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The Clubhouse App - 3 Tips To Get Started FAST

Posted by Gary Henderson on Dec 28, 2020 1:14:52 PM

We are working on a more in-depth post on Clubhouse Post but I have a personal goal of opening up Hubspot and just writing more. 

No planning. 

No content research. 

Just my thoughts and opinions. 

So here you go....

I downloaded The Clubhouse App a few months ago and "reserved" my name.  This didn't mean much to me at the time. 

Over the past few weeks fomo (fear of missing out) started to really sit in.  I kept seeing all of my friends posting about joining so I was lucky enough to  get an invite from my buddy Adil Amarsi.  

This is important because now Adil's name is permanently on my Clubhouse profile!  

Clubhouse Nominated By


So I resisted on Christmas Eve and even Christmas Day....  Then Sunday came.  

We work a lot on Sunday's here. 

It's a quiet day to reset our week. 

To focus on OUR business rather than our clients work and to do things at our own pace. 

Well I decided to launch clubhouse and see what this was all about.  

I worked on my bio a bit. 

The first 3 lines are super important as you can see them without "clicking more"


Clubhouse 3 Line Bio  

Then I jumped in a room, "What it takes to run a 1 Million Dollar Biz 💰💰💰💰💰"


Clubhouse Room


Once in a room there's a general discussion happening.  This room is all about running a $1 million dollar business. 

I was asked to be a "speaker" and share my knowledge.  As I kept serving my following and audience kept growing (over 400 followers in the past 24 hours)

I wanted to share what i've learned and my tips to get some fast results on Clubhouse (if you are lucky enough to get an invite to the app)! 

The Clubhouse Creator

Here Are My Top 3 Clubhouse App Tips

Tip #1: Always Be A Student And Listen/Learn

I've spoken in rooms with Peng Joon and John Lee.  I've also dropped in and listened to rooms by Daymond John and 21 Savage.

Clubhouse is a literal goldmine of knowledge.  Whether you are here to do market research or learn from a mentor.  It's the app I'm most excited about in 2021! 💥<<Tweet This>>💥

Tip #2: Follow Each Speaker In The Room

When you enter a room there are 3 sections.

1. Top - "Speakers" - These are the folks you are listening to (if they have a green star next to their name they are a moderator).

2. Middle - "Followed By The Speakers" - These are the other people in the room hanging out and listening that the speakers are following on Clubhouse.

3. Bottom - "Others In The Room" - This is where the rest of the members hang out.  

When I'm in a room I am constantly clicking around on people's bio to see who they are, what they are up  to and if I should be following them.

On Clubhouse you actually WANT to follow cool people. Every person you follow opens up new pieces of content. 

The way you see things in your "hallway" (the main feed) is by following a speaker in the room. 

So when you are in a room and see someone interesting then give them a follow so you can get access to the rooms they are speaking in.  

Tip #3: Connect On IG And Twitter

When you are in a room with a speaker make sure you are following them on their other platforms. 

Clubhouse is ONLY a live environment right now so will want to be connected on their other channels as well.  

If you are on Clubhouse give me a follow - @GaryLHenderson - I look forward to hanging out with you in a room soon!

In the first 24 hours

💰I've booked 3+ strategy sessions with highly qualified candidates for my offers

🚀Gained 2,000+ IG followers

👂Gained 10+ Twitter Followers

💥Picked up a new podcast guest with over 2.7 million followers

🗣️Met a cool entrepreneur that lives an hour away that I'll connect for coffee with soon.

And so much more!

What are you waiting for? 

Come join The Clubhouse App!  

The Clubhouse Creator