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Social Media Growth Analytics For February 2021

Posted by Gary Henderson on Mar 4, 2021 4:22:11 PM

Since I have spent some time building relationships on Clubhouse, I have seen a dramatic increase in my Instagram engagement.

It's unlike any growth I have ever seen. 

So, I wanted to share our social media analytics with you and give you a little update on what's going on with us.

My team, including myself and Charissa Carnall (Head of Social Media and Community), plan to give you a monthly report on what we’re doing on social media as well as the results we’re seeing. 

After starting the month with motivational quotes, we decided to adjust our content halfway through.

Because most of my Instagram audience growth comes from Clubhouse, I decided to concentrate on Clubhouse content during the month of February.

We began developing content that would help Clubhouse users navigate through the app with tips, tricks, advice, and general knowledge.

We hope that you will benefit from our monthly social media analytics and be able to grow your social media presence as well.


How to grow your Instagram account


We implemented R3MAT = Right Message + Right Audience + Right Timing and here’s what happened.


Instagram analytics and social media growth


I gained 4,005 total followers in February with a Net Follower Growth of 3,983. I believe one of the most important KPIs on social media is engagement rate.

Depending on what you want to measure, you can figure out your engagement rate by adding all of your engagements (likes, shares, comments) and dividing by the number of impressions or followers. 

According to an annual study by RivalIQ, the 2021 industry standard engagement rate (based on total followers) on Instagram is .92% and when we looked closer at just the influencer industry the average is 1.42%.

In February, my Instagram engagement rate varied from 4.84% to 21.46 percent, with an average engagement rate (based on total followers) of 8.8% - that’s 8x the industry standard.


How to get more engagement on Instagram


How did we do it?

We switched our focus to the Clubhouse with carousel posts that did insanely well for my audience.

Using carousel posts for your content is great because if someone skips over your post, but comes back later in their feed, they will be sent to the second slide of your post offering them the chance to delve further into your content.

We are responding to as many comments as possible. The goal is a 100% response rate.

Our analytics show that my Instagram audience is online the most during specific times, so we post strategic content at those times.

How can you do it the same?

Consider what type of content is going to be most valuable to your audience.

What will help them take tactical steps to move forward?

Engage, engage, engage with every comment you receive.

Hootsuite is a free tool that shows engagement rates on content and which times your audience is online per channel.

Check out RivalIQ's Benchmark Report for your industry and see where you stand.

Last month we saw incredible growth both in terms of followers and engagements on Instagram.

You can expect to see increased content on our other social media channels as well, and we can expect to share March analytics with you in April.

I wish you great success in reaching your social media marketing goals this month.