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Facebook To Replace Relevance Score With 3 New Metrics

Posted by Gary Henderson on Mar 26, 2019 8:12:34 AM

Facebook has announced a few updates to their ad metrics including a replacement of the relevance score.  The relevance score, as it is, will be available until April 30.

What Is A Relevance Score?

The Facebook relevance score is an important indicator of how well your ads are relevant to your target audience when compared to your competitors.  Having a higher relevance score can lower your costs per click for displaying an ad to your target audience.

Facebook launched the ad relevance score back in 2015 to help provide advertisers with more insight into their ad set performance.

Facebook Relevance Score

In the next couple of weeks, Facebook will be replacing the relevance score as we know it with 3 more granular ad relevance diagnostics metrics.  Which will offer a better level of granularity that makes reporting more accurate and actionable.

These new metrics provide more detail to a more specific focus on each element of your ads.  This will help marketers or advertisers improve and better understand their overall campaign performance.

The new Facebook metrics should also help advertisers have better audience engagement, brand awareness, and help drive ad cost down.

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New call-to-action

Here are the new metrics that will replace Relevance Score:

1. Quality Ranking

This will measure the quality of your ad in comparison to the other ads competing for the same audience.  When your quality ranking is down, means that your competitors are creating better ads.

2. Engagement Rate Ranking

This measures the expected level of engagement your ad will drive compared with ads competing for the same audience.

3. Conversion Rate Ranking

This will measure how the ad's expected conversion rate compared with ads that had the same optimization goal and competed for the same target audience.

Facebook stated that these new metrics are not factored into ads’ performances in auctions.  Facebook said, β€œWhen used together, ad relevance diagnostics will help advertisers understand whether changes to creative assets, audience targeting or the post-click experience might improve performance.”

Wrapping Up

Facebooks new ad metrics can help benefit advertisers, provide better insights, and improve your overall ad performance.  When Facebook adds new tools, it helps businesses generate better results.

Staying up to date with new metrics can really help your business grow.

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