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Clubhouse: Getting Started Guide

Posted by Peyton Henderson on Feb 17, 2021 10:55:34 AM

Clubhouse is the hottest social media app out there right now.

If you go anywhere on the web, you will see everyone from your friends to Forbes, Inc., and the top influencers around the world talking about the power of the new app called Clubhouse.

Some people are spending anywhere from 70 to 100 hours a week right now building some of the most valuable human connections they will ever get the opportunity to make.

People are getting movie deals, bringing in thousands of dollars, and making million-dollar business deals on the app right now.

There are even millions of people waiting to join the app, and they can't because Clubhouse is still in the beta phase and is only available to iPhone users.

So, it doesn't matter if you have been on the app for a while or are a newbie. There is always something new to learn or a new feature.

The founders of the app are releasing new updates and features almost every week right now.

They host a weekly Townhall to help create an inclusive environment for their users to let them know the latest updates and changes and answer any questions their users have.

If you want to join the conversation, you can go to the search bar in Clubhouse and search for their event and tune in every Sunday at 9 AM PST.

If you are new to the Clubhouse App and are looking to get started, these tips can help you get up to speed with the Clubhouse lingo, get your profile set up quickly, and teach you some of the hottest strategies from the top Clubhouse influencers!

Then we will dive into some more in-depth Clubhouse tips and strategies for the more advanced Clubhouse user. 

15 Best Clubhouse App Tips To Getting Started

1. Curate The Best Experience For You

One of the most extraordinary things about Clubhouse is you get to curate whatever experience you want.

When you first join Clubhouse, you need to figure what your Clubhouse style is. It's also essential for you to find the right type of people you vibe with and understand why you are on Clubhouse. 

When you first download the app, you will enter the Clubhouse hallway. 

The hallway is basically like your newsfeed. It will include the rooms created by the people or moderators you follow.

Moderators are the people on stage who have a green star under their name. People are now calling the moderator badge the green bean if hear that terminology.


What is a moderator on Clubhouse?You have to follow people for rooms to appear in your hallway.

The more people you follow the more conversations and rooms you will see in your hallway and if you don't follow any people you will see very few rooms.  

There is an explore option at the bottom of your hallway when you run out of your rooms to see. Once you hit explore you have the ability to explore and slide right into conversations and cultures you have never experienced before. 

Right now, Clubhouse only allows you to follow 2,500 people, but you can always change who those people are if you don't vibe with them.

So try not to feel you have to be stingy with who you follow. You can unfollow someone at any moment, and they'll never know.

You can also hide any room you do not want to see in your hallway! 

Swipe to the right on any Clubhouse room, and the room will be hidden from your hallway immediately. 


How to hide a Clubhouse room on clubhouse


2. Be Strategic With Your Clubhouse Bio

When you customize your Clubhouse bio be strategic with what you put in it.

Think in terms of who you want to connect with and why.

The first three lines of your bio are the most important. These are the first three lines that a person will see when they click on your face.

This space should clearly define whatever your goal is for Clubhouse. It should be exciting, straightforward, and tell them exactly who you are.

It's also important to note that all Clubhouse bios are fully searchable, meaning you can search for keywords, emojis, etc.

For example, if you like plants, add a plant emoji in your bio, so anyone looking for plants can find you! Or add in the mic or headphones symbol if you have a podcast. 

Rohan Seth, the Clubhouse co-founder, even has the plant emoji in his profile.

You can always use what people put in their bios to spark an interesting conversation with people you aspire to build a deeper connection with.


How to search for keywords and emojis in the search bar


However, be careful not to go overboard with your emojis.

I wouldn't recommend filling the first line of your bio with only emojis or symbols. Most people don't know what those emojis mean and will get confused and then move on.

Instead, try writing a few keywords that will immediately wow someone and give a clear explanation of who you are.

If you want to add more information and personality, feel free to use the rest of your Clubhouse bio for whatever you want as long as it is relevant.

Here are some other Clubhouse bio tips: 

  • Put a clear CTA in your bio

  • Tell a story

  • Share any free resources

  • Use whitespace, so it is easy to read

  • Add personal touches about yourself

  • Add in your best achievements

  • Tell people why you are on Clubhouse

  • Tell people what your passionate about and what your skills are

  • **Connect Instagram and Twitter

3. Pick A Good Profile Picture

Many people on Clubhouse are starting to look at their Clubhouse photo as their Clubhouse brand.

It is imperative to pick an instantly recognizable photo that shows what you stand for and gives a good explanation of you. 

Some people use the same photo across all of their social media channels to make it easier for people to find them. There are also people like Grant Cardone who usually change their Clubhouse picture multiple times a day.

It doesn't matter what you do because honestly, people learn the habits of what you do. The point here is to pick something that shows your personality and works for you.


How to choose a clubhouse app profile picture

Remember, Clubhouse is not a brand platform it is a human platform for connection and relationship building.

The founders of the app have highly recommended people only using their faces instead of a brand logo.

Although some moderators will create a Clubhouse room about pets and everyone participating will change their profile picture to their pet while they are in that room.

You can do so many creative things, but you want to make sure they are all in alignment with what you stand for.

4. Don't Be Afraid To Raise Your Hand


How to raise your hand to speak on clubhouse app


If you are new to the platform, this is one of the best ways to get started.

Clubhouse greatly rewards people who speak and use their voice on the platform.

Of course, there is nothing wrong with only listening in Clubhouse, but it is also essential to use your voice when you feel comfortable.

How you raise your hand to speak on Clubhouse app:

  1. Search the hallway until you find a Clubhouse room you are interested in and knowledgeable on

  2. Enter the Clubhouse room and listen until you are ready

  3. Look at the bottom right-hand corner

  4. Click the hand

  5. Be ready to mute your mic!

Remember, as soon as you hit the stage, your microphone is going to be hot! 

Meaning everyone in the room will hear what you are saying and doing as soon as you get on the stage.

Once when someone was on stage, they flushed their toilet, and hundreds of people heard it.

Try to be in a good environment and ready to mute your microphone.

Cool Feature: You can even change the color of your hand!


How to change the color of your hand on Clubhouse app


Once you are on stage, you will stay there until the moderator moves you or until you move yourself back to the audience.

You can even leave the room, come back later, and you will still be on stage as a speaker or moderator.

And this leads us directly into our next Clubhouse tip. 

5. Move Back To The Audience After Speaking

When you are invited on stage to speak by a moderator, it is crucial to know the room's rules.

If it's not clear what to do when you are finished speaking, standard etiquette is to move back to the audience once you are complete.

Moving back to the audience is one less thing the moderator has to do, and it also keeps the room flowing nicely for everyone listening in the audience.

How to move yourself back to the audience on Clubhouse:

  1. Find yourself on stage

  2. Click on your face

  3. Click 'Move to audience'


How to move yourself back to audience on Clubhouse app

Once you do this, the moderator may note that you were respectful and bring you back up to speak again.

Some people will go on stage and sit there for as long as possible to get the followers. And trust me, when you are only there for the vanity metrics, people can tell.

Think about it.

When 20-30 moderators or speakers are on a stage at once, it gets tough to figure out who is speaking -- especially when someone has to use an external service because they have a disability.

When you have too many speakers and mods on a Clubhouse stage, it can get chaotic and can be challenging for the creator or host of the room to control the space in the way they intended.

When you have too many moderators on stage, your room can get shut down, or you can get kicked out of your own room.

So, be aware of the rules of the rooms and what your place is in that room. 

6. Accept To Speak Later

Have you ever entered a room and been called to speak on stage immediately? 


Clubhouse invite to join as speaker-1


When you enter a Clubhouse room because you see an interesting topic, you may not be ready to talk.

Maybe you like to listen and get up to speed with the conversation before you jump on stage. Maybe you are in a loud environment or the library, and you are not available and only want to listen.

Or maybe you need a couple of minutes to get yourself together.

And that is exactly why this feature is so important and convenient.

Many people think if they do not accept right away, they will never get the chance to be a speaker on that stage again. Or the person who invited them may consider it rude.

But, that is not the case.

You can accept that speaking invite at any point and time when you are ready. You can even leave the room and come back and then accept the speaking invite.

Here is what the moderator who invited you up to speak will see when you choose, maybe later.


What happens when I choose maybe later on Clubhouse


Alerting the moderator that you aren't available right now, letting them know that you saw the invite and cannot speak now, allowing the moderator to move on to the next person in a smooth transition.

Many moderators prefer if you wait a moment until you are ready and up to speed before accepting your invitation to speak on their stage.

You can always shoot them a message on Instagram or tweet them to let them know you would like to speak later!

It can be disruptive to the room and sometimes embarrassing to you and the room host if you are not ready when you come on stage.

How to accept a speaking invite later:

  1. Find yourself in the audience

  2. Click on your face

  3. Click  'Accept speaking invitation'

How to accept speaking invitation on Clubhouse app

Now you will be a speaker on the stage! 

Again, remember to mute your mic if you aren't speaking immediately.

7. Actively Listen + Be Resourceful

Being an active listener is key to building genuine relationships. You want to interact with people on stage like you would if you were in their home.

When you first enter a new Clubhouse room, follow the person in the top left-hand corner to shake their hand when you come in. This tells the creator of the room you are there and shows that you support them! 

When people feel respected and understood, that's how you build deeper connections with people.

Use your skills to give back and to help other people without selling anything. Always look to serve people, add value, and create as much impact as you can as early as possible.

Ask the moderator or speaker what they need or how you can help them, and then try to figure out how to do that.

Please don't get up on a stage to talk about random things that are not related to the room's topic.

8. Follow The People Your Favorite Speakers Follow

Proximity is key.

Following the key people your favorite moderators follow will help you get closer to the people you aspire to collab and build relationships with.

To find who a moderator follows while you are in an active room, scroll down to the 'Followed by the speakers' section and check out those people.


Clubhouse Followed by the speakers section


Once you follow these people, make sure you click the bell and turn on the notifications for them to see what rooms they are hosting.

Get to know them too and see how you can offer value. You never know if your connection or effort will lead you to the main prize.

9. Turn On Notifications For Favorite Mods + Speakers

One of the best ways to stay up to date with the people you love and to support people is to show up for what they do.

Click the bell and turn on the notifications for your favorite mods, speakers so you know when they host a room and can stay top of mind with them.

Go the extra mile and support your favorite people off of Clubhouse. Go to wherever there are and comment, engage, like, share, buy, etc. to show them support.

How to turn on notifications for a person on Clubhouse:

  1. Go to someone's profile you want to follow

  2. Click the bell icon at the top

  3. Choose Always, Sometimes, or Never ever 


How to turn on notifications for someone on clubhouse


10. Host And Schedule Events 

Clubhouse events are super simple to set up and are a great way to grow your audience and following quickly.

If you look at the top of your hallway in the Clubhouse app, you can see the top three upcoming events that are scheduled.


How to see upcoming and scheduled events in Clubhouse


If you click the calendar icon you can see an entire list of all upcoming events, upcoming events for you, and the events you host.


How to see all upcoming events in Clubhouse


How to schedule an event on Clubhouse: 

  1. Open the Clubhouse app and look at the top of your hallway (pictured above)

  2. Click the calendar icon 

  3. Then click the calendar icon again (notice this time it has a + next to it)

  4. Add all of your event details

  5. Hit Publish!

  6. Highly recommended: Promote your event!


How to create a new event in Clubhouse


Make sure to let everyone know about your Clubhouse event so they can join in! 

11. Host Your Own Rooms 

When you host a room in Clubhouse, you have many freedoms with what you can do. You can talk about business, family, or even host rooms that prank call people (yes, that's a thing).

You can seriously curate any environment you want because you are the creator.

Clubhouse considers whoever starts the room to be the creator.

There are three types of Clubhouse rooms you can create -- an open room to the public, a social room, and a closed room.

Each time you run a room, your moderating style will get smoother, and you will figure out what works best for you, your speakers, and your audience.

Practice makes perfect with Clubhouse!

How to create an open room on Clubhouse app:

  1. Open Clubhouse App

  2. Click 'Start a room' at bottom of screen 

  3. Click 'Open'

  4. Add a topic if you choose!

  5. Click 'Let's go'

How to start a room on Clubhouse app


Hosting Clubhouse rooms allows you to meet people from all over the world at your speed.

You can even use these rooms as an opportunity to practice public speaking and your pitch.

You can practice your sales pitch and use these rooms to practice speaking in your voice and figuring out what resonates or doesn't resonate with your audience.

Whether you decide to create a room or be an audience member, the opportunities are endless.

For example, if you are in a room with someone and find them interesting, you could invite that person into a private room or closed room to build a deeper connection with them.

You could even call them into a closed room to edify them or compliment them.

How to start a closed room on Clubhouse app:

  1. Open Clubhouse App

  2. Click 'Start a room' at the bottom of screen

  3. Click 'Closed'

  4. Click 'Choose People...'

  5. Choose the people you want to start a room with

  6. Click 'Let's Go'


How to ping people into a closed room on Clubhouse


If you try to start a closed room with someone and it does not work, make sure they follow you.

You can only ping people into a closed room who follow you.

You can go even further and create social rooms.

Social rooms on Clubhouse are for trusted conversations with the people the moderators follow.

You can create these intimate rooms to get to know the people you follow on a deeper level and to have some fun.


How to host a social room on Clubhouse


How to start a social room on Clubhouse:

  1. Open Clubhouse app

  2. Click 'Start a room' at the bottom of your screen

  3. Click 'Social'

  4. Click 'Let's go'

12. Take People To Other Platforms

When you join Clubhouse, you have the option to connect your Twitter and Instagram.

If you choose to connect your other social media platforms (highly recommended) then you can push people to communicate with you further on those channels.

How to connect Instagram and Twitter on Clubhouse:

  1. Open Clubhouse app

  2. Click on your profile picture in the top right-hand corner

  3. Click the gear/settings icon

  4. Scroll down

  5. Click 'Connect Twitter' or 'Connect Instagram'

My Instagram and Twitter are already connected, but this is what it looks like when you go to set it up. 


How to connect Instagram and Twitter to Clubhouse


However, if you ask people to connect with you off of Clubhouse, you need to be ready to handle the influx of messages you get.

You need to respond. It would help if you did what you promise and follow through with people.

If you find a moderator or speaker that you want to connect with, you can do a few key things to stand out.

A great way to stand out when messaging people on Instagram or other social media platforms after you met them in a Clubhouse room is to take a screenshot of who you are and which Clubhouse room you met the person.

Doing that makes it easier for the other person to remember who you are, and it cuts out a lot of the awkward introduction conversation.

Also, communicate with people in their favorite communication style instead of yours.

Take note of what you learn by listening to them, and then take what you learned and put it to work.

13. Begin And End Speaking Clearly

When you get the opportunity to speak on a Clubhouse stage, it's important to explain who you are in a quick, concise manner for various reasons.

Anytime you start speaking on a stage, you want to first clearly state what your name is first and then continue speaking.

When you say your name first and then tell your thoughts, it allows anyone who has a disability to understand who is talking easily.

It's also helpful for the people who are not looking at the app to know who is speaking.

You always want to be considerate to the other people who are using the app! We are all different and have various struggles and needs.

When there are multiple people on stage, it is difficult for people to know who is speaking, especially when people talk over each other.

Many moderators have created their own set of rules that you have to accept before speaking on their stage.

For example, some moderators will ask you to say something like this when it is your turn to speak,


Hello My Name Is 


What You Do/How You Help People


Your Contribution/Question/Answer


Let everyone know you are done speaking


We have found that the ideal Clubhouse intro for people is in 60 seconds or less. That gives the person speaking enough time to explain themselves and is still gives everyone else in the room time to talk.

It makes them feel like they got their time and is respectful of everyone else's time.

Also, make sure you read the room. Not all conversations need to hear your entire life story.
There is a time and place for every conversation, and it is crucial to stay on topic with the room and wait your turn to speak.

14. Create A .Club Domain

Plus join other clubs on Clubhouse. 

This is one of my absolute favorite tips and maybe one of the most valuable ones in this blog post.

If you have been on Clubhouse, I am sure you have seen or at least heard about a .club domain.

A .club domain is pretty cheap to purchase, and it has a ton of rewards! .club domains are also becoming quite synonymous with Clubhouse.

Gary Club Podcast Logo-1

You can purchase as many .clubs as you want, and you can use different versions of your .club to funnel traffic to other places depending on different goals.

Because it is a vanity URL, it funnels your traffic into a nice tight spot.

A .club makes it easier to tell someone listening to you to go to or than telling someone to type in this long URL.

It's just easy.

Final Thoughts + Resources

There are a ton of brilliant people sharing their knowledge and wisdom on Clubhouse every single day. There is so much to learn, and it is all free and accessible to you at any time.

Take advantage of that and take advantage of the fact that you can easily connect and build insane connections all over the world.

Speak with attention and focus.

If you are trying to build your personal brand on Clubhouse, try to only speak on topics relevant to you and always be authentic.

You will find your right people when you are comfortable enough to be you and speak your truth.

If you feel like you need to practice or are a little nervous, join Clubhouse welcome rooms to practice and learn your voice!

Clubhouse welcome rooms are one of the best ways to learn how to navigate the app.

Additional Resources: