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How To Advertise On Facebook In 2020

Posted by Gary Henderson on Apr 30, 2020 11:41:19 AM

Because of the increasing use of Facebook, it has become the biggest platform for businesses to effortlessly showcase and advertise their products and services to a broader market in 2020.

Using social media to reach a larger target market has become a need of time in this tech-driven society.

Social media applications like Facebook give users easy access to Facebook Ads, which can be a useful tool for all businesses present on this platform.

While Facebook ad campaigns might seem very affordable to many business marketers, their costs are, however, expected to rise in 2020.


Because Facebook has been working really hard on adding Artificial Intelligence (AI) element to its advertisement section so that people can make the most out of their advertising campaigns.

But you don’t have to worry.

Facebook allows you to set up your own Cost Budget Optimization when creating an ad campaign according to your campaign level and not the ad set level, aiding your bidding strategy.

Advertising on Facebook has taken a drastic turn in 2020, where you can reach a larger market from a number of countries. You can use Automatic Language Translation to have your advertisements on Facebook translated into the language of the receiving countries’ target market.

Do you remember the time when Facebook launched stories? And all the users wondered what the point was for stories on Facebook?

Well, you see the point of using Facebook stories now because these are used as one of the most powerful marketing tools on social media, connecting people through these stories, and increasing their interactions.

In this article, you’ll explore the benefits of advertising on Facebook and the main types of Facebook ads. Plus, you’ll discover 7 pro tips for great Facebook ads that convert like crazy.

Why Should People Advertise On Facebook?

Whether you are a small business owner, a blogger, a DIY crafter, or a home-based baker, running ads on Facebook can be the best thing that has ever happened to you.

Why? Because it is not only easy for any layman to access this feature on their Facebook profile or business page but can also help their business page reach a much larger audience.

Plus, you can gain more likes and attract more buyers through the ad campaigns you run on Facebook.

Here’s why you should leverage Facebook ads for your business:

1. You Build A Larger User base

Facebook has been the main Social Media platform that is popularly used by a majority of people even before all these other social media forums came into existence.

So Facebook generally has more users in comparison to any other social media forum, whether it is Instagram, Twitter, or Snapchat.

And, therefore, this makes advertising on Facebook a more feasible option for anyone.

2. Facebook Has A Robust Algorithm and Features

Interacting on Facebook and connecting with people can be done on a larger scale on Facebook in comparison to any of the above mentioned social media platforms.

How? All because of Facebook Algorithm and features.

Facebook has a lot of features, including creating groups, polls, and events, which can be a major source of interaction between customers and business owners. These modes of interaction can definitely help businesses get greater returns.

So, it is important to run a Facebook ad as it will lead to more likes to your page, more interaction on your profile or page, and eventually more sales and engagement.

And that is exactly what your goal is, right? To increase your business returns!

Here Are The Different Types Of Facebook Ads

Facebook advertising gives you a vast range of options to choose from.

There are 7 different types of ads that you can choose for your campaign.

This means that you have seven different ways of presenting your product to your target audience and make an impression that will transform them into loyal customers of your brand.

1. Video Ads

Over the years, with an increase in the use of Facebook, the viewing of videos on Facebook has also shown an increasing trend.

Videos are generally considered more self-explanatory, and when you use a video Facebook ad, this makes the users viewing this ad get a better idea about your brand or the product that you are selling. 

Facebook Video ads could be your chance to create impactful and long-lasting brand awareness amongst your target audience.


how to create a facebook ad


To reach a larger target audience, you might as well want to make sure that your video content is appealing to the eye, and enough information is offered for the viewer to become a customer after watching the video ad.

Most of the video ads on Facebook have music in them, making them more appealing for the audience to watch. Therefore, it is important to have running captions or visual information on the video ad so that the viewer can read or watch whatever is being marketed.

Research suggests that videos that are uploaded on Facebook directly and are not linked to any external website have more chances of getting more views in comparison to those videos that are linked.

2. Photo Ads

Facebook Photo ads are considered to be one of the easiest ways of advertising your product through a picture.

Now it is up to you whether you want to use a graphically designed picture of your product that will be used as a photo ad on Facebook or whether you want it to simply be your product picture with your brand name on it.

Either way, your photo ad will be reaching out to a lot of people, and, as a result, a lot of engagement can be expected.

When using a photo ad, it is highly important that you choose an image that would be impactful on the viewer.

The purpose of the image that you use for a photo ad should be to leave a powerful impression of your product on the viewer.

And therefore, it is suggested that you get your image creatively designed digitally, or photographed professionally.

3. Slideshow Ads

Another type of Facebook ads that you can choose is Slideshow ads.

These are basically a few different pictures collected together and used to create a slideshow. You can think of it as a presentation, but the length of these ads is usually shorter.

It is up to the marketer to use text on these images, or just use text overall on the slideshow to convey the message, or keep the images plain and self-explanatory.

New call-to-actionThe concept of the images that are being utilized for a slideshow is totally up to the marketers.

However, the more appealing these images are, the better impression can be made on the viewers who will eventually become your buyers.

Facebook has really helped business owners to create something interesting. You can upload a slideshow as a video on your own, or you can use the Facebook tools for creating a slideshow. You can edit your slideshow with the additional fun tools offered by Facebook as well.

When creating a slideshow ad, make sure that the first image that you use on your slideshow is the MOST impressive and attracts the viewers’ attention instantly. And make this image your thumbnail as well.

A thumbnail is basically the picture that appears on the video before it has been played. Therefore, including a gripping image is very effective.

4. Carousel Ads

Facebook’s Carousel Ads are a set of image cards that can have a different image with each card, displaying a different product, and linking your marketing idea through these different images.

It acts as a catalog of your brand, but can also be used in general to create awareness amongst your target audience through this social media forum.

With each image card in a carousel ad, you can add a different link under it, leading the viewer to your page or website. This allows you to successfully enjoy your target reach.

Carousel ads are effective Facebook ads and can make your ad campaign on Facebook more fruitful.

Visually, carousel ads are more appealing and attract more eyes. Viewers notice these moving carousel ads and will probably be attracted to click and read more about what you have to offer, increasing their knowledge about your brand and your products.

5. Canvas Ads

Facebook Canvas Ads are increasing the level of interaction between a brand and a viewer through the full-screen ads built for mobile.

These advertisements are solely designed for mobile phone applications or websites, making the ad appear on the entire screen of the phone.

Canvas Ad ExampleAs a result, they are more potent in retaining the viewers’ attention.

The entire screen of your phone is filled with the canvas ad, causing zero distractions for the viewer and keeping them focused on you and your brand.

6. Dynamic Product Ads

Facebook’s Dynamic Product Ads work amazingly in showing your product catalogs to the people who are interested in your product, have ever visited your website or your page, or have shown any sort of interest even if it was a simple click on your ads. 

The Facebook dynamic product ad campaign you design helps you find your target audience and shows the right people the right products at the right time.

Multi-Product Ads Example

When designing a Dynamic Product Ad, it is vital that you use high-quality images of your best products so that the viewer would be attracted to check your products out.

7. Lead Form Ads

As the name suggests, these Facebook ads have Forms linked to the images that are displayed as advertisements on social media. These forms are designed by you and could use any of the already existing formats on Facebook, altering the fields according to your product and your brand requirements.

Lead Ad forms on Facebook could be a great way to collect all the email addresses of potential customers of your brand and can be used for updating them with future products or events.

How To advertise On Facebook

Marketing on social media forums like Facebook can be very beneficial for anyone who is looking to reach out to a large number of people within a set budget and at a faster pace.

If you are new to Facebook and do not have a business page, then make a business page for yourself that you wish to be promoted through Facebook ads.

Now it is not important for any business to be a big name in the market to be able to enjoy these perks of Facebook marketing. Anyone who wants to sell something (either a service or a product) can use the ad tools on Facebook and enjoy the results.

There are two applications that can be used to manage your ads”

  • Ads Manager

  • Business Manager

Both of these are pretty effective and work almost in the same manner.

We will show you how you can use the Facebook Ads Manager to create an ad campaign.

Step 1

Open the Facebook Ads Manager, log in to your account, and click on the Campaign tab, as shown in the image below.

How to open the facebook ads manager

You will find the green tab called 'create,' which is what you need to click on next to start making an ad campaign on Facebook.

Clicking on Create will show you this pop-up box. Click on continue.

How to advertise on Facebook in 2020

Step 2

You will now be directed to a range of options to choose from for your objectives as a brand. These objectives are basically what you wish to achieve after running this ad as a brand.

These objectives include:

  • Brand Awareness: Let more people know your brand exists

  • Reach: Make your Ad reach a larger number of people

  • Traffic: Bring traffic to your page, or your website that is being advertised through this ad.

  • Engagement: Increase the number of likes, comments, and other activity on your page.

  • App Installs: Make people download your application.

  • Video Views: Make a larger number of audience to view your video.

  • Lead generation: Add more potential sales funnel.

  • Messages: Try to get more messages from customers through the Messenger.

  • Conversions: Make your viewers your customers.

  • Catalog sales

  • Store traffic

Facebook ad objectives

You can only select one objective at a time, and as you hover the cursor over each of these, you can read more about the objective to get a better idea about how such an advertisement will help you grow.

For instance, if you, as a brand, want to increase engagement on your page, this is what the objective ‘engagement’ can help you attain. Each objective has further parts, which can be selected by the user to direct their ads to a more focused campaign.

How to increase Facebook engagement

You can choose one of the following if Engagement is your objective.

Facebook objective examples

Once you have selected your objective, click on continue.

Step 3

You will be directed to another set of information that you need to fill to make your ad on Facebook more effective.

How to advertise on Facebook

Give your campaign a name for your own recognition. All the details need to be listed here very attentively as this will decide the future of your brand (or at least that is what we expect it to do).

Step 4

Set a budget for your ad.

You can either choose a daily or lifetime budget. If you do not want Facebook to distribute your budget across ad sets, you can also turn Campaign Budget Optimization off.

How to create a Facebook ad

Step 5

Next, select the location you want to target, select the age bracket of your audience that is your preference, and choose the gender that your offer is intended for.

How to create a Facebook ad

How to create a Facebook ad

Step 6

Next, specify where you want your ad to appear. If unsure, leave it to the recommended setting.

Facebook automatic placements

Step 7

Next, choose the type of ad you want to create. Select the image or video that you want to use as an ad and add a primary text to your ad. You can also add a call to action here.

How to create a Facebook ad

Once you feel you have filled all the required spaces and the needed information, you can now publish your ad.

The ad, however, will not be published instantly as the Facebook administration will go through your ad and make sure it is according to their policies. You will receive an email that will inform you that your ad has been approved by Facebook and is ready to go live.

7 Pro Tips For Creating Great Facebook Ads

Now that you know how to create a Facebook ad, we’ve compiled a list of 7 tips to help you design ads that convert like crazy.

1. Practice The #R3MAT Method To Really Know Your Audience


#R3MAT The right message to the right person at the right time with the right expectations


When creating an ad for an audience that you wish to make your regular customers, it is important to give the right message to the right person at the right time. 

You need to know who your target audience is, and who could be your potential customers.

2. Experiment With Different Images And Ad Formats To Learn What Your Audience Likes

Following the same formats for ads on Facebook, every time might get a little boring for your audience.

Therefore, to see which format attracts the most audience engagement, and which format increases their interest in your product, experimenting with the different Facebook ads is vital.

3. Use A Facebook Pixel To Track Every Move

Facebook Pixel is a code that can be utilized by business owners to make a larger impact of their Facebook ads.

This code can be attached with the link you are displaying on your ad, helping you keep track of all the people who click on your link, and who eventually become customers.

For the people who view your website but do not take any actions, your ad will be marketed again at a later time.

4. Remarket To Your Hottest People By Using Retargeting Ads

You can use retargeting ads to make people who can be your potential buyers, your loyal customers. 

Retargeting ads can help you keep your brand in front of bounced traffic even after they leave your website.

5. Provide Different Types Of Content For Every Type Of Person

How to create content on Facebook

As a brand, your aim should be to achieve a larger audience by attracting different kinds of people from your target market.

It is important that your marketing strategies always address the varying behaviors and needs of people in your target segment.

For instance, you can use pictures and videos to attract people who are not into reading blog advertisements.

Similarly, for people who are into stats, you can attract them through graphical representation of data, while others can be pitched through relatable memes, which is yet another trending marketing strategy being used by many brands.

6. Track And Optimize Social Media Ad Metrics

Make sure that you are keeping a close track of your ads and optimizing them in order to achieve the fullest return.

But if you are unable to keep a regular track on these, you can always invest in software like Adespresso, which can help you do this job for you. Adespresso will not only run the ads for you but also optimize them to the fullest.

7. Be Honest And Personable

The marketing strategies have really moved their focus from just ‘selling’ to balancing between selling and maintaining a very good relationship between the customer and the brand.

A target audience would be more interested in your product if you, as a brand, are making them feel connected to your content.

Your content needs to be more honest and more relatable to the audience, as that is what the customers these days get attracted to. They are looking for more authenticity from businesses.

To Sum It Up

If you compare what advertising on social media was in the past to what it is now in 2020, you will be amazed to see that things are much easier now.

Advertising on Facebook in 2020 has increased your targeting options and has also improvised your targeting strategy. With a single Facebook post, you can reach millions of people and impact their choices at every level.

And since you have that power in your hand, make sure that you use it to make a powerful and positive impact on the users who will eventually become your buyers.