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How To Delete Twitter Account

Posted by Gary Henderson on Oct 19, 2022 4:37:22 PM

Do you want to delete your Twitter account but can't figure out how? Or want to permanently delete your Twitter account for good? 

If so, you've come to the right place. 

Deleting a Twitter profile is easy and only takes a few clicks.

Let's get started.

Quick Note: You don't need to deactivate your account to change your Twitter handle or email address on Twitter.  You can change your @ handle, Twitter handle, and email address by visiting your account settings anytime. 

How To Delete Twitter Account

delete twitter account

To delete a Twitter account, you will need the username and password to log into the account.

Once you log in, you can begin deactivating your Twitter account.

To deactivate your Twitter profile, follow the short four steps below.

How To Delete Twitter Account In 4 Steps

Step 1: 

From the main menu, select the more    icon. Select Settings and Support, then choose Settings and privacy


search Twitter-settings and privacy

Step 2:

From the Your Account tab, select Deactivate your account.


how to deactivate Twitter account-1

Step 3:

Read the account deactivation information, then select Deactivate


What to know when deactivating your Twitter account

Step 4:

Enter your password and confirm that you want to proceed by selecting the Deactivate button.


Example of how to delete Twitter accountAnd that's it! You have successfully deactivated your Twitter account!

If you find you made a mistake and need to reactivate your Twitter account, you have 30 days to reactivate an account before Twitter permanently deactivates it in their system

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