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How Much Does Kartra Cost?

Posted by Gary Henderson on Jul 20, 2020 11:41:03 AM

Kartra is becoming increasingly popular all over the internet. It has created some major competition for ClickFunnels, Kajabi, and other famous sales funnel software.

If you’re curious about how much Kartra pricing plans cost, you’ve come to the right spot. This is going to be the perfect Kartra pricing post for you!

What Exactly Is Kartra?

Kartra is an amazing sales funnel builder that can help all businesses make their online presence more attractive and increase their sales.

Being an online business, you might need a marketing platform that would help you reach a larger audience, and increase your profits. This is exactly why companies purchase Kartra which can be your plan to enhance your sales.

Kartra is considered as an important asset for many businesses as it helps them get a whole package which covers a lot of business related areas. It helps you create your landing page, your online page, provides you an email system which can be fruitful for email marketing along with a payment system which aids you in keeping all payments sorted.

Imagine your businesses using multiple online software for different business related tasks. Sounds like more work right?

This is why many businesses suggest the use of Kartra instead of using different platforms for various functions while you can have it all managed from one single software.

If you need more in-depth information about Kartra click here. 

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Take A Look At How Kartra Works

As Karta is getting all the hype, let’s look into why businesses are interested in this software and how it can help you as a business.

Looking for an easy software that helps you create a sales funnel with some easy tools?

Well you have got Kartra as it helps you where you just have to drag and drop your objects over a canvas, aiding you in creating a sales funnel.

Easy right?

You start off with creating it step by step, for instance, where first your customer must be asked to fill out the given form, then their information or order will be confirmed through an email to which you have added a detailed and well-designed message for your customers to read.

This email system is also integrated with the help of Kartra which means you don’t have to have another software working for your emailing system.

Note that these steps can vary from business to business. Once all of the above steps have been created by you, you will now be directed to link all the given steps together in order.

And once they are connected, a yellow arrow will appear which indicates that the linking was successful. The only thing left to do now is to activate your funnel before publishing.

You can have a look at Kartra pricing plan which gives you a variety of plans to choose from depending on your professional requirements for a system.

You would be happy to know that in May 2020, Kartra announced that all their hidden charges on all plans including Silver, Gold and Platinum have been removed. This means that Kartra pricing has come down, making it even more affordable for businesses.

Now, How Much Does Kartra Cost?

Karta has given a variety of plans to choose from. There are 5 Kartra pricing plans which can be chosen according to the size of your business. You can even have a 14 day trial which will cost you only $1.

This gives users a chance to see the software and use it to see who things will look like once they have purchased a certain package.

The pricing plans range from $99 per month which is their Starter plan, which can get you up to 2500 leads,  to $699 per month, that is, the Diamond plan, which can help you attain about 100,000 leads.

Kartra Pricing: Kartra gold Kartra platinum

Kartra is a one-in-all online marketing platform for businesses which is very useful for entrepreneurs who are looking for easy and less complicated solutions for their businesses.

These include:

  1. Email Marketing Automation
  2. Landing Page Creation and Hosting
  3. Video Hosting
  4. Online Course Hosting and Member management
  5. Membership Sites
  6. Shopping Carts
  7. Affiliate Management
  8. Help Desk with Live Chat
  9. Integration Tools for Other Marketing Software
  10. Built-in “Done for you” sales funnels, designed by Frank Kern
  11. Behavior Adaptive Marketing (allowing you to alter your webpage according to your visitor.)

Starter Plan

If you’re looking for a small Kartra package that would be the best choice for businesses who just started in the industry and are small business entrepreneurs, then Starter Plan is designed exclusively for you.

All the features that Kartra provides under the Starter plan are more than enough to give your start up a concrete setup to start off your online business dealings including contacts, different pages and even sales videos.

Some important features of your Kartra Starter Plan:

  • You can access about 15000 emails every month
  • You can save about 2500 contacts
  • Kartra will help you make 2 membership sites
  • You can host up to 100 pages
  • You will be allowed to sell 20 products online
  • Karta will provide a Video Hosting platform for your business which can help you stream 50GB bandwidth of marketing videos
  • A single custom domain is allowed
  • 2 Kartra Helpdesk portals will be provided
  • About 20 dynamics follow up services will be provided
  • No limit to page visits
  • You are authorized for 100 automations in this Starter plan
  • The Starter plan does not support Kartra Agency feature

Price of Starter Plan

The per month price for Starter plan is $99 but if you take the yearly package, you save $240 on your total bill.

Silver Plan

If you have a business that is still at the growing stage and requires more elements in comparison to the Starters Plan, then this Kartra Silver Plan is what you would be needing to enhance your online capabilities as a business.

As you are on the growing stage, this plan gives you lesser limitations.

Here are some of its features:

  • You can access about 12,500 leads
  • You can send unlimited emails every month
  • The streaming bandwidth allowed in this plan is 125GB every month
  • You can host unlimited number of pages
  • You can create as many products as you like
  • You are allowed to sell as many products as you wish
  • No limit to helpdesk portals
  • Limitless marketing automation
  • Access to unlimited membership websites
  • You can only make 3 custom domains
  • You do have access to the Kartra Agency

Price of Silver Plan

You can pay $199 per month for Kartra Silver plan or save up to $600 if you purchase the yearly Silver plan.

The Silver plan does have more unlimited features than the Starter plan, and if these features are what your business needs, then the Silver Plan is what you should be purchasing.

Gold Plan

As the Kartra plan upgrades, so do the various features that it has to offer to businesses.

The Gold plan is another level up from the Silver Plan and gives you access to carry out many more tasks in comparison to the Silver and Starter Plans. 

Here are the main features of the Kartra Gold Plan:

  • You get to create about 25000 leads every month
  • You have access to 5 domains 
  • Access to unlimited emails
  • Access to unlimited streaming bandwidth
  • Create and access unlimited pages
  • Access to unlimited videos
  • Access to unlimited products, which means you can sell unlimited number of products online
  • Unlimited membership websites can be accessed
  • You can have unlimited number of team members
  • You  have access to unlimited help desks
  • And, you get to have access to Kartra Agency

Price of Gold Plan

While this has to be the best for well established businesses who need unlimited access for the features mentioned above. You can purchase the Gold Plan at $299 per month, and also save $840 if you purchase the annual Gold plan.

Platinum Plan

For all businesses that are working on a much larger scale and require online services that would cater to a much broader contact list and fulfill their demands for more domains, the Platinum plan would suit them the best.

Here are the major features of the Platinum plan that can help you decide better which plan you would want to purchase depending on the nature of your business and your requirements.

  • Your business gets to have 50,000 leads
  • You can have unlimited emails every month
  • You are allowed an unlimited bandwidth every month
  • You are allowed to have an unlimited membership sites
  • You are allowed an unlimited access to pages
  • You can have up to 10 domains
  • You have access to unlimited helpdesk portals
  • You get to sell unlimited products
  • Access to Kartra Agency

Price of Platinum Plan

You can purchase the Platinum plan at $499 every month, and even save $1440 if you purchase their annual package for Platinum plan.

Diamond Plan

The Kartra Diamond plan is not open for sale anymore, but the package must be mentioned as it also had some great features which many businesses utilized to the fullest to help make their online working easier.

The Diamond Plan was specifically designed for businesses who had more than 100,000 contacts and needed a greater marketing plan for their business.

The Diamond plan allowed:

  • Access to 10 domains
  • Allowed up to 100,000 contacts
  • About 1,000,000 emails were allowed every month for Diamond Plan businesses
  • Businesses could access unlimited landing pages
  • Unlimited access to helpdesk portals
  • Unlimited page visits

Price of Diamond Plan

While Kartra does not offer the Diamond plan any more, it was priced at $699 every month.

And was the best solution at that time for people who had been in the marketing field for quite some time and had a long list of contacts to connect with.

What Can Kartra Replace?

Kartra is not just a source of great sales and marketing softwares, but also makes it easy for various businesses to handle their emailing, pages and differing form filling options easier for the customer as well as themselves. The main feature that makes Kartra your first pick is it’s all in one sales funnel characteristics which you as a business can make the most of.

This means that you will have access to a prebuilt system that enables you to market your business in the most professional manner. With Kartra's highly qualified team, you can have your online presence designed to perfection, attracting more customers through the professional copywriting services provided by the team themselves. 

Even if you need some changes made all you have to do is a few clicks and it will all fall according to your requirements. Kartra is an easy to use software that will help your online business run successfully. 

Businesses save so much money when they purchase Kartra’s plans.

If you compare Kartras plans with other software’s that you would have to purchase separately in order to meet all your business demands, service providers for landing page softwares like Leadpages are offering almost $25 per month, email automation services like Drip and ConvertKit are charging $41 or $29 per month, course hosting softwares like Teachable are charging $39 per month for their services, shopping carts like SamCart will cost you $99 per month and affiliated management softwares  would charge you $39 every month. 

If you calculate the overall cost of purchasing all these softwares separately, it would come up to $250 per month whereas Kartra’s plans begin from $99 per month! 

Who would not want to save almost $2000 every year?

Instead of purchasing these different software from different companies, a smarter and more economical choice would be to purchase a Kartra Plan that fits the nature of your business the best.

With four currently functioning Kartra plans that cover up a larger part of your online business running, you can cut down your costs which would have been higher otherwise.

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Hurry Up

Karta is not just good at what it offers, it reduces your costs and makes your life as an online business much easier. Thus, saving you the time which would have been wasted otherwise where you might have to deal with different firms for the different services they are providing. 

But that is not the case with Karta, and thus makes it your first pick when choosing a sales funnel or page building system.