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How To Get Verified On Instagram

Posted by Gary Henderson on Feb 16, 2020 9:10:28 AM

Do you crave that desirable and coveted little blue check?

Many of us want it, but only a few get it, and even fewer people know how they can get it.

Do you know that the symbol right next to your name indicates you are officially Instagram Verified? So, what does that even mean?

It means that you are the person you claim to be.

In a lot of ways, the blue verification tick that you see next to an influencer or brand name is a sign of status.

All of us crave validation and when it comes to entities and brands on social media, this validation often comes in the form of verification.

Instagram has rolled out new and exciting changes to its platform in the last few years.

Instagram subscribers were introduced to IGTV in June 2018.  And now, profile verification is not solely reserved for celebrities, brands, and public figures. In fact, anyone can request it.

The blue "verified" checkmark on Instagram provides immense street-cred to your followers and also gives your social posts on this platform a seal of legitimacy and authenticity from the platform.

We all know how quick and simple it is to create social media accounts; however, it can be really difficult to determine if brands or people are actually who they claim they are.

So, how can you know if you are really following Nike or Beyonce?

One of the best ways to determine whether or not an account is genuine is to look for a verification badge. Note that this is often represented as a checkmark.

Verification badges on Instagram confirm that the public figure, celebrity, or brand accounts are legitimate.

It is worth noting that a simple checkmark right next to your profile name will make a huge difference, especially when it comes to increasing brand awareness and followers.


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What Is A Verified Badge On Instagram?

Keep in mind that an Instagram verified account, such as a celebrity’s account, gets a verified badge.

The badge is a blue seal with a small checkmark that will appear next to your username.

You have two options. 

You may apply for Instagram verification using either your personal account or your business account.

Note that this verified badge is a checkmark that will appear next to your Instagram account's name on the profile and in search.

The badge means that the platform has confirmed that the user account is the authentic presence of a celebrity, public figure, or international brand that it represents, bringing credibility to the account.

This blue symbol (a small seal that has a check in the middle) means that the user account is verified by Instagram officially. So, people, businesses, and brands with the verified badge are legit and authentic.

But there is one thing you need to know. Instagram only likes to verify people or brands they consider sufficiently important for someone to want to create fake accounts or imitate.

There’s really no reason for anyone to impersonate you if you’re a “normal” person. Hence, from Instagram’s viewpoint, there’s no good reason to verify you.

What Are The Requirements To Get Verified On Instagram?

It is no secret that the coveted blue check mark would not be coveted if it was simple to attain.

These are the official requirements from Instagram in order to get your account verified. You have to adhere to Instagram’s  Community Guidelines and Terms of Service.

When looking to get Instagram verified you should also try to do the following below:

Be Authentic 

To be eligible, you have to be who you claim you are.

This is applicable whether your Instagram account represents a business, a person, or a brand!

Be Unique 

You can only verify one account per business or person (unless your Instagram account is language-specific).

Keep in mind that fan accounts, feature accounts and meme accounts aren’t verified. 

Instagram also says it doesn’t verify general interest accounts, such as meme roundups.

So, you cannot have more than one account, and the platform says loud and clear it “does not” verify any general interest accounts (for example @puppymemes).

Be Notable & Newsworthy

Here is the tricky one in some cases.

By now, you may have thought to yourself, “what is the issue? I am eligible?”

However, are you notable?

Your account needs to represent a well-known and highly searched for person, brand, or business to grab that coveted blue check for yourself.

This is what Instagram stresses.

Also, you will have to verify your identity with your government photo ID or your relevant business documents.

As you may have noticed, Instagram does not mention anything about a specific number of followers to get verified.

Keep in mind that although sometimes having a lot of followers or fans indicates that you are “notable,” you will see many Instagram accounts with millions of followers but no badge.

In contrast, there are many accounts with only thousands of followers that have the badge.

This is why when it comes to verification badges, size does not matter. 

Now, let's go over the steps to get verified. 

How To Get Verified on Instagram?

We have some good news for you.

Applying to get verified on Instagram just takes a few moments, and the process is simple.

Here is how you can do it in a few easy steps.

Step One: Log in

Simply log into your Instagram account. It is worth noting that if you have multiple Instagram accounts, you have to make sure that you are logged into the Instagram account that you would like to verify.

Step Two: Request verification

1. You will find the menu icon in the top right corner of your Instagram profile. Tap the menu icon.


Registered business Instagram account


2. You will see the Settings gear icon at the bottom of your screen.

Click this icon.


application Instagram


3. Now you have to tap Account.


application for brands on Instagram


4. The next step is to tap the Request verification.


Request verification on Instagram


Step Three: Confirm your identity

1. Complete all the following fields and fill in your Instagram account name.

Full Name

You will have to enter your full legal name. This is the name that is on your government-issued ID.

Known As 

Note that you can enter your name or the name of your organization or company.

You have to use the name that most people usually know you as. Do you usually go by your nickname? Or do you use your middle name rather than your first name?

If that is the case, enter that information here.


This is also very important. 

You may choose from a variety of categories, such as news/media, government/politics, sports, music, entertainment, fashion, blogger/influencer, vlogger, business/brand/company, or other.

It is important to pick the one that is the most sensible for your account.


Contact Instagram about how to apply for instagram verification


2. Now you have to upload a legible copy of your photo ID (government-issued) or any official business document.

If you are an individual, you may use your passport, driver’s license, or government-issued ID card.

On the other hand, if you are a business, you may use a utility bill or a tax return in your company or organization name, or in your articles of incorporation.

Note that you have to make sure that the name on the document you are uploading matches the name you have entered above.

3. Now tap Send.

Instagram will carefully review your account application for verification once you press the send button.

Keep in mind that among many other factors, Instagram will look to confirm the uniqueness, authenticity, completeness as well as notability of your account.

Instagram will then notify you regarding the approval or denial of your request once they review your application.

You will see the approval message in your Instagram notifications.

However, you have to be patient, so do not expect a response right away. It generally takes at least a few days.

Keep in mind there is no specified timeline for how long this process can take. Here is another thing you should keep in mind. Instagram will never request you to pay for verification.

Also, they won’t send you any email regarding your verification request.

So, if you receive a request to pay for verification, or an email to provide more details, then you are being scammed.

What Are The Benefits Of Getting An Instagram Verification?

When you see the blue badge beside a brand’s name, you tend to trust it more.

This is because it means that the platform perceived your user account as an authentic one with an organic following.

This is important as it allows people to find those (people and businesses) they would like to follow while avoiding imposters and fake accounts on Instagram.

Here are some benefits of Instagram verification.

Lower The Risk Of Brand Identity Theft 

It is no secret that a lot of accounts pop up on Instagram on a daily basis.

So, it is just a matter of time before fake accounts and copycats come out.

A significant benefit of having your Instagram account verified is proving that it is the only official one, and this significantly helps in fighting identity theft.

There is no denying that countless fake accounts often impersonate public figures, great businesses, and celebrities, which is a cause for concern.

If you have created a massive following on Instagram, your competitors may end up copying your exact strategy and even steal your brand name. This may lead to some confusion for both your fans and customers.

Also, you do not want people, such as your customers, to mistake a phony account(s) for your real one, and then get a wrong impression of your business.

With account verification, your fans and customers know that your Instagram account is the real deal.  And this is important as it gives your brand or business a real competitive edge in the market.

More Trustworthiness


People buy from people they trust


It is worth noting that having a blue badge can make your account look exclusive.

This is simply because not everyone can get verified.

Being verified on Instagram can increase your brand’s credibility, and it adds more power to your brand value, and this will make you feel more confident and assured to share content, such as videos, through your account.

Considering that less than 1 percent of accounts are actually verified, having this blue badge and check mark by your profile name helps signify that your brand is both relevant and important.

As a result, people will trust you even more.

And that is not all.  You can leverage this trust to include an influencer or two in order to promote your brand.


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Did you know that Pinterest verifies all brands with their websites?

Instagram verification is not that easy.

This is why accounts on Instagram that get verified are part of an exclusive group.

For example, Kanye West can have no posts on the platform and still keep his coveted Instagram verification. Others may have more followers and more posts and still end up with nothing.

Keep in mind that ultimately, Instagram decides who will and won’t get the Instagram blue tick.

As you cannot give it to yourself, it makes it more important and valuable to anybody who receives it.

Strengthen Brand Power


Strengthen brand with instagram verification


It is no secret that getting your Instagram account verified is a huge deal for both people and brands. It indicates that out of the millions of accounts out there, your account matters.

Instagram verification can help increase brand awareness as well as your follower count.

Wondering why?

This is because verified account profiles often appear toward the top of the search results and suggested accounts.

Experts also think that the algorithm favors content posted by verified accounts, and this results in higher user engagement per post, which is great for your business.

Instagram verification also has a lot of prestige, and as a result, your brand or business appears to be more elite compared to some of your competitors that don’t have it.

You Have More Visibility On Instagram

You may have noticed that verified Instagram accounts tend to show up much higher in search.

Also, the recommended pages are often verified. Well, this is because the Instagram algorithm likes or prefers verified accounts.

The Instagram blue tick will help you in gaining more followers, and show up much higher in search results, increasing your presence on the platform.

For example, people searching for businesses or brands by keywords may find yours before others because of your Instagram verification, which is excellent for your business in the long run.

You Get Access To New Features And Cool New Perks

Here is an important fact. When Instagram first began testing out various links (to landing pages, and blogs, etc.) in Instagram Stories, it tested it using their verified Instagram accounts first.

Also, keep in mind that verified profiles on the platform get access to many new and cool features before they are available to the general public. This makes it easier and quicker to step up their game on Instagram.

Here is one great example. Verified Instagram profiles got access to the amazing “swipe up” feature, allowing users to link sites from their Instagram stories.

As Instagram continues to roll out new and amazing features all the time, it is likely that people and businesses verified on Instagram will always get the priority to see and try out these new features.


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Is Getting Verified Worth It?

As you can see, there is plenty of planning and effort involved in getting Instagram account verification.

This is why you should make sure that you have an excellent reason to get verified before getting started.

Fortunately, you can enjoy plenty of benefits from getting verified, from a strong social search presence to better brand credibility.

Also, it is worth mentioning that Instagram verification differentiates you, setting you apart from the crowd.

And this also makes it easier and quicker for you or your business to reach the people and businesses that matter most to you.

If you use it correctly, it will make you more trustworthy and credible on social media while boosting your conversion rates. And all you have to do is establish that you are worthy.

Can You Lose Your Verification Badge?

Yes, it is possible. Instagram may remove your verified badge in some cases.

If you provide inaccurate or false information about yourself during your account verification process, try to sell the verified badge, or try to get verified outside the standard Instagram application process, you may lose that coveted badge.

For example, you should never buy an Instagram badge on the black market.

You can also lose the badge if you use your Instagram profile picture, bio, or name in order to promote another product or service rather than the one that you applied for.

So, steer clear of these practices to retain your valuable badge.

Final Thoughts

Although you do not have to be Instagram verified in order to build a powerful personal brand and iconic Instagram account, keep in mind that Instagram blue tick comes with many perks.

You will show up higher in search results and prove to your competitors that you are a bigger deal. 

By developing an online presence around your business, you will become notable enough and earn that Instagram verification.