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How To Maintain A Healthy Work-Life Balance

Posted by Gary Henderson on May 1, 2020 1:15:00 AM

For many professionals, working along with balancing your personal life might seem impossible. It can feel like they have to choose between a successful work life and a balanced home life.

But, it is possible to have both at the same time. 

Work-life balance can be achieved if you make the right decisions at the right time. It’s all about you managing enough time to pay attention to both aspects of life, without stressing about either of the two.

Before we dive into how to balance work and life, let's define what work-life balance is. 

What Is Work-Life Balance?

"Work–life balance is a term commonly used to describe the balance that a working individual needs between time allocated for work and other aspects of life. "

A lot of people focus on their work, neglecting their mental and physical well-being. They assume that if they don't work, they will probably have to face certain losses in business.

But in reality, it is quite the opposite.

To balance work and life means that you need to bring changes in your current life in a way that would keep your work and your personal life both in place.

While a professional life enables you to have purchasing power, a good and happy personal life, on the other hand, gives you the mental peace that you are looking for amidst all the chaos.

That is why there is a dire need for anyone who is a professional and excessively career-oriented to make sure that they give themselves some ‘me’ time.

Why Is Maintaining A Healthy Work-Life Balance Important?

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Imagine a person who works ALL the time.

They wake up, get ready, and start working. They interact with people, but not on a personal level, as they feel they'd be wasting time talking about life.

They focus on their work, and all they have on their mind is how to pitch the next client.

How boring, right?

The stress that this person is going through would only be visible in the form of deteriorating health.

When you are unable to balance your life and work –with no time to relax and breathe, no time to go to the gym, and no time to have a good laugh over a cup of coffee with your loved ones –you are bound to have all sorts of health problems.

You need to remember that your to-do list as a professional never ends. There is always something that you need to do.

But that is where you need to decide that ‘Okay, this needs to be done, let’s do it AFTER I go out for a walk. Or, AFTER I take a good night’s sleep. Or, let’s do this AFTER I spend quality time with my family.’

Does that sound good?

And having this balance in your life between working and living, you are going to improve your productivity as an individual.

You are the only one who can bring this work-life balance in your life, and here’s how you will benefit from this:

  • You will feel better in so many ways. Hanging out with your family and friends once in a while will lift you emotionally, releasing any work-related stress that you carry.
  • Sleeping well will help your brain work better.
  • Taking some time off from work will give you time to think about other important things in life, like a skill that you wanted to learn or a place that you wanted to visit.
  • Giving time to daily exercise routines will help you function better, where you would be more active, physically and mentally.

In short, you need to maintain this healthy work-life balance for your own health’s sake. And that should be your priority.

10 Tips To Help You Maintain A Healthy Work-Life Balance

Are you facing too much work-related stress and want to keep your health and well-being intact?

Then here is what you need to do.

1. Learn To Say No

This can be one of the most difficult tasks for entrepreneurs to accomplish.

Most entrepreneurs are guilty of or have experienced these things below:

  • Doing repetitive mundane tasks that take too much time and energy
  • Being interrupted when you are most productive
  • Agreeing to do tasks you hate
  • Multitasking too much

If you are doing any of the tasks below it might be time to look over the current work load your have and prioritize what you are spending your time on. 

If you are doing tasks that time up too much of your time, try to delegate those to other employees or find a freelancer who can do those tasks for you. 

This is especially important for repetitive mundane tasks that take up your time and energy.

The goal is to stop doing the tasks you don't like to do and replace them with tasks you enjoy or are best suited for.  That will free up so much of your headspace and energy for you to focus on something more important. 

2. Work Only When You’re Most Productive

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Yes, you heard me right! You can be more productive when your mind is fresh.

That is the time you need to utilize working on projects or meetings. You cannot work on an empty stomach or with a body that has not had enough sleep in days.

The minute you feel like your body is stressing or feeling tired, pause the work and relax. Take a break, and resume once you are fresh again.

3. Create The Lifestyle You Want To Live

You get to choose the lifestyle, so make sure you create a lifestyle where you are happy with the routine that you have to go through every day. If you are not happy with it, then that means it is time to bring a change.

Add an exercise hour for yourself, add a hangout with friends every weekend, and meet your parents every alternate day. A happier you will be able to make more productive changes professionally as well as personally.

4. Remember To Unplug And Decompress

You’re human, not a robot!

So stop piling up that stress on your mind as it is only going to make you suffer. You need to unplug and decompress from everything that stresses you once in a while so that you can unwind and recharge yourself, helping your mental health become better.

You cannot work efficiently if you have not practiced this as it helps you see things from a different and fresher perspective.

5. Live In Proximity To What Brings You Success

This one is extremely important.  When we chose where we call home, it is important to remember where we live can greatly limit our successes. Proximity is critical for successful relationships, businesses, personal growth, etc. 

For example, if you are trying to start a business in the tech or eCommerce space consider living somewhere that has a huge tech hub.  You want to put yourself in close proximity to where your business can thrive. 

This also applies to who you surround yourself with. 

The people we choose to surround ourselves with impacts the way we think, act and feel on a day-to-day basis.  

We always want to surround ourselves with people who are doing bigger things than we are, so it pushes us to grow every single day. 

Surround yourself with people who are going to motivate and inspire you

6. Take Time To Work On YOU

Nobody is born perfect, and you cannot become a better entrepreneur if you don’t work on yourself as a human being.

You need to invest your time into different activities that will help you release all your stress into something that can be productive and good for you.

This could be a really good time to learn a new hobby or skill. A lot of times in life, we forget how hard it is to learn something new and we forget what it feels like to be a beginner at something. 

This is why this is important.  If you own a business that sells anything to a newbie, to someone who hasn't used it before or is trying to learn something new to them.  It can be good for us as entrepreneurs to take a step back and remember what it feels like to start something new.

This is also a great way for you to learn how to serve your ideal audience better in the way that they need. 

Our headspace and how we feel is critical to our successes and failures, so make sure to take the time to get your mind in a healthy place.

You have to do what makes you feel good and take the time to do something that brings your great happiness.

7. Find A Comfortable Workplace

You need to find a workplace where you thrive. The atmosphere and place where you work at really matters for your productivity and mental health.

Sometimes people work better in a workplace that is quiet, while others like the noise of a room filled with professionals working on various projects.

Choose the one that suits you best and that would be the most suitable for your health and productivity.

8. Set boundaries Around Your Work Schedule And Your Personal Life

Set up a time for work so that you can give the rest of the time to living your life. You cannot work 24/7 or vice versa. Therefore, you need to set out a few hours of the day which you can dedicate to your work.

Use your time effectively for mental well-being and releasing work stress. You need that time to breathe so that your health doesn’t get affected by the stress.

9. Actually Enjoy Your Time Off

You’ve got some free time before your next meeting?

Don’t use it to overwork yourself. Instead, use it to release, relax and enjoy.

You can use your time off from work doing ANYTHING but work. You need to use the free time to give your mind the rest that it needs.

And really try to practice that without feeling guilty about it. You need that time off from work and this is your chance to clear your mind or have fun for a change.

10. Stop Multitasking

We know that you are brilliant at multitasking, but it does not mean that you have to do it at all times.

Your body and brain do not have to bear the stress you put them through. So, focus on one task at a time.

This will help you achieve all your goals for one specific task at a much faster rate in comparison to your goals when you are multitasking.

To Sum It Up

You cannot live your life without working professionally, and similarly, you cannot work all your life without living it to the fullest.

This is why you need to find the right balance between the two, to help you achieve your health well-being. This will directly impact your level of productivity as a professional. A healthier you is a hundred times better than a version of you who has no life besides their work.

Don’t get so busy making a living that you forget to make a living”- Dolly Parton

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