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How To Get 1,000 Followers On Twitter

Posted by Peyton Henderson on Feb 21, 2023 5:49:26 PM

Do you want more followers fast? Or are you trying to get your first or next 1,000 followers on Twitter?

If so, there's no better time than now to grow a following on Twitter, and to be honest it's not that difficult.

Twitter is considered one of the top social media platforms in 2023 for brands and content creators to get discovered and make money online. 

Did you know Twitter is the #1 platform for discovery and people spend 26% more time viewing ads on Twitter than any other leading platform?

All it takes is consistency, a decent Twitter strategy, and some friends to keep you accountable and do the repetitive daily mundane tasks you need to do every day in order to grow.

At the end of December 2022, I fully committed to growing my personal brand on Twitter, and have been active on Twitter every day, tweeting, and testing out what works and what doesn't. 

Let's take a look at some of my stats.

In the last 28 days, according to my Twitter analytics, I've gained 1,574 new Twitter followers and increased my tweet impressions by 818.3%.

new followers twitter analytics example

But, here's where it gets interesting.

  • For the entire month of December 2022, I only gained four new Twitter followers.

  • In January 2023, I increased my follower count by a total of 254 new followers.

  • In the first 14 days of February 2023, I gained 1,444 new Twitter followers

how to get 1000 followers on twitterSo, what did I do? 

You'll have to keep reading to find out. 

Before I teach you how to get your next 1,000 followers on Twitter, I want to prove that the Twitter tips and Twitter strategies will work for anyone as long as they consistently show up and provide value to their followers.

Take a look at the screenshots of other Twitter creators who are getting hundreds of new followers in one day and thousands of new Twitter followers every month since consistently showing up and implementing these to get 1,000 new followers in one day on twitter

how to get 1,000 new followers in 28 days

how to get 1,100 new followers in one month

Now, that you've seen these Twitter strategies work, let's dive in!

How To Get 1,000 Followers On Twitter

Do you want to get your first or the next 1,000 followers on Twitter?

Keep reading to discover my top Twitter tips to get new followers every day and add hundreds (maybe thousands) of new followers to your Twitter account every month. Plus, discover how I earned 1,100+ new Twitter followers in less than 48 hours with one Twitter giveaway!


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Here are 10 Twitter tips and recommendations to get your next 1,000 followers on Twitter.

How to get your next 1,000 followers on Twitter:

  1. Set up your Twitter profile

  2. Find a niche

  3. Join an active NFT community on Twitter

  4. Be a Reply guy

  5. Post a "GM" tweet every morning

  6. Engage on Twitter for one hour every day

  7. Collab on giveaways (see how I earned 1,100+ followers in less than 48 hours)

  8. Try comment jacking

  9. Set goals and celebrate with your community

  10. Track your data and analytics 

How To Get 1,000 Followers On Twitter

1. Set Up Your Twitter Profile

One of the simplest ways to get more followers on Twitter is to set up your profile.

The point of your Twitter profile is to quickly showcase who you are, what you're all about, and why someone should follow you.  

A Good Twitter Profile:

  • has a clear profile photo

  • banner photo

  • a short bio

  • includes relevant keywords so you'll show up in search results
  • pinned Tweet at the top of the profile

Check out the Twitter profile examples below to see how some brands, social media influencers, Twitter creators, and thought leaders are setting up their Twitter profiles. 

2. Find A Niche

People come to Twitter to find the latest news and read about topics they are interested in.

So, the key to getting more followers on Twitter is sharing content that resonates with your audience and adding value, whether that's tweeting about blogging, content marketing, cyber security, or web3.

Did you know Twitter is the number #1 social media platform for discoverability?

Where many Twitter creators mess up is they randomly post content and tweet whatever they think of at the moment, instead of being intentional with their content and actually providing value to their followers. 

How to find your Twitter niche:

  • Know what you're good at

  • Explore recent trends
  • Take a look at your interests and hobbies

  • Understand your ideal audience 

  • Take a look at your past accomplishments 

If you are unsure what type of content you want to create, take a look at your Twitter analytics and see what type of content performed the best.

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Once I figured out where I wanted to focus my energy on Twitter, mega influencers and big Twitter accounts with hundreds of thousands of followers were choosing to follow me on Twitter.

As an example, Dr. Nicole LePera, popularly known as The Holistic Psychologist, currently with 811.4K followers, followed me on Twitter when I had less than 1,000 followers. 

Dr. Nicole LePera the holistic psychologist on twitter

3. Join an active NFT community on Twitter

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Joining an active NFT community on Twitter is one of the easiest and fastest ways to get new followers.

Especially, if you can join an active NFT community that has hundreds or thousands of holders who proudly wear their non-fungible token as their pfp (profile photo) on Twitter.

how to get followers for free Twitter NFT example

For example, when you join the πŸ¦’ Giraffe Tower NFT community on Twitter and tweet your new NFT,  the herd immediately shows up and starts commenting on your tweet showing off their giraffe pfps and welcoming you to the community. 

This is what happens when you join the Giraffe Tower NFT community on Twitter.

HubSpot Video

It's not uncommon for someone to get dozens or hundreds of new Twitter followers as soon as they change their profile photo to a popular PFP.

But, what is an NFT community?

An NFT community is a group of like-minded individuals from all over the world who come together (usually on Discord or Twitter) and support a particular NFT project(s).

NFT communities usually consist of a group of content creators, collectors, influencers, and investors who are on a similar mission, who come together to collaborate, discuss the future of the nft project, meet up in IRL, and rally together on social media.

Benefits of joining an NFT community: 

  • Collabs

  • Free alpha

  • IRL events and merch

  • Knowledge

  • More followers

  • Whitelist opportunities

  • You now own cool digital artwork

Beware/ Warning: When exploring different NFT communities, watch out for NFT scams and fake copycat NFT collections. Scammers will create fake Twitter profiles and copycat collections to scam others, especially those who are new to the space.

There are a ton of NFT communities that are hot on Twitter right now and finding the right community for you can require a lot of time and research. 

How do you know which NFT project to invest in? What are the best NFTs to invest in in 2023? 

One of the quickest ways to find new NFT projects is to use the popular NFT ranking website,

NFT Inspect is extremely helpful when looking for new NFT projects to join because it allows you to see which NFT communities have the strongest social presence on Twitter and gives you a list of the top 100 NFT collections on Twitter based on the strength of the community.

best nft projects 2023

You can also see which NFT profiles and which community members have the highest percentage of global reach, and visualize how Twitter pfps (profile photos) are moving.

For example, when you look up the Giraffe Tower NFT collection, you can see people are moving from Froggy Friends Official, Sappy Seals, Trippin' Ape Tribe, and Ghost Buddy Official to join the Giraffe Tower. 

nft twitter project website nftinspect

15 Best NFT Communities on Twitter:

To see the actual list of the top 100 PFP collections on Twitter, please visit

This list is in alphabetical order from A-Z, not by ranking.

  • Azuki

  • Bad Bears
  • BAYC (Bored Ape Yacht Club)

  • CryptoPunks

  • DeGods

  • Doodles

  • Froggy Friends
  • Funky Flies

  • Giraffe Tower NFT

  • Lazy Lions

  • Mfers

  • OkayBears

  • Pudgey Penguins
  • Sappy Seals

  • ThePlague

  • Y00ts

If you can't afford to buy an NFT from one of the top NFT marketplaces like OpenSea, there are a ton of Twitter creators, Twitter influencers, and brands who are promoting free giveaways and free mints every day.

Search Tip: To find more NFT giveaways and free nft mints on Twitter, go to the search bar and search for keywords and hashtags like nft community, nft giveaway, #giveaway, or #freenft, and instantly browse dozens of free giveaways.

Don't forget, you aren't limited to only the NFT space, you can do this for other industries and niches too! 

4. Be A Reply Guy 

You might be thinking, Lol….a reply guy? Seriously? This must be a joke πŸ˜…

But, here's the thing, being a "reply guy" is a legitimate social media strategy many brands, businesses, creators, and influencers use to boost engagement on their posts and get followers for free.

What does a reply guy do? The Best Reply Guys:

  • Don't tweet repetitive or spammy comments 

  • Engage for at least one hour on Twitter every day and interact with other influencers, and thought leaders in their community multiple times throughout the day or week
  • Listen and engage in Twitter Spaces

  • Participate in contests, giveaways, and community events

  • Post more than just a gm tweet

  • Provide meaningful contributions to tweets that are relevant to their interests and niche

  • Quickly reply back to comments and GMs

  • Reply 200+ more times a day

  • Reply to all mentions and customers to build engagement

  • Retweet influencers
  • Support other Twitter creators, builders, social media influencers, thought leaders, and reply guys

  • Show up every day (yes, all seven days of the week)

When you are a reply guy, you don't want to just tweet to tweet make sure you have a strategic content marketing strategy and are actually adding value to your followers. 

If you want to be a reply guy, it's crucial to familiarize yourself with Twitter's user limits.

If you go too hard and post too many replies in a short period of time, you can get put in Twitter jail or get a shadow ban on your Twitter account. 

twitter shadownban example

Now, let's take a look at Twitter's usage limits.

Current Twitter Limits

  • Users are allowed to send 500 DMs (direct messages) per day

  • The max number of tweets you can send in one day is 2,400  (retweets count as tweets)

  • Users can only follow 400 new Twitter accounts per day

Note: This is a technical account limit only, and there are additional rules prohibiting aggressive following behavior. 

If you do reach one of Twitter's limits, you will receive an error message telling you which limit you've hit. 

For example, this is what happens when you have reached the daily tweet limit. 

Over daily tweet limit for sending tweets on twitter

To see if your Twitter account is shadowbanned, or if your account has a ghost ban, search ban, search suggestion ban, or reply deboosting, you can check the status of your Twitter account with the shadowban tools below: 

Twitter Shadowban Checker:

5. Post A "GM" Tweet Every Morning 

Tweet an engaging good morning tweet every day and respond to each comment/reply. 

Posting a good morning tweet every day is a great content marketing strategy to boost engagement on your tweets, build relationships with new Twitter creators, Twitter influencers, and thought leaders, and deepen relationships with your existing followers.

Your gm tweet will likely be your best-performing tweet of the day so have some fun with it and get creative.

how to increase engagement on tweets

Engagement Hack: To get more engagement on your Tweets, warm up your Twitter account before Tweeting. To warm up your Twitter account start interacting with other creators, influencers, and thought leaders in your newsfeed by commenting on, liking, and retweeting their tweets. 

To have the most success with your tweets, quickly reply back to everyone who comments on your tweets. This strengthens relationships, makes people feel seen, and shoots up your engagement rates, therefore attracting even more replies.

Since I've been using this Twitter strategy, my tweets are getting seen by thousands of people, my engagement rates and tweet impressions are the highest they've ever been, and I've added hundreds of new followers to my Twitter account.  

tweet analytic tools to see best performing tweets

As you can see in the screenshot below, I posted my first "gm" tweet on January 14, 2023, which received a total of 501 views, 23 comments, 6 retweets, and 25 hearts.

twitter gm tweet example to get more followers

After consistently posting a gm (good morning) tweet every single day for a few weeks, my gm tweets increased from 500ish views to anywhere between 4,000-13,000 views with 150+ comments and likes per tweet.

how to get more twitter engagement

Pro Tip: Use Pinned Lists and Tweet Deck Pro to post your GM tweets and reply to every response from top to bottom so you don't miss critical tweets.

gary tweet deck pro setup

6. Engage For One Hour On Twitter Every Day

Consistency is key to growing more followers on Twitter and building trust with your followers.

Every morning at 6 AM EST I open the app, enter War Room, post my gm tweet, and engage for one hour with other brands, Twitter creators, influencers , and thought leaders in my newsfeed and relevant to my personal brand.

One of my favorite engagement hacks is using the pinned lists feature.

For example, I have a personalized newsfeed of only Giraffe Tower NFT holders and people who wear a giraffe as their Twitter pfp so I never miss a tweet.

giraffe tower pinned list on Twitter

If you would like to get better at Twitter, grow your following faster, and participate in Twitter raids, make sure to buy a πŸ¦’ Giraffe Tower NFT and join the πŸ¦’ Giraffe in War Room. 

Top tip: Engaging with your Twitter followers builds brand loyalty and trust so make sure to reply, Retweet, and follow back users who frequently engage with your brand’s Twitter profile. By doing this you’ll create a more engaged audience/community.

But, be careful and don't overdo it.

Warning: Don't engage on Twitter for more than one hour at a time. Posting too much too fast can give bot and spammer vibes and cause you to get a shadow ban or your account permanently removed from Twitter.

If you do exceed the hourly or daily tweet limits you will receive a notification and will most likely get a ban on your account if you continue the behavior.

Once your account has a ban, there's nothing you can do except wait until the ban period is over. 

twitter shadownban example


6. Collab On Giveaways

Keep reading to learn how I got over 1,100 followers in one day! 😱

One of the quickest ways to get more followers on Twitter fast is to collaborate with larger Twitter accounts or influencers and run free giveaways to their audience. 

how to get followers for free NFT Twitter example

Collaboration is a popular social media growth hacking strategy that many brands, businesses, Twitter creators, and social media influencers use to quickly gain followers in a short amount of time. 

For example, I got over 1,100 followers in less than 48 hours with one free giveaway by collaborating with a Twitter account with 77.8k Twitter followers to run a free Giraffe Tower NFT giveaway.

how to get new followers fast

You can see the free Giraffe Tower NFT giveaway tweet below:

Even though this free giveaway tweet performed well and I gained over a thousand new Twitter followers, this was not a successful Twitter giveaway.

The giveaway account I partnered with sold the NFT listed in the giveaway which was valued at 0.11 ETH ($175) and kept all of the profits before the giveaway ended.

So, no one ever won the giveaway.

Warning: ⚠️ Beware of Giveaway Scammers and Scam Accounts  ⚠️

Here are a few Twitter threads exposing free giveaway scammers and NFT scam accounts on Twitter.

NFT scam example #1: 

NFT scam example #2:

7. Try Comment Jacking

Have you ever heard of comment jacking?

Comment jacking is when you leave a funny or witty comment on a popular or viral tweet. Doing this can put your Twitter profile in front of thousands of new people and potentially bring in new followers. 

When you leave a banger comment on a viral tweet, anyone scrolling through the comments will see your reply, and if they like it they'll give you a quick follow. 

Here's an example where a Twitter user got over 7K views for replying to one of Ryan Carson's tweets on Twitter. 

comment jacking on twitter example

8. Set Goals and Celebrate With Your Community

Setting goals, showing your proof of work, and celebrating your wins with your community is key to growing a brand online and is a great strategy to create FOMO and attract new visitors to your Twitter profile. 

9. Track Your Data and Twitter Analytics Daily 

There are several free and paid Twitter analytics tools that help you track your follower growth.

Here's a list of my most used and most popular Twitter tools and Twitter anaylitc apps for growing a following and marketing on Twitter.

Best Twitter Tools:

  • BlackMagic: track how your tweets perform over time, understand why a tweet takes off, discover the best time to tweet, set reminders to reply to DMs and follow up, organize your tweet into categories, and get tweet inspiration.

    Soon Black Magic users will be able to pay for Black Magic with $GARY coins. This means you can pay for your subscription with $GARY coins and get your BlackMagic subscription for free.

  • ChatGPT: a popular content marketing tool many Twitter creators, marketers, and thought influencers use to research, find new tweet ideas, and speed up content creation.

    Related: ChatGPT: How new A.I is changing the way we make content forever

    how to use chatgpt to create twitter threads example

  • Free NFT research tool to connect with your NFT community, analyze community growth, see where influential people are moving, and find which NFT projects have the highest level of community support and engagement

    This free Twitter tool also notifies you if a specific project is an outright scam or not, protecting you from potential losses. 

  • ShadowBird: Free shadowban checker for Twitter. With this free Twitter tool you can see if your Twitter account is shadowbanned, has a search suggestion ban, search ban, ghost ban, or reply depoosting. 

  • Social Connector is a popular Twitter tool to amplify your tweets, incentivize and reward creators for engaging with your tweets, and build a loyal community of followers on Twitter. You also get paid magic internet money and can even get paid for engaging with the right tweets at the right times.

    Or, if you're interested in creating a social token, you can apply to launch a social token on the $GARY exchange, here.

    social tokens powered by gary
  • TweetDeck Pro: a popular social media tweet-watching tool that allows you to view multiple timelines in one easy interface so you never miss a tweet. TweetDeck has a free and paid version.

  • Twitter Analytics: Twitter analytics is available to all Twitter users and allows you to see your top-performing tweets and top replies, promoted tweets, number of impressions, engagements, and overall engagement rates.

    Does Twitter have follower analytics?

    How to find Twitter analytics:

    1. Tap more ... on your profile

    2. Tap Creator Sudio

    3. Select Analytics

Pro Tip: When using Twitter analytics, look for trends within your top-performing Tweets and repurpose your top tweets. Pay attention to what days and times your Tweets perform best and have the most engagement--then use those insights to amplify your Twitter strategy.  

Final Thoughts

If you show up consistently and implement these Twitter tips and Twitter strategies, you will start attracting new followers today.

how to get new followers fast

Remember, it's not only about getting mega influencers and people with thousands and millions of followers to follow you. The smaller accounts with only a few hundred or thousand followers are essential to growing your brand on Twitter.

Happy tweeting!

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