understanding of their unique languages of love.

The 5 Love Languages, is a simple and effective way to strengthen your connections, so you can experience greater joy and harmony in all of your relationships. Many claim this book saved this marriage. 

This insanely popular classic book is still listed #1 today in Christian Marriage & Relationships, #1 in Love, Dating & Attraction, and #1 in Marriage & Long-Term Partnerships.


12. The 7 Habits Of Highly Effective People

⭐ New York Times best-seller!

⭐ Over 25 million copies sold!

⭐ The Number One Most Influential Business Book of the 20th Century

Book Author: Stephen R. Covey

Purchase Link: Buy on Amazon

This book is recommended by one of our community members, Donald who shared,
"When looking at self-discovery this book is the one that I found most enriching in everyday life. I found these seven habits to be very important and it helped me to learn how to think about not only myself but also think of others." 

The number one most influential book The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

Considered one of the most inspiring and impactful books ever written, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People has captivated audiences for over 25 years.

The seven habits have become famous and are integrated into everyday thinking by millions and millions of people. It has transformed the lives of presidents and CEOs, educators, and parents of all ages around the globe.

This bestselling book is considered a classic and one of the most interesting books to read before you die. It is a must-read for teens, entrepreneurs, and anyone looking for the best books on self-improvement.

Rated 4.8 out of 5 11,173 global ratings on Amazon and listed #12 in Business Management (Audible Books & Originals), #20 in Leadership (Audible Books & Originals), and #33 in Leadership & Motivation.


13. The Desire Map Experience: A Guide To Creating Goals With Soul

Book Author: Danielle LaPorte

Purchase Link: Buy on Amazon

"This is a life-changing book that teaches you how to set your life goals, how to listen to yourself and to your desires so you can move forward."

--Brenda, member 

The desire map experience a guide to creating goals with soul

The Desire Map Experience is a must-read for anyone looking for a book on personal success, personal transformation, self-help, or motivational self-help.

In this popular self-help book, the author shares a process that you can use to transform how you relate to every aspect of your life. You'll learn how to get crystal clear about how you want to feel about everything you do. 

When reading this book you can expect to create goals for yourself that are life-affirming, nourishing, practical, forgiving, and true to who you are.

1,081 customers reviewed this motivational self-help book with 4.5 out of 5 stars.


14. Steal Like An Artist: 10 Things Nobody Told You About Being Creative

Book Author: Austin Kleon

Purchase Link: Buy on Amazon

steal like an artist 10 things you didnt know about being creative book cover

This is an inspiring guide and a short read that goes through ten principles of stealing art to help find your artistic side and build a more creative life.

Steal Like An Artist is a quick, easily digestible read that relates to almost any kind of work. The creative book is popular amongst creatives and entrepreneurs in the digital space.

You can find this creative book ranked #5 in Popular Psychology Creativity & Genius, #18 in Creativity (Books), and, #24 in Entrepreneurship (Books) on Amazon.


15. The Art Of Impossible: A Peak Performance Primer

Book Author: Steven Kotler

Purchase Link: Buy on Amazon

The art of impossible by steven kotler

This is a great book if you find yourself saying it cannot be done, or that something is impossible to do. 

Best-selling author and peak performance expert Steven Kotler decodes the secrets of elite performers like athletes, artists, scientists, and CEOs who have changed our definition of what is possible.

This book teaches us that we can accomplish way more than we think we can and shows us how to stretch far beyond our capabilities, making the dreams we believe to be impossible much more attainable for all of us.

Author, Steven KotlerIf says, if you want to aim high, this is the playbook to make it happen!

Ranked #6 in Exercise & Fitness (Audible Books & Originals), #51 in Interpersonal Relations (Books), and #114 in Relationships (Audible Books & Originals).


16. What To Say When You Talk To Your Self

Book Author: Shad Helmstetter PhD

Purchase Link: Buy on Amazon

what to say when you talk to your self by shad helmstetter, PhD

The popular happiness self-help book, What To Say When You Talk To Yourself is considered by many to be one of the most important books and helpful personal growth books ever written.

Shad Helmstetter, Ph.D., is the best-selling author of more than two dozen books in the field of personal growth.

His books are published in over 70 countries worldwide and have appeared on more than 1200 radio and television programs including Oprah Winfrey, ABC, CBS, NBC, and CNN News.

Currently, this best-selling book is ranked #165 in Happiness Self-Help, #365 in Personal Success, and #374 in Motivational Self-Help (Books) on Amazon.


17. Getting The Love You Want: A Guide For Couples

New York Times Bestseller

Book Author: Harville Hendrix 

Purchase Link: Buy on Amazon

Getting the love you want a guide for couples by Harville Hendrix, Ph.D.

This New York Times best-selling guide teaches you how to transform any intimate relationship into a lasting source of love and companionship.

Known as one of the best books for marriage and dating, Getting the Love You Want has helped millions of people experience more satisfying relationships and is recommended every day by professional therapists and happy couples around the world.

This book is highly recommended for couples and men and women in their 30s. It's ranked #20 in Marriage & Long-Term Partnerships, #33 in Love, Dating & Attraction, and 48 in Marriage.


18. Never Lose A Customer Again: Turn Any Sale Into Lifelong Loyalty in 100 Days

Book Author: Joey Coleman

Purchase Link: Buy on Amazon

best business book never lose a customer again by Joey Coleman

Popular speaker and consultant Joey Coleman talks to companies all over the country about how to turn a one-time purchase into a lifelong customer.

Drawing on nearly two decades of consulting and keynoting, Coleman provides strategies to increase customer loyalty that listeners can customize based on industry and company size.

Coleman's theory of customer loyalty is that it's not about getting the sale: It's about the 100 days after the sale. He identifies eight distinct emotional needs customers undergo during the 100 days following purchase.

His methodology has been incorporated by Hyatt Hotels, Zappos, and NASA and is considered a must-read for anyone in sales and marketing today.

#21 in Customer Relations (Books)
#30 in Marketing & Consumer Behavior
#50 in Marketing (Audible Books & Originals)

BUY ON AMAZON19. The 4-Hour Workweek: Escape 9-5, Live Anywhere, and Join The New Rich

Book Author: Timothy Ferriss

Purchase Link: Buy on Amazon

"This book helped me and my wife quit the 9 to 5 and jump full-time into entrepreneurship. This is a great book to help paint what the picture of entrepreneurship looks like."

--JJ Rodriguez, a member + Giraffe owner

Top entrepreneur books The 4-hour workweek by Timothy Ferriss

The 4-Hour Workweek is a step-by-step guide to escaping the daily grind and dreadful 9-5 corporate job, that teaches you how to reinvent yourself, create the business of your dreams, and live like a millionaire.

The popular job hunting and money management book, The 4-Hour Workweek, is a must-read if you're ready to work smarter, start living your dream life instead of working your life away, and live like the new rich.

With over 18,949 4+ star reviews on Amazon, this interesting book is considered an essential blueprint for creators, entrepreneurs, and business owners and is considered one of the most life-changing books of all time.

It's currently ranked #2 in Job Hunting & Career Guides, #3 in Money Management & Budgeting, and #6 in Budgeting & Money Management (Books) on Amazon.


20. Content Inc.: Completely Updated and Expanded Second Edition: Start a Content-First Business, Build a Massive Audience and Become Radically Successful (with Little to No Money)

Book Author: Joe Pulizzi

Purchase Link: Buy on Amazon

One of our community members, Brian Piper who helped us compile this epic list of must-read books before you die, highly recommends this book for all content creators and entrepreneurs. Brian shares,

"This is a great book for content creators and entrepreneurs. It's a guidebook for how to ideate, start, grow or create a content business. This book walks you through all of the steps you need to do to create a content business, promote it, build it, grow it, and sell it.

It's the process that Joe used for Content Marketing Institute which he sold for $30 million dollars."

Content Inc by joe pulizzi

Content Inc. is the go-to guide to building a solid small business or the business of your dreams by establishing a loyal audience before you sell products or services.

You’ll learn how to develop valuable content, build an audience around that content and then create a product for that audience so you can build the business of your dreams.

If you are a marketer or someone who creates content on a consistent basis, like a social media influencer, content creator, TikTok creator, social media whiz, business owner, CEO, content marketer, email marketer, or entrepreneur this book is highly recommended for you.

This must-read book for business is listed on the Amazon Best Sellers Rank at #74 in E-Commerce (Audible Books & Originals), #107 in Direct Marketing (Books), and #126 in Web Marketing (Books).


21. Epic Content Marketing: How To Tell A Different Story, Break Through The Clutter, And Win More Customers By Marketing Less

Book Author: Joe Pulizzi

Purchase Link: Buy on Amazon

"This book goes back to the basics of how to create epic content. It goes through how to optimize your content and how to start using AI and web3 to grow your content." 

--Brian Piper, member

Epic Content Marketing How to Tell a Different Story, Break through the Clutter, and Win More Customers by Marketing Less

Another great book recommendation by Brian Piper and Joe Pulizzi (one of the world's leading experts in content marketing). 

Joe Pulizzi explains how to draw prospects and customers in by creating information and content they actually want to engage with. We have to stop interrupting our customers with crappy mediocre content (and sales messages) that our customers don't care about.

Epic Content Marketing takes you step-by-step through the process of distributing epic content to the right person at the right time while developing stories that inform and entertain and compel customers to take action, without actually telling them to.

Listed #70 in E-Commerce (Audible Books & Originals), #105 in Direct Marketing (Books), and #120 in Web Marketing (Books).


22. Good To Great: Why Some Companies Make The Leap...And Others Don't

#1 Bestseller with over four million copies sold!

Book Author: Jim Collins

Purchase Link: Buy on Amazon

#1 bestseller book Good to Great why some companies make the leap and others dont

Over five years, Jim Collins and his research team carefully analyzed 28 companies, discovering why some companies make the leap and others don't.

Collins explains how normal everyday businesses and companies go from being just good companies to truly great companies that change the industry forever.

Good to Great is a mega-bestseller and is definitely a must-read if you enjoy business, work in management, or want to start a business of your own one day.

#6 in Business Management (Audible Books & Originals)
#7 in Business Management (Books)


23. Built To Last: Successful Habits Of Visionary Companies (Good To Great, Book 2)

More than 10 million copies sold worldwide!

Book Author: Jim Collins

Purchase Link: Buy on Amazon

one million copies sold Built to last successful habits of visionary companies

Hands down one of the best business books in entrepreneurship and business management. 

The must-read book, Built To Last: Successful Habits of Visionary Companies, is based on a six-year study that helps identify what makes some 'visionary companies' tick and what sets them apart from other good companies out there.

This popular entrepreneurship book is filled with hundreds of specific examples and is organized into a framework of practical concepts that can be applied by managers and entrepreneurs at all levels.

Built to last is trending on the Amazon Best Sellers Rank at #30 in Entrepreneurship (Audible Books & Originals), #62 in Business Management (Audible Books & Originals), and #62 in Entrepreneurship (Books).


24. How To Do The Work: Recognize Your Patterns, Heal From Your Past, And Create Your Self

Book Author: Dr. Nicole LePera

Purchase Link: Buy on Amazon

How to do the work recognize your patterns, heal from your past + create your self

If there's only one mental health book you choose to read out of this list of must-read books before you die, How To Do The Work, is the one. It's arguably one of the most life-changing mental health and interpersonal relations books available on the market.

Dr. Nicole LePera, creator of "the holistic psychologist"—the online phenomenon with more than 5.5 million Instagram followers—gives a revolutionary approach to healing your past that harnesses the power of the self to change self-limiting beliefs and produce lasting change.

the holistic psychologist on instagram 5 million followers

How to Do the Work, offers audio listeners and readers an essential guide to creating a more vibrant, authentic, and joyful life.

Dr. LePera helps us recognize how adverse experiences and trauma in childhood live with us, resulting in whole-body dysfunction—activating harmful stress responses that keep us stuck engaging in patterns of codependency, emotional immaturity, and trauma bonds.

This widely popular mental health book can be found on the Amazon Best Sellers Rank at #13 in Interpersonal Relations (Books), and  #43 in Mental Health (Books).


25. Rich Dad Poor Dad: 20th Anniversary Edition: What The Rich Teach Their Kids About Money That The Poor And Middle Class Do Not!

⭐ Over 44 million copies sold!

⭐ Considered the best #1 personal finance book of all time!

Book Author: Robert T. Kiyosaki 

Purchase Link: Buy on Amazon

"I read this book back when I was in high school, this book saved me and made me who I am today. It validated that it is okay to think outside of the box. Taught me it's okay to not go with the rat race and follow the way society is pushing things."

--Steve Ryan, member


Rich dad poor dad what the rich teach their kids about money

The insanely popular financial book Rich Dad, Poor Dad has sold more than 44 million copies and has remained a top bestselling book since publication.

It's so popular it's been translated into dozens of languages and sold around the world. 

Rich Dad Poor Dad is Robert's story of growing up with two dads and the ways in which both men shaped his thoughts about money and investing.

The popular personal finance book explodes the myth that you need to earn a high income to be rich, shows parents why they can't rely on the school system to teach their kids about money, and what to teach your kids about money to ensure their future financial success.

The must-read book is so popular it is still the #13 best-selling book on Amazon this week and has been rated over 94,298 times.


26. The Alchemist: A Fable About Following Your Dream

Book Author: Paulo Coelho

Purchase Link: Buy on Amazon

"For me this book is about self-discovery, staying true to your purpose, passion, and dream and knowing that whatever comes in front of you is not a blockage, but only a obstacle for you to over come.

I don't read many books, but this is one book I have read many times."

--JJ Rodriguez, member

Top books to read The Alchemist

Paulo Coelho's enchanting novel is the New York Times Bestselling story of a boy following his heart, that continue to inspire millions.

This is a simple and wise story about an Andalusian shepherd boy named Santiago who travels from his homeland in Spain to the Egyptian desert in search of treasure buried in the Pyramids.

Will he be able to find the treasure and conquer the obstacles along the way? No one knows.

The story of Santiago is a testament to the transforming power of our dreams and the importance of listening to our hearts.

This self-help and visionary fiction book has over 94,886 total ratings and is ranked the #1 book in Metaphysical & Visionary Fiction (Audible Books & Originals), #1 in Metaphysical & Visionary Fiction (Books), and #5 in Literary Fiction (Audible Books & Originals) on Amazon.


27. The Big Payback: The History of the Business of Hip-Hop

Book Author: Dan Charnas

Purchase Link: Buy on Amazon

The big payback the history of the business of hip-hop

An original journalist for The Source, Dan Charnas built a celebrated career in the rap industry.

In The Big Payback, he chronicles the rise of the hip-hop culture and shows how it became so powerful in a matter of decades.

This book is a great illustration of the history and business of hip hop just where it started, where it went, and where it is."

--Billy Boughey, Gary.Club member


28. Culture Reconstructed: A "Start-Where-You-Are" Guide To Building A Culture Of Impact

Book Author: Billy Boughey

Purchase Link: Buy on Amazon


Culture reconstructed A start where you are guide to building a culture of impact

If you want to be an effective leader in the workplace, pick up this book.

Have you ever wondered how to create a healthy work culture that positively impacts staff? n this book, Billy shares the 14 building blocks for forming the foundations of a culture of impact.

Billy was able to write this must-read book by building cultures of different organizations and working with great companies like Chick-fil-A, Coca-Cola, Lincoln, and other notable organizations to coach them in their culture.

"What are the pieces you need for a successful culture when you are building a leadership team? When you're communicating, collaborating, or when you're having fun or looking to hire?"

--Billy B, book author and  Gary.Club member


29. Many Lives, Many Masters: The True Story Of A Prominent Psychiatrist, His Young Patient, And The Past-Life Therapy That Changed Both Their Lives

⭐ Over 1 million copies sold!

Book Author: Brian L. Weiss MD

Purchase Link: Buy on Amazon

Many lives, many masters the timeless classic

From author and psychotherapist, Dr. Brian Weiss comes the classic New York Times best seller on the true case of the past-life therapy that changed the lives of both the prominent psychiatrist and young patient involved.

He was able to cure the patient and embark on a new, more meaningful phase of his own career using past life therapy.

With more than one million copies in print, Many Lives, Many Masters is one of the most interesting books. in alternative psychotherapy and remains as provocative and timeless as it was when first published.

Currently listed at #5 in Metaphysics (Audible Books & Originals), #9 in Philosophy Metaphysics, and #10 in Reincarnation (Audible Books & Originals).


30. Impact Players: How To Take The Lead, Play Bigger, And Multiply Your Impact

Book Author: Liz Wiseman

Purchase Link: Buy on Amazon

Impact Players how to take the lead, play bigger, and multiply yoour impact

In Impact Players, New York Times best-selling author and researcher Liz Wiseman reveals the secrets of these stellar professionals who play the game at a higher level. 

Drawing on insights from 170 leaders at top companies, Wiseman explains what the most influential players are doing differently, and how small and seemingly insignificant differences in how we think and act can make an enormous impact.

This is must-read book is filled with gold nuggets and ah-ha moments and is highly recommended for anyone in coaching, business mentoring, entrepreneurship, and workplace culture.BUY ON AMAZON

31. Multipliers, Revised And Updated: How The Best Leaders Make Everyone Smarter

New York Times BestSeller

Book Author: Liz Wiseman

Purchase Link: Buy on Amazon

New york times best seller Multipliers how the best leaders make everyone smarter

In this engaging and popular business management book, leadership expert Liz Wiseman explores why some leaders drain capability and intelligence from their teams while others amplify it to produce better results.

This bestselling book goes over two leadership styles, persuasively showing how Multipliers can have a resoundingly positive and profitable effect on organizations.

Just imagine what you could accomplish if you could harness all the energy and intelligence around you.

Listed at #5 in Organizational Behavior (Audible Books & Originals), #15 in Business Processes & Infrastructure, and #30 in Business Management (Audible Books & Originals) on Amazon Best Sellers Rank.


Final Thoughts + Resources

Reading books has been shown to improve your memory, mental health, and communication skills, reduce stress, and help you live longer. 

Try to make a consistent habit of reading as much as you can. No reading habit is a bad habit.

Even top creators and influencers like Andy Frisella, creator of the popular and viral fitness challenge, 75 Hard says it's a must to read at least 10 pages (MINIMUM) of a book every single day.

The goal is to read a minimum of 30 minutes a day or read at least 10 pages of a book each day.

Also, don't limit yourself to only books, make sure to dig into popular audiobooks, top blogs, threads, magazines, and ebooks (191 million eBooks were sold in the US in 2020).

What book will you read next?

Additional Resources:

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