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Complete List Of Kartra's Features

Posted by Gary Henderson on Sep 23, 2020 11:48:00 AM

Are you looking for a one-stop solution to run your online business? 

For such companies, Kartra has to be the pick of the year. It is an all-in-one platform helping you with your emails and providing customer engagement tools.

It helps build your pages and lets you manage all the online business operations.

And that's not all! Kartra has some fantastic features that can help you seamlessly run your online business.

Why Use Kartra For Your Business?

Trying to run an online business can be overwhelming and take up a lot of time. And every online business needs a system that can be managed easily and in one convenient place. 

We have found that Kartra is the best choice for any business looking for an all-in-one ecosystem at an affordable price.

You can even get Kartra for $1 right now.

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Kartra Trial


And if that still doesn't convince you to try out Kartra, continue reading to learn more reasons why Kartra could be a good option for your online course or business. 

Kartra Saves A Ton Of Money

Depending on the nature of your business, Kartra can save any company a sizeable amount of money.

You can choose any plan from the Kartra packages that suits you best. Kartra currently has four pricing plans. The plans are:

  • Starter plan for $99 per month

  • Silver Plan for $199 per month

  • Gold plan for $299 per month

  • Platinum plan for $499 per month

The highest-priced plan is right under $500, which is still a reasonable price range compared to other software. 

Kartra Is Excellent For The Pro And Every Joe

Whether you are new in the industry and do not know much about online management of your business or are an experienced entrepreneur in the industry and are looking for a suitable software for your online page builders and management, Kartra can help you. 

Kartra's outstanding features are easy to understand and use. 

Therefore, making it a convenient choice for any business. Kartra helps make online business management easy. 

Kartra Is An All-In-One Ecosystem

Kartra is an all-in-one ecosystem. 

This means that you, as a business, do not have to hire different software or services to manage various aspects of your business. 

Kartra has all the essential and most used features required for online management of a business. And that is one of the reasons why any business can use Kartra.

All the features your online business needs are provided by Kartra. This makes Kartra your first pick whenever looking for a more pocket-friendly and extensive online business management system.

Here's A Full List Of Kartra's Features:

  • Kartra Checkouts

  • Kartra Pages & Page Building

  • Kartra Leads

  • Kartra Funnels & Campaigns

  • Kartra Mail

  • Kartra Memberships

  • Kartra Videos

  • Kartra Help Desks

  • Kartra Calendars

  • Kartra Forms

  • Kartra Affiliates

  • Kartra Agency

  • Kartra Marketplace

  • Integrations & API

Kartra Checkouts

Use Kartra's Checkout feature to sell more of your products online.

Kartra Checkouts gives you all the essential services that you would need as a business running online. 

You can sell an unlimited number of products.

Whether it is a digital product, or a physical one, you can use Kartra to sell it. Kartra checkout helps you sell your products on multiple price points, meaning you can either have the customers pay in full for your product or offer them to pay in installments. 

You can also build visually appealing shopping and checkout pages using Kartra, making your customers' shopping experience worthwhile and enjoyable.

With Karta, your customers can make a simple one-click transaction.

One-click transaction means that all previous buyer data will be automatically available the next time they purchase online, making their check out process quick and easy.



With a variety of options to pay, including Paypal or credit card, your customers will be happy to have been your customer because of Kartra's amazing and straightforward design of your online shopping website. 

Kartra Pages & Page Building 

If you're looking for an ultimate page builder, then Kartra might end your search. With hundreds of amazing designs already instore for Kartras Page Builder.

You can design your website using visually intriguing designs and make your website eye-catchy. From pages to subsections, you can create beautiful pages using Kartras templates. 



It's easy to build.

All you have to do is drag and drop the contents that you want on your page. You can customize each page with a different element.

Resize or change the placements, Karta helps you do that with its easy to use tools.

While Kartra offers a range of graphics, you can also use your logo design or business branding.

Kartra also allows you to use your domain, which can be hooked up with your online website and make one-click publishing super easy for your business.  

Kartra Leads

Want to keep track of all your leads?

Kartra helps you view your leads and shows you how your customers are tagged, paid customers, repeated, or more, which allows you to have a better outlook on your overall effectiveness.

Through this comprehensive view of your leads, you get to see how well you are doing business. It also helps you manage all your customer profiles easily.



Everything that you need to know about your customers and their activities on your page can be found here. This is made possible through the ecosystem Kartra has created for its users.

Leads are considered the most critical assets of a company.

And it is imperative to know more about your leads through their activity on your website. 

Kartra keeps track of this and makes it flawlessly easy for you to understand your customer base. And therefore, it helps you improve your business in all aspects.

Kartra Funnels & Campaigns

Kartra Funnels and Campaigns help your business create a sales funnel, making it easy for you to build and even easier to connect all the pillars through the Kartra ecosystem.

This is one of the most important and helpful features of Kartra.



Kartra's sales funnel can be interconnected with your pages, opt-in form, checking out, emailing, and lead tagging. This helps you keep your data more sorted.

As a result, your customers get the best online shopping experience, which will make them happy about purchasing from your business. And this is what we want, your customers to have the best shopping experience. 

Kartra Funnels and Campaigns help you make your marketing strategies more on point, enabling you to create a rulebook using IF and THENs.

Kartra emails also play a significant role in making your campaigns more effective and fruitful. 

Even if you don't have a marketing campaign planned, Kartra has a range of already-made campaigns that can be edited according to your business and can be used to market your brand.

With the fantastic features of autopilot, the funnel runs automatically after you have set a sequence. And the best part about Kartra is that you can keep track of all your campaigns.

You can check your data management system and analyze which percentage of the customers check out after purchase.

And as mentioned earlier, the ready-to-use campaigns on Kartra can be imported and used for your marketing campaigns.

The community at Kartra is pretty creative and has made some great campaigns that can be imported from the marketplace. 

Using Kartra could be the best possible decision.

Without wasting much energy designing visually appealing formats or campaigns, you can make a fantastic outlook for your marketing campaigns.

This can be done using the already existing designs and graphics on Kartra. 

Kartra Mail

Kartra offers a behavior based system where the behavior of the customer is studied.

And based on their behavior, Kartra sends marketing emails to customers like a follow-up. This is a great activity where your customer will feel valued.

A business that follows up with their customer is more likely to have loyal customers. And Kartra helps you with this.

The automated email system also uses split test intelligence. It helps the system alter the subject lines and track conversions. And after analyzing which content converts more customers, it uses that content.

Aiding you as business and contributing a visible increase in your industry.



Kartra offers a range of sections, content blocks, and countdown timers that help your business make your emails more appealing and engaging.

You can also add testimonials and video thumbnails to your email with just a simple drag and drop.

Kartra also gives you an option to utilize custom tag options for emails. This can be used to customize emails with the custom tagged recipient.

Kartra Memberships

Using the membership tool can be the best way to provide training to customers. This also helps you reach out to your members and share your work with them easily.

Kartra's Memberships can help you maintain a closer connection with your members through the portal.

You can manage your content easily on the portal. You can create a course or build a community through Kartra.

It is an easy process to build and a much easier process for your users to utilize.

We make the most of Kartra and have been very happy by using its tools. 

The Entrepreneur Cooperative membership has been a bliss for us. We get to connect with our members much more easily through this feature of Kartra.

This enables a much more comfortable learning procedure for both our customers and us.

With a drag and drop interface, you can create your membership more appealing and interactive. There are several fantastic templates on Kartras builder, which can make your design look more polished and professional.

The system keeps a check on whether the customer has completed their course or not. On their completion, you can decide a configured action accordingly, which can simply say 'congrats' or join us for more.

Kartra memberships are a great way of interacting with your audience and letting them know that they matter through the continuous follow-ups and congratulations on courses completed.

Kartra Videos 

The use of video for marketing is one of the most effective strategies.

And Kartra allows you to use video content to promote your business. The use of videos can attract more consumers and give them better insight. 

You can keep your video on autoplay, and adjust the sound according to your preferences. Change the way it looks through Kartra tools and customize it the way your customers would love it.

Use the watermark feature to mark your intellectual property. No one should use what belongs to you under their name.

Kartra videos can be embedded straight on your webpage if you like that. Or, you can plug it in like a pop-up window that appears after a few seconds. 

What makes Kartra Videos outstanding is that it can be watched on all kinds of devices. That means you don't have to change the settings every time for a different device.

Kartra Help Desks

Kartra has an amazing robust ticketing system that keeps the tickets managed and organized according to the department the query is concerned with.

For instance, a technical support staff member will attend to a question that falls under their department. This makes the process of addressing each problem much easier for your team.

Your help desk team will be able to attend to queries on a faster note, increasing your customer loyalty.



Kartra gives you a feature where you can add another helpdesk agent to your chat. This will help you attend to problems that a single representative was unable to resolve.

With Kartra, you can save repeated replies, which are your most frequently replied messages.

And once saved, you can simply click and send those to your customers.

Kartra Calendars

Kartra Calendars is a self-management system where the customers can manage their appointments and bookings on their own. 

This helps you as a business to keep it all sorted.

And the customers can simply view the available slots on their own.

A real-time booking management system makes it easier for all the customers to see which slot suits them the best. 

You can brand your calendar with your favorite design and logo. And with a design explicitly appealing for the eyes, that will help your business increase the conversion rates for your customers. 

Kartra Forms

Karta offers a range of eye-catchy designed templates for forms that can help you get the response you have been waiting for.

All opt-in forms can be created using the different tools present in Kartra.

You can give the users an option to auto-fill if they have done this before. 

Being a business with different requirements, you can also add an additional field on the form without any hassle.



Once the forms have been submitted, the system can tag the customers based on the information given.

These forms are GDPR compliant, which makes it protected legally.

Kartra Affiliates 

Kartra's Affiliates management system is a fantastic system to keep all the affiliates selling your products through their websites, in one place. 



You get to see the products they are selling. How many dollars they have earned as affiliates, and how many reserves have been made through their affiliation.

You can also check whether you have paid the affiliated party or not through Kartra's Affiliates management system.

Your network of affiliates is essential.

Therefore, having an affiliate's management system that takes care of this would be a great help for business.

You can create flexible commissions, create milestones for their payments, and use PayPal adaptive payment methods.

Kartra Agency

Kartra Agency helps you manage your clients and their accounts through the system. 

You can find all information about your clients under one billing profile.

Secure by a master login to keep all the data safe. IT helps you analyze the metrics for every account through easy access.



You can create login credentials for your customers, and generate reports for them to give a summary of their performance.

Kartra Marketplace

Access the marketplace on Kartra and hire experts for the job.

You can use the different categories of options to find the right candidate. You can also sell your services in the Kartra marketplace. 



Integrations & API

Kartra gives you an opportunity to integrate with native or customized businesses in the industry.

Enhancing your network, and helping your Online business running smoother, through these integrations.



You can utilize the outbound and inbound API functions of Kartra, which aid you in bridging your Kartra account with that of your own.

Wrap Up

Running an online business would require various different solutions, catering to the different parts of your business. 

Many businesses want an online solution that is all-in-one.

A platform that can take care of most of the online marketing and hosting matters.

Kartra is one such platform that can fulfil all your online business needs. It offers you amazing features and helps you in managing every aspect of your online venture.


Kartra Trial