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Facebook Audience Insights - A Beginners Guide

Posted by Gary Henderson on Nov 9, 2018 11:25:02 AM

The Facebook Audience Insights allows you to gain a deeper understanding of your audience, their lifestyle, and their interests to help you create more relevant and appealing content.

Audience Insights also helps you discover and reach more qualified people like the ones in your current audience or niche for your marketing campaigns.

Facebook collects data from its users like, age group, gender, location, purchase behavior and activity, what device you use, etc.

Because Facebook gathers all of this data, you have to use the audience insights tool for your marketing campaigns to find out who you should be targeting, who followers your competitors and to gain general knowledge about the overall profile of who our users are on Facebook.




You have the option to select which audience you want to analyze. It could be the entire Facebook population or the people connected to your Page.

Any audience you save in Audience Insights will be available to use in Ads Manager under the “Use a Saved Audience” option.


Facebook Audience Insights


Analyze Your Audience

The Audience Insights tool helps you learn more about audience segments by showing easy to read graphs.

Your audience data is represented in blue whereas the comparison audience (the entire Facebook population in your country) is represented in gray.

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Age and gender, reflect the actual percentages for that audience. For most other traits, two percentages are available: the actual percentage for that audience and the comparison against the Facebook index.

Hovering over an audience trait will sometimes yield additional audience data. Clicking on an audience trait will allow you to select it and further refine your results for your campaigns.


Audience Insights


You Can Gain Insights On These Characteristics:

  • Demographics - Age, gender, relationship status, education level, and job role.

  • Page Likes - Shows the pages most relevant to your audience based on affinity score (definition below), page size and the number of people in your audience that already likes that page.

  • Location - Shows the top cities, countries, and languages of your selected audience in comparison to the entire Facebook population in your country.

  • Activity - Shows the median number of actions your audience has taken over the last 30 days.  Includes page likes, comments, post likes, post shares, devices used, promotions redeemed, and ads clicked on.

What is an affinity score?  An affinity score is how likely your audience is to like a given page compared to everyone on Facebook.


Facebook Insights


One of the most insightful sections in the platform is the Page Likes.  Here, you can see all of the pages that a business or a competitor like.

Which helps you find the types of targets that you want to combine to pick the right pictures or pick the right videos that you want to show to your people to help ensure the most engagement in your ad campaigns and on social media.

You can also find new targets by using the interests section.

Interests/Demographic Options:

  • Choose any country

  • Filter by age or gender

  • Interests - There are 60+ categories/interests that you can choose from!

  • Education levels

  • Job titles

  • Relationship status

  • Any of your pages

  • Advanced options

Tip: If you can type them in the interests section on the left-hand column, you can run ads to them.  The Interests option is a great way to uncover competitor or industry information. 


Facebook Audience Insights


However, the minimum audience size that you can look at is 1,000. If your audience contains fewer than 1,000 people, Facebook is unable to provide insights.


When you appeal to your audience better, that's when your relevance score goes up, that's when your costs go down and ultimately your over-all ads campaigns are great.

Please pend some time every day or every week to find new targets and learn how to better appeal to your audience and know them like never before.


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