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Take Advantage Of Facebook Advanced Automatic Matching

Posted by Gary Henderson on Dec 11, 2018 11:03:21 AM

Businesses and marketers have an endless supply of opportunities when it comes to marketing on the Facebook platform, but there are also tons of features that people aren't aware of or even know exist.

One of those features is Facebook's advanced automatic matching.

In this blog post, we will go over what Facebook's advanced automatic matching is, how it's beneficial to your campaigns and how to use it in your marketing strategies.  We also have a short video that explains everything so the process is super easy to implement.

Here's a short two-minute video about automatic advanced matching:




According to Facebook, when using automatic advanced matching, you can accurately attribute conversions and increase your audience size to drive better results from your Facebook ads.

Facebook's Automatic Advanced Matching technology detects certain website text fields such as email address and automatically associates it with corresponding events.

However, the pixel advanced matching process does not collect sensitive information such as passwords, financial, health or government data. 

Why Use Automatic Advanced Matching? 

Automatic advanced matching can increase your custom audience size and improve the importance of your ads and campaigns.  It can also help you measure the efficacy of your ad campaigns by capturing more attributed conversions and data from the people who matter.

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In other words, it helps you accomplish two things: 

1. Increased Custom Audience Size

Custom audiences enable you to target people who have interacted with your website. With more customer-provided data, we're able to better match these website visitors to people on Facebook and increase the size of your custom audience on social media.

2. Increased Number Of Attributed Conversions

Additional customer data allows Facebook to better complete the conversion tracking process that happens on your website. Facebook says with that information, you'll have a more complete picture of the impact of your ads on website purchases and other conversions.

How To Set Up Automatic Advanced Matching

1. Go to Events Manager and select your pixel.

2. Go to the Settings tab.

3. Under the Details section, select Automatic Advanced Matching

4. Select the specific data that you want to send from your website. Facebook suggests selecting email addresses and phone numbers for the best results. 


Facebook's Automatic Advanced Matching're done!  Simple as that!

If you're not using automatic advanced matching you're definitely missing a huge opportunity.  Get started today!