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How To Grow Your Show: 22 Creators Share Their Best Tips

Posted by Gary Henderson on Apr 27, 2021 5:20:14 PM

One of the biggest paths for a content creator to make money and a big impact is to grow a show and a large audience of raving superfans and supporters.

Superfans are the ones who will show up, rave about you, and tell other people to come to your show. They are the ones who will show up for you when no one is watching and will follow you from platform to platform.  Superfans build your creator economy!

Now you may be wondering, what is a show? And why is growing a show important?

What Is A Show? Why Is Growing A Show Important? 

A show can be many different creations. A show is wherever your stage is--it's wherever you share your voice and content with other people. It's where you present your content to an audience of followers, super fans, customers, supports, or whatever you want to call them.

A show could be a clubhouse room, or a YouTube channel or video, a podcast episode, or a Facebook Live, or Instagram Live.

You can also have multiple versions of the same show. Meaning, there could be a YouTube version or podcast version, or maybe a Facebook, Instagram, or TickTok version.

Now, the main challenge becomes how do you grow the show? How do you attract superfans? How do you get people to show up consistently?

How do you make money? How do you show up at the top of the news feed despite all the challenges with discovery?

These questions are challenges we face every day, and because of these challenges, I wanted to share some of the best tips to grow your show no matter what niche you are in or no matter what social media platform you use.

Take a look at some of the hottest tips and strategies used by the top creators to grow their show.

22 Creators Share How To Grow Your Show

1. Jaylissa Lea

Jaylissa Lea Luxury Brand

Clubhouse: @jliss.lea Instagram: @jaylissalea

Jaylissa is a luxury brand strategist that helps established entrepreneurs upgrade their personal brand to a modern luxury brand. She has grown her following on Clubhouse to 5.5k.

Jaylissa says the most important thing a creator can do to grow their show on Clubhouse is to "first find your tribe and leverage the people who you already know, like, and trust."

She says, "it's important to find like-minded people who can build you up and help you run your show because it requires teamwork to have a great show, and one person cannot do it all."

She also believes collaborations are a must, and researching your target audience and goals is also very important. 

She adds, "you want to collaborate with people who align with you in terms of value so that when you create a show on Clubhouse, you align with the common goal and purpose of the show.

Some of my best Clubhouse rooms are the ones where I have great moderators to help me run the show!"

2. Michael Cirillo

Michael Cirillo Creator

Clubhouse: @michaelcirillo Instagram: @michaelcirillo

Michael Cirillo helps business leaders get their message out and step into greater authority with podcasting. He is the creator of a pretty amazing podcast called "The Dealer Playbook" that he started around seven years ago.

His podcast now has had around four million downloads and has helped him speak on stages worldwide. 

Michael shared an inexpensive strategy that has helped him grow his podcast.  

He said, "create one high-quality piece of content that is around 30-45 minutes long. For example, that could be a podcast episode that ranges between 30 to 45 minutes long to an hour-long. 

Then create written content out of that audio content--compile all of that information into show notes, or produce some type of downloadable PDF or any type of content that people can get their hands on. Then go over to Facebook and run a very inexpensive awareness type of advertisement to that content, so you get more eyeballs on it."

And from there, those people can click play on one of your videos, read, and see that you provide really good high-value content which creates a really inexpensive way to grow your show.  

He explained the bigger goals are to be consistent and produce at least one episode per week and look at the human element over numbers especially when you are starting out. 

3. Sue B. Zimmerman

Sue B. Zimmerman Instagram creator

Clubhouse: @suebzimmerman Instagram: @theinstagramexpert

Sue B. Zimmerman is an Instagram marketing expert who has been teaching small business owners for the last eight years how to become the go-to authority in their industry using Instagram marketing that converts.

Sue is the creator and host of the club on Clubhouse called "THE REAL DEAL," an inclusive space for women to share knowledge, wisdom, and experiences. Sue has grown her club to roughly one thousand members and her Clubhouse account to 21.3k in just a short time. 

Sue believes the key to growing an audience and being successful is to "be consistent and consistently show up for your people."

Her intention with her club, her 'masterclass' that she hosts on Clubhouse five days a week is to teach one topic a day. She feels people learn best when they learn one thing at a time, so by sticking to one topic per room she gets to go more in-depth and really go into what she's teaching. 

Sue correlates what she is teaching on Instagram to what she teaches in her Clubhouse rooms to make it easier for her students and tries to schedule/plan out her rooms one week in advance. 

4. Joy Farley

Joy Farley Real Estate creator

Clubhouse: @jumpforjoy4089 Instagram: @jumpforjoy4089

Joy likes to call herself the fashionista of real estate and is a co-moderator on the "Breakfast w/ Champions Show" on Clubhouse every Tuesday and Thursday, where she has her own segment. The Breakfast w/ Champions Club now has over 59k followers. 

Her biggest tip for anyone looking to co-moderate Clubhouse rooms is to only talk on topics you can relate to and are knowledgeable on.

She says, "I don't talk about things I'm not an expert in. I like to share things that light me up and that might resonate with other people. So, I'm finding things that land for me and are things that touch me personally. And then I share that out."

Joy also adds that it's also important to be consistent and stay in your own integrity so people don't have to guess and know what to expect from you.

Pro tip: If you want to be consistent and build relationships with someone do these things: always go comment on their Instagram, always go look at what they're tweeting, go set a Google alert on their name.

If something is written about them, share it, like it, tweet it, and engage on it. There are so many ways in society to engage with people, all you have to do is keep showing up. 

5. John Lee

John Lee social media creator

Clubhouse: @john_lee Instagram: @john_lee_official

John Lee is the co-founder of Wealth Dragons and He is also the creator of "Inspire Podcast" and the author of two books. He has a following of around five million across all social media. 

John Lee has grown a massive audience on Clubhouse and has now topped 300,000 followers. He says consistency is key, so much so that he has been running a daily Clubhouse room consistently with his pals (The U.k. Mod Squad) for about 123 days now.

John Lee is also the creator of the "Entrepreneur Millionaire Secrets" club on Clubhouse, which now has 86.5k followers. 

His biggest tips for anyone looking to grow their show are to "stay consistent, be known for one thing, and leverage other people's audiences."

He adds that to have a great show you have to have superstars on stage--people like Jimmy Kimmel, whom he brought to Clubhouse.

He explains, "You have to bring superstars to the stage who provide massive value and stay consistent."

John Lee also added one of the coolest things about Clubhouse is that you don't actually have to have a big following to grow your room. You have to be connected with the people that have a big following.

"Leverage the people who have large dedicated followings and have good conversation."

Pro tip: Stay in your lane and stay in your theme until your brand is big enough to support some diversification.

6. Rob Moore

Rob Moore disruptive entrepreneur and creator

Clubhouse: @robmoore Instagram: @robmooreprogressive

Rob Moore is a disruptive entrepreneur who holds a 2x public speaking world record and is a 17x best-selling author. He's also the host of a podcast with over 650+ episodes called "The Disruptive Entrepreneur," where he interviews people like Floyd Mayweather, Jordan Peterson, and hundreds of other legends. 

Rob also created a club on Clubhouse called "ENTREPRENEURS, START & SCALE UP BUSINESS" that now has around 81.2k followers. Rob is also part of the U.K. Mob Squad and hosts daily shows on Clubhouse that attracts hundreds and many times thousands of audience listeners.

Robs explains that his show used to be a podcast on iTunes and Stitcher. Now his TikTok channel is a show, now his Reels, Stories, and shorts are a show, and now his videos on LinkedIn and YouTube are now a part of the show.  

Rob's tips for growing your show and audience are to "repurpose your content, partner up and interview well-connected people, and stay consistent."

He goes on to explain that when you want to repurpose content, take one masterpiece of content and break it down into shorter formats to publish on a variety of places and channels.

Rob provided this example to help with repurposing content for a podcast episode: 

"Figure out whom you're interviewing, do a face-to-face interview or zoom to get the audio and video recording, do some planning on how you can get that content to go viral (based on questions you can ask your guest and platform guidelines), publish your podcast. 

Now, that your podcast is published, start creating other small pieces of content out of that podcast episode. This is the time where you publish your podcast to your YouTube channel, create five one-minute excerpts or YouTube shorts, create 30-second Instagram Reels or even 15-second TikTok videos.

And all of a sudden when you create one piece of content, it turns into 12, 15, and even 20 pieces of content."

Rob says that's how you get omnipresence and scale. He says this strategy has taken him from hundreds of thousands of listens a month to millions of listens and views a week.

7. Samantha Brown

Samantha Brown Clubhouse moderator and creator

Clubhouse: @samanthabrown Instagram: @thesamanthabrown

Samantha Brown is a real estate investor, has managed over 700 properties, and is the founder of the "Bubble Bath Club" on Clubhouse. She is also a paid pro moderator who helps host daily Clubhouse rooms and is part of the U.K. Mod Squad. 

Samantha hosted her first Clubhouse room on January 4, 2021. Within six weeks, Samantha grew her following on Clubhouse to 45k and grew an additional 10k on Instagram in six weeks. She is now up to 58.7k followers on Clubhouse.

Samantha recommends that people start doing their own rooms as soon as possible.

She said, "Because when it's your room it's your vibe, and your vibe attracts your tribe."

What she thinks really matters is the consistency, showing up all the time.

She goes on to add, "Realistically, clubhouse is no different from other social media. You have to show up and be you, people will always connect with people way more than they would ever connect with brands."

8. Ed J C Smith

Ed J C Smith creator

Clubhouse: @edjcsmith Instagram: @edjcsmith

Ed is a business and performance coach who is an author, speaker, podcast host, 2 Comma Award X Winner, a behavioral therapist with 10+ years experience, and has made 10 million in annual revenue. 

Ed has grown his following to 59.7k on Clubhouse and hosts daily rooms with the U.K. Mod Squad. He is also the creator of the club, "Business Growth Hacks Community" on Clubhouse.

He advises that even though you can have multiple different shows and platforms that work for you simultaneously, you should only start with one and then build into the next (especially if you are making less than 100k a year). 

Ed says, "So be conscious of where your business is at when you're making that decision, and don't kid yourself and say you're doing more than you are. Your bank account is always a direct indicator of how well your business model is working."  

9. Joshua B. Lee

Joshua B. Lee LinkedIn Creator

Clubhouse: @thejoshuablee Instagram: @thejoshuablee LinkedIn: @joshuablee

Joshua B. Lee is known as the dopamine dealer of LinkedIn and is the author of Balance is Bullshi*t. He's spent over one-half billion in advertising and has gotten over 35 trillion impressions with his clients. 

Joshua has grown his following on Clubhouse to 32.9k and is the creator of the club "LINKEDIN AUTHORITY ACCELERATOR" which now has 5.3k followers. He has a show on LinkedIn Live.

Joshua's tips for growing your show are to be polarizing and to go after the engaged followers, not just the followers. 

He says, "if you want to create a show of engaged followers that show up for you each and every time, you have to show up for them at the same point. You have to be polarizing and also go follow them and have a conversation with them."

"Don't just allow them to listen to you."

He explains, "It's not always about the followers. It's about the engaged followers. If you want to be able to build a show you have to be able to engage with your audience. It's about building a ton of engagement."

10. Kylie Francis

Kylie Francis Linkedin Creator

Clubhouse: @kylie_francis Instagram: @kylie_francis LinkedIn: @kyliefrancis

Kylie Francis is a keynote speaker and social media marketing consultant to CEO's and entrepreneurs. She has grown her following on Clubhouse to 58k and moderates a number of Clubhouse rooms.

Kylie advises that if you are looking to grow your show, "Stop looking at the numbers and just start caring about the people that you're talking to."

"Even if you only have three people in your Clubhouse room, that's three people who are genuinely interested in what you have to say."

She says, a great way to start a conversation is to invite them up to stage and be like, "Hey, What's up? What made you interested in my room?" 

"We all have to start someone and I don't think people are willing to start at zero. But, that's okay, everybody starts there. So, don't give up! There are a lot of strategies that work. There is no one size fits all."

11. Amy G

Amy G Clubhouse creator

Clubhouse: @trapmonneybenny Instagram: @trapmonneybennyy

Amy G is a dope, self-taught web developer and graphic designer with 20 years of experience. She has grown her following on Clubhouse to 20.3k and is the creator of the club, "Amy & Friends."

Amy G's best tip to grow your show is "to just go for it because you never know who will show up!" She hosts rooms that are fun and entertaining, like game shows. 

For example, she once hosted a prank call room, and it blew up to 1,200-1,300 people, and it was her first room ever. She said she didn't even have but like 5,000 followers at the time, and Paris Hilton showed up to her room! 

Another time, she created a room called the "Hood of Fortune."

So instead of the Wheel of Fortune, it was the Hood of Fortune. She said created a closed room on Clubhouse to try and figure out how to run the show, opened it up to the public, and then saw Tiffany Haddish sitting in the audience. Then the room grew to almost 5,000 people.

She adds, so you never know who could show up. 

Amy G g also says another great way to engage with her audience is to do polls.

For example, she will ask her audience questions like, "how many of you thought this was funny?" or "how many of you guys want me to keep this room going?"

She explained, "I think that's such a cool idea to just let the audience be engaged and let the audience be involved with whatever topic the show might be about."

12. Fanzo

Fanzo Creator

Clubhouse: @isocialfanz Instagram: @isocialfanz

Fanzo is a futuristic speaker who has spoken in 76 countries and is a multi-hyphenated influencer innovating the creator economy

He is also the founder of the club, "Misfit Mafia" on Clubhouse that now has 12.8k followers. 

Fanzo's biggest tip to grow your show is to think about how you can bring people in and welcome them into conversations instead of us throwing content at them. 

He explains, "Clubhouse is the only platform in the world that prioritizes conversations over the content. We have to think about how to find that unique value proposition we offer and figure out how to utilize it best for the platform."

"So, rather than trying to take my audience off of clubhouse, my goal is to use things that are off of clubhouse to notify and bring people back on to clubhouse. I think the magic in growing a room is not depending on the algorithm, not depending on the notifications, and not relying on Instagram DM's."

13. Kim Walsh Phillips


Clubhouse: @nobssocial Instagram: @thekimwalshphillips

Kim Walsh Phillips is a marketing ninja who has 1.1 million followers on Facebook, one billion in course sales, and has coached people like Shark Tank's Kevin O'Leary and Dan Kennedy.

Kim has grown her following on Clubhouse to 11k and says the best way to grow an audience is to give to others first, be super clear on who you want to connect with, why you want to connect with them and know what you want to be known for. 

Kim expresses, "a great way to show support to other creators while growing your following is to go into the people's rooms you know, like, and trust and give value without self-promoting. And make sure it's people you really trust because you are sending your people to that person too." 

She goes on to add, "once you start supporting others you will get followers, not just because you are up on a fancy pancy stage, but because you are actually connected with and believe what you had to say. So what you want to do is be super clear on who you want to connect with, why you want to connect with them, and what you want to be known for and concentrate your efforts around that."

Kim adds that going in big rooms just to get big numbers actually is not a way to create meaningful followers on Clubhouse.

She says, "you want to make sure when you go on a stage that it aligns and you trust them enough to bring them on your stage."

Kim suggests that Clubhouse users create small rooms of significant value with specific titles that are geared specifically to their target markets. Her favorite book for copywriting is "Words That Sell."

She expressed, "what's interesting is the more specific we get, the more connections we have and the more outcomes we have." 

14. Soraya Goddard

Soraya Goddard creator

Clubhouse: @sorayagoddard Instagram: @sorayagoddard

Soraya Goddard is a 20+ year army officer and social media coach who teaches you how to grow your show on Instagram (even if you don't have a following). She has a top podcast for network marketers called "Secrets to Marketing your Wellness MLM" and has grown her following on Clubhouse to 4.5k. 

Soraya gives a simple strategy that she used to grow her Instagram account and podcast. She says the simplest strategy any person can use to grow their show is to document their journey and be consistent. 

She explained when she started documenting her journey in growing her own business on Instagram, she realized she was getting questions on Instagram that she couldn't answer properly because the platform didn't fit all of her needs--her Instagram lives would be crazy long (which is why it's important to choose the best platform for you).

So, she used that as an opportunity and created a super targeted, niche podcast where all she did was show up consistently and talk about what was and wasn't working and had great success!

She says, "it's a simple thing anyone can do! All you have to do is document your journey, share it, get feedback from your audience, and be consistent." 

15. Argentina Beltran

Argentina Beltran creator

Clubhouse: @gabeandangel Instagram: @gabeandangel

Argentina Beltran is a community collaborator, global connector, and brand and marketing strategist. She helps moderate a number of rooms and has grown her following to 4.1k on Clubhouse.

Her trick for growing your show is to really follow your curiosity and stick to your values. 

She thinks people can sometimes get overwhelmed and intimidated when they hear you have to inch down and follow your passion. She said, "if you stick to your curiosity and values, then that will oftentimes lead you to your purpose."

She further explained, "if you find what fires you up and take it one step at a time, that will help you figure out what type of show to create and will lead you to the people you want to collaborate with."

16. 10g Colin

10 g Colin clubhouse creator

Clubhouse: @colindaily Instagram: @10g_colin

10g Colin, also known as Colin Drummond, is a celebrity journalist and media producer who has done interviews with people like Oprah Winfrey, Brad Pitt, Dave Chapelle, Warren Buffet, and many others. 

He has grown his following to 24.4k followers on Clubhouse.

10g explains a strategy that can help people just starting out gain confidence and build their show.

His strategy is to help other people learn how to host Clubhouse rooms until they can get comfortable on stage and build their confidence. He explains, "many people just don't want to start a room by themselves, and they fear no one will show up."

So to help rid that fear, 10g would stick around until they got a couple of people in the room and they were comfortable on stage. He said, "it was something I could do to help give them confidence and start building a relationship with them."

Some of those people he helped have a good amount of followers and run a room consistently.

17. Dana Bowling

Dana Bowling Instagram and Clubhouse creator

Clubhouse: @danabowling Instagram: @thisisdanabowling

Dana Bowling is an Instagram and Clubhouse queen who helps you gain confidence, tell your story, and show up on Instagram and Clubhouse.

She is also the creator of the club, "AMP it UP," on Clubhouse centered around community and is for anyone looking for a good place to talk about Instagram, Clubhouse, entrepreneurship, and motivation. 

Her strategy for growing your Clubhouse or Instagram show is to show up exactly as you are in all of the rooms, no matter what the room is about.

She explains, "it's important to not speak on topics you aren't an expert at."

"Creators have to be confident enough to stay in their lane and admit when they may not be the best person to answer a question."

18. Anil Gupta

Anil Gupta love creator

Clubhouse: @anilgupta Instagram: @anilguptausa

Anil Gupta is the last mindset and relationship expert you will ever need. He has had the privilege of coaching and working with people like Mike Tyson. 

Anil has grown his following on Clubhouse to 6.5K and is the creator of the club called "Love, Focus, Mindset, Impact."  He hosts a room every morning with his wife and son at 8 AM EST.

During the show, Anil and his family give a quote of the day, often host interventions, celebrate wins, work through failures, and freely serve as much as they can. And never make offers.

He said, "our Clubhouse show is a place where we build community and family. You want to give everyone a fair opportunity."

So Anil's tip is to listen twice as long as you speak and learn how to ask great questions. 

He explains, "It's important to listen, to let it sink in for a moment, and then respond. A lot of people are thinking of what they're going to say, but they may miss a golden nugget.

Someone could say something, and if you lean into what they just said, and if you can really listen deeply and you can fulfill their needs, that could be the difference."

Anil adds that if you want to give people a beautiful platform, you could say something along the lines of "If you want to share something, you have an open floor, as long as you do it respectfully and with good intent."

He has found that it creates a beautiful space and environment for people to share openly when he says something like that to people.

Anil also talked about how beautiful the Clubhouse experience has been for his family.

He shared, "My wife has opened up a lot. She's actually getting a following of her own, which she's never experienced in her life. And she's speaking a lot more. And my son has opened up a beautiful way of moderating rooms.

It's a beautiful feeling to have as a family."

19. Rachel B. Lee

Clubhouse: @therachelblee Instagram: @therachelblee


Rachel B Lee is a brand marketing lady boss who builds brands and helps create influence. She has worked with companies like Microsoft and Gartner and has grown her following on Clubhouse to 7.7k. 

Rachel is also the creator of the club, "WERK Your Brand," which now has 1.8k followers where people join together to talk about everything branding. She hosts almost daily Clubhouse rooms with her husband Joshua B. Lee.

Rachel shares her best advice for growing a show is to be intentional and have goals around everything you do with your marketing strategy.

No matter what you do with your time, you need to be intentional and have goals behind it.

She says, "Nothing is more valuable than your time, and a lot of time can get wasted in Clubhouse rooms, on Instagram, or TikTok.

So, the best strategy is to have intention with everything you do."

20. Adrian Chenault

Adrian Chenault contact mapping creator

Clubhouse: @contactmapping Instagram: @contactmapping

Adrian Chenault is the CEO of Contact Mapping--a tool and tribe to build a world-class network. Adrian has grown his following on Clubhouse to 2.2k.

He is also the creator of the club on Clubhouse called "Contact Mapping," where he facilitates real conversations from the heart that helps teach people how to maximize the value of their connections.

Adrian's tip for growing your Clubhouse show and creating some followership is to model the idea that you don't have to have many followers or a lot of connections to start on Clubhouse or anywhere else to be someone who can shine and add value.

He explained, "sometimes when people are just starting on Clubhouse, it can feel intimidating and like no one sees you. 

So, it's important to make everyone feel comfortable and welcomed, especially when they may not have many followers or much experience speaking on stages."

21. Porsha Belle

Porsha Belle Black Townhall Creator

Clubhouse: @porshabelle Instagram: @porshabelle

Porsha Belle is a transformational speaker and the creator of the club, "Black CH Townhall Meeting" on Clubhouse. Their mission is to highlight and support black and brown creatives on Clubhouse. 

She has grown her following to 18.3k and creates engaging Clubhouse rooms on various exciting topics multiple days a week.

Porsha's trick to growing a Clubhouse room is to have tons of personality, be animated, and curate a space where you have an extremely knowledgeable and diverse panel of speakers. 

She said, "the best way to retain your Clubhouse audience and keep them engaged is to show a range of depth and bring a different mixture of people to your panel."

Final Thoughts

My biggest tip for any creator looking to grow their show is to form alliances with other people who host good shows. 

For example, if you are on Clubhouse and are getting ready to wrap up your show, you could tell your audience to go over and join your friend's room.

You could say, "Hey, I am going to wrap up this room in a few moments, but I wanted to pass the mic over to my friend, [insert name]. He will start a room in just a moment, and if you are interested, I would love it if you would check it out. [Insert name], tell everyone the title of your room and what it's about so they can join you!"

What you are doing by this is flooding your audiences into each other's rooms--the people interested in the other room will go, and the people who aren't interest won't go.

No harm, and it's a win-win for everyone. People will usually roam the streets or the Hallway to look for a new room anyway, so why not give them the best place to go?

You can also curate shows with key creators and combine all of your followings to grow a huge show. 

Remember, when growing a show, there are many paths you can take. The important thing is to be you, find your tribe, serve others first, and show up consistently.

The more you serve others freely and step into your zone of genius, the more of your ideal people you will attract and the better success you will have in your show!

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