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How To Create Engaging Content

Posted by Gary Henderson on Jun 3, 2020 10:42:00 AM

The content that your business uses on advertising platforms is what makes your brand stand out from the crowd. And to make sure that your audience is connected with your brand consistently, it is important that you create engaging content.

While businesses understand the importance of posting content regularly, the only problem they often face is how to make their content engaging.

All the brands that are currently creating content for their brands are in continuous competition to engage their customers through their content.

You can track down the activity of your customers or followers on your posts through various tools that different social networking websites like Facebook and Instagram provide.

These tools help you see how good or bad your content is by comparing your audience's response and how engaging they were.

If your brand is not getting the right attention as expected, you might want to reanalyze the content you are creating and work on how you can make it better.

What Is Engaging Content?

How to create viral content

Now how you as a business want your audience to interact with you is what defines ‘engagement’ for your brand.

This could be them liking your pictures on the social media forums you are present on. It could be them sharing your content with others or engaging under your posts on such platforms.

Engaging content, in general, means that your content is appealing to the eye of the audience; it interests them and grasps their attention and makes them want to know more about your brand after looking at your content.

It is how your target audience connects with the content in that specific time, which helps them on all entertaining and emotional levels.

And that is precisely what you need to do as a brand to make your content marketing more effective.

Here are a few things that can help you achieve your goal of making your online content more appealing and engaging for your audience.

6 Super Effective Ways To Make Your Content More Engaging

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Creating quality content is not a piece of cake. It comes with a lot of research, hard work, and thinking.

And then to make your content more engaging add more responsibility on you as a business as now you don't only have to create great content, but also have to make it worthy enough for people to engage with.

1. Know Your Audience

Being a business in this technology-driven era gives you a chance to know your audience better.

Having a social media presence on platforms like Facebook, integral, and twitter helps you as an entrepreneur or a blogger, giving you an opportunity to interact with your audience at a more direct level and know their interests better.

You can talk to them directly by replying to their comments and posting content that would increase their engagement under your posts. And to know what interests them, you might want to share content that is more relatable to them where they can relate to it and then engage in your social media posts.

For instance, you can share a particular thing that you, as an entrepreneur like, e.g., your own dog's picture or a cat's, and all the people following your business page would probably engage if they find this relatable, thus, increasing engagement your posts.

Now how you can relate your content ideas with engagement is entirely up to you as a business.

2. Tell A Story

The best way to connect with your ideal consumers is to share content and stories that would be more authentic and real.

Customers like to hear more real stories and how your product or your business helped somebody make their life easier.

You can even share stories about how you started the business or your blog. This is a great way to attract your customers emotionally as they would trust the stories as they appear more personal.

Sharing real experiences of past customers or even employees could help you maintain a real customer base.

Your target audience will be able to connect with the stories being shared on your social media page, and there would be many who would relate to these stories, thus, increasing their liking for your brand. 

For instance, if you compare two pages on Instagram, where one page only shares their products and services, while the other shares personal experiences and personal stories that would be a source of motivation for others, along with their products and services, you will notice that the latter has more engagement from the audience.

Why is that so?

Well, because people interact more when they have something to relate with when businesses share stories about people around the world, their customers, and even themselves.

And this has to be one of the most effective ways to make your content more engaging on social media forums. The more engagement, the better for your business.

3. Create Content With Intent

To create great content, you need to know why you are creating it in the first place. You cannot create content without a purpose.

You create it to attract customers or influence your target audience or even make people your loyal customers. So before creating quality content, you need to be sure about your intentions and what goals you want to achieve by making such content for your brand.

After analyzing ‘why you are creating this content and for whom you are creating it,' you will be able to make a more appealing visual element for your audience based on your goals for the content. And resultantly, you will be able to increase engagement on your posts as you have created something that your target audience is interested in.

R3MAT - the right message to the right audience at the right time

This is more like giving the right message to the right people at the right time, the #R3MAT Method. And this will have a more significant impact on the audience as you have created content thoughtfully, keeping in mind the audience that you are targeting.

Say, for example, you are a motivational blogger, and you are content aimlessly without analyzing what kind of audience you are trying to attract.

Now all your marketing strategies might waste if you are creating great content but targeting the wrong audience. And similarly, you might have the right audience as a target, but because you were not clear about why you are targeting them, you will not be able to create content that your target audience will connect with.

Therefore, you must answer these questions before strategizing your content marketing.

4. Lean Into Your Strengths

One of the most effective ways of creating more engaging content on social media forums like Facebook and Instagram is to use your strengths.

If you are good at something, use it to make your social media presence more attractive for your target audience. You want to attract as much attention as you can to your pages on such platforms. And to do that, it is highly recommended that you use what you are most comfortable at.

For instance, many people are camera shy and would not be able to connect with their audience through live video streaming or recorded videos for that matter. And because you are not comfortable with that or feel like you are not good at it, you might want to focus on other possible ways.

You can write your way through to express your experiences or stories with your audience if you are good at writing. Or vice versa. If you feel your writing will not give out the emotions attached to the story, you might want to share a video or a vlog instead.

Memes and infographics are also an excellent medium for increased engagement between audiences and businesses.

These can also be utilized to the fullest to engage your target audience. 

In fact, meme sharing has become such a trending activity on social media, and there are so many memes that are so relatable. That is the kind of content you want to focus on that will make the customers see your social media presence and be like 'that's so me' As a result, they would either comment under it or share it with friends family.

So if you think that any of the methods mentioned above of expressing can be utilized by your brand to engage with your audience, then you MUST use them.

Also, keep in mind that whatever method you choose to engage with your audience; you need to be consistent in that. You cannot start something that you feel like you cannot continue for long.

Therefore, think thoroughly about which of your strengths can be used by you regularly for you to interact with your audience as consistency makes a good impression on your followers.

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5. Create Content That's Valuable To Your Customer

Being a brand that wants to increase their engagement, you need to create content that is valuable not only to you as a business, but also to your viewers. Your target audience will eventually become your potential buyers.

Therefore, to keep them engaged with your content, you need to add value to what you are advertising, whether through the graphics, a live video, or even a meme.

When a customer visits your social media page, they should be able to see content that is worth their time or their interest. If it is something that is very general or won’t be very helpful for any page visitor, there are chances they won’t be coming back.

If you create great content that would add meaning to their lives and increase their knowledge about any aspect of life, the audience will be more impressed by your brand and would probably come back again to gain more information.

This is yet again a great way for lead generation. The visitors are attracted by free content that is informative and helpful for them and then eventually leads them to become loyal customers.

When people show engagement under valuable content, asking questions, this is your chance to know them better by adding value to your service as a brand to them. Your efficiency in responding to their queries and clarifying their ambiguities will make them trust you and believe in your brand.

YOU, as a brand, need to be more helpful and at their service so that they can see how you value your customers, and as a result, they would become your regular buyers.

Customers LOVE it when they get an outclass customer service, before and after making a purchase, so make sure that you make the most of this.

6. Connect With Your Audience Emotionally

The best way to connect with your audience is to relate with their emotions and understand what they go through or share an emotion of yours as a business to help them understand how they can overcome whatever emotional pathway they are going through.

Emotions can play a vital role in making your audience believe in you as a business, and therefore this is exactly what you need to utilize.

Create content that your audience can relate to emotionally and feel satisfied after reading your content. This will leave your brand's positive impact and make them follow you on all social media forums.

Your content might be very well written, with on-point Grammar and probably a great topic being discussed. Still, if the content does not attract your audience emotionally, then a well-written content is of no use whatsoever. This is why you need to focus on content that could emotionally engage your viewers and emotionally attached to your brand for the kind of content you create.

Here is an emotional pathway that you can focus on while creating emotionally engaging content:

  • Talk about a problem that might have been painful for you or an employee, or even a customer. Share their experience (with their consent, of course). There will be so many people responding to such social media posts relating to it and sharing their own experiences in the comment section.

  • Discuss a solution to a certain problem that a person might face. Giving out a solution for a certain problem that could be a common problem faced by a majority of people would attract all the people who have been through such an issue, or are going through such an issue. Because of the content you created, they might be able to get a positive benefit from this, aiding them in overcoming the problem.

  • Create content that would analyze facts and give your logic for your research. This will engage many people who would either be of the same viewpoint as yours or would be of the opposite view. Either way, your content would be creating a debate where people will be giving their inputs and thus increasing engagement for your posts. Content with a factual backup might even have a higher chance of being shared or re-tweeted by your audience, marketing your brand's name.

Attracting your audience emotionally doesn’t only mean that you connect with them on something that would be of 'emotional value to them.'

You can also trigger their thinking processes by engaging them in content where you might object a certain view, support a certain verdict, and might be asking the audience what they think about the current situation.

Always remember that your audience will always have an opinion, whether it’s positive or negative.

So you need to tap all the topics that can emotionally be related by your audience, and because they understand what you are talking about, they will respond to your content. Interact with them equally, by answering the questions that they have or even asking them questions about their viewpoints. 

This is you giving your audience a chance to interact with you and the rest of the viewers on your page. If you are not giving them something to talk about, you cannot really expect them to engage on your page.

Wrap Up

Content creation, as mentioned earlier, is not an easy task.

Making everyday content that is good and engaging your audience has to be the greatest of all content strategies while you can make the most of your business-customer relation through such engaging content, where you can not only connect with them emotionally through your content but also give them a reason to be a loyal visitor, if not a buyer(yet).

Make sure that you keep a regular check on the activities on all your social media posts and how good or bad they are doing so that you can improvise on your content creation and design content that would interest your target audience resultantly.

And make your customers feel connected with your brand through the content that you create.

If you would like to have more conversations like this, check out The Entrepreneur Cooperative.  It's our group of inspiring entrepreneurs helping other amazing entrepreneurs connect with each other and get through the difficult times life throws at us!

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