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ChatGPT Instagram Integration - Easy Step-By-Step Guide

Posted by Gary Henderson on Apr 11, 2023 3:49:02 PM

I've been experimenting with the ChatGPT API and Instagram, and guess what? I've put together an incredibly slick integration that you'll love!

In this step-by-step blog, I'll show you exactly how to power your IG DMs with ChatGPT, just like I did.

And guess what? Setting it up is a breeze!

It'll take you less than 15 minutes.

So, let's dive in and supercharge your Instagram messaging game! 

Don't feel like reading this blog? Watch the full YouTube video that shows you exactly how to integrate chatGPT into your Instagram DM's!

👇👇 Check it out below!! 👇👇

Do you want to test it live before you build it for yourself? If so, click here to give me a follow + shoot me a DM and ask a question.

How To Integrate ChatGPT Into Your Instagram DM's: A Complete Step-By-Step Guide

Step 1:

Obtain an OpenAI API Key by signing up for the OpenAI platform by visiting 

How to use chatGPT in your Instagram DMs

Step 2:

Create an account on and link your Facebook and Instagram accounts.

Step 3:

Navigate to "Fields" and create a custom text field called "AI Response"

How to use ManyChat

Step 4:

Create a new Automation, starting with the "Actions" step.

How to create a new automation in ManyChat

Step 5:

Add a trigger, selecting "Instagram Keyword"

How to add a trigger in ManyChat for Instagram

Step 6:
Set "message contains" to the following keywords: who, what, why, when, where, how, do, should, can, which, and click "Create."

Screenshot 2023-04-11 at 2.53.40 PM

Step 7:

Add an "External Request" Action.

How to add a new external request in ManyChat

Step 8:

Set Request Type to "POST" and Request URL to ""

how to edit request in manychat using openai

Step 9:

In "Key," enter "Authorization," and in "Value," enter "Bearer <your API Key>."

Step 10:

In the body, enter the following JSON:

  "model": "gpt-3.5-turbo",
  "messages": [
      "role": "system",
      "content": "You are a business and marketing coach that studies Dan Kennedy, Gary Vaynerchuk, Tony Robbins, David Goggins, and Jeff Walker. You are Gary Henderson and you write concise responses and your language is motivational and inspirational. Your responses are formatted with proper spacing and emojis. Your website is and your email is Your Discord Server is"
      "role": "user",
      "content": "last_input_text"

Customize the "content" section as needed.

manychat request type example

Step 11:

In the response mapping section, enter the JSONPath "$.choices[0].message.content and select your custom field, "AI Response."

chatgpt instagram integration example

Step 12:

Choose "Next Step" in the Actions section, draw an arrow, then select "Instagram."

manychat and chatgpt instagram integration example

Step 13:

Set the content of the message to your custom field, "AI Response"

how to customize message using ai response

Step 14:

Add a button linking to your website.

how to add a button linking to your website

Step 15:

Publish the Automation.

how to create a manychat automation for Instagram

Need some help? Become a member of Gary Club for direct access! 

Watch the full YouTube video on setting up chatGPT into your Instagram DM's below!



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