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How To Invite New Members To Your Club On Clubhouse

Posted by Peyton Henderson on May 11, 2021 12:14:00 PM

Are you looking for new ways to grow your club? Do you want to add hundreds or thousands of new members in a few weeks or days? 

Clubs give creators so many opportunities, and right now they're hotter than ever.

A recent update from the founders of Clubhouse told us there are over 300 thousand rooms created every day on the social media platform, giving creators a ton of opportunity.

Some creators are using clubs to create an event series or show that anyone can attend. Others are using clubs to build communities with like-minded people around a particular topic like plants or content marketing, and some are creating private organizations that charge a membership fee.

So it doesn't matter if you already have an established club or if you're thinking of starting a new one. Growing your club should be simple.

This post will teach you how to invite thousands of new club members and followers to your club on Clubhouse in five steps. We grew our Gary club by over 2,500 members in only two days by using this exact strategy. 

👉 If you want a deep dive into how Clubhouse works and how to use the platform check out our Clubhouse Getting Started Guide. 👈

How to invite new members to your club in five simple steps:

  1. Open Clubhouse

  2. Go to your profile and find your club

  3. Tap "Add Members"

  4. Invite new members by link or search (two ways explained)

  5. Watch your club grow

How To Invite New Members To Your Club In Five Steps

Step 1: Open Clubhouse 

Pull out your mobile device and open the Clubhouse app. 

Step 2: Find Your Club

Once you open the Clubhouse app, there are a couple of ways to find your club.

You can tap your face to go to your profile and scroll to the bottom, or you can tap the search tool and type in the name of your club.

If you use the second option and type in your club's name, every club with that name will appear in the search results as Clubhouse does allow multiple clubs to have the same name.

Invite new members to on Clubhouse

Step 3: Tap "Add Members"

Now that you have found your club, it's time to add new members!

Find the tab "Add Members" on the club page and tap to start inviting up to 1,000 new members to your club.

How to invite followers to my clubhouse club

Step 4: Invite New Members By Search Or Link

Once you tap "Add Members," there are a couple of ways you can invite new followers and members to your club.

You can invite people by sending them a link to your next scheduled event, or you can search for a person and/or keyword and manually invite them yourself. 

Option 1: 

Type in any name, keyword, or emoji in the search bar at the top, and start inviting new members to your club right away! 

How to add members to your club

For example, in our Gary club, we host daily rooms talking about marketing, Instagram, and Clubhouse, so I searched for those keywords and other related keywords in the search bar and invited the people I thought were a good fit.

To find new members and followers for your club, try typing in random names, emojis, and terms your audience and followers frequently use in their language.

If you start running out of ideas, get creative and search for hobbies, jobs, activities, etc., to find new people. For me, the word blog and the emojis 🌿, ⭐, 🔔, and ✳️ were great options that had 50+ people that I could invite to my club. 

Remember to look at their bios to see if they would be a good fit for your club.

How to invite followers to your club

Clubhouse allows you to invite around a few hundred people before you get a red bar at the top of your app that says you can't invite any more members.

Once you get that notification, wait about forty-five minutes, and you can invite more members.

If you don't want to take the time to individually invite new members to your club, try the next option. 

The Clubhouse Creator

Option 2:

Add 1,000 new members to your club at one time.

Once you tap "Add Members" by following the steps above, you should see the option to bring 1,000 people to your club by sharing a link.

When you schedule an event on Clubhouse, you will get a link loaded with invites that you can share externally with your friends, coworkers, or followers even if they're not on Clubhouse yet. 

Your friends or followers will get to skip the waitlist, attend your event, and automatically join your club right then.  

Here's what the link looks like when you schedule an event in Clubhouse.

How to send out room link on clubhouse

*I only have 997 people I can invite right now because I recently invited three people, but your invites do get replenished quickly. 

Here's an example, Justin Bieber had an album release party for Justice and Peaches on Clubhouse and invited 10,000 of his fans onto Clubhouse. 

Biebs added a swipe-up link to his story on his Instagram account so his fans could swipe up and join the room right away. 

Justin Biebers album release party for Justice and Peaches

Many people use their club links to invite their fans and followers from their email list, Facebook groups, Instagram and TikTok accounts, and even LinkedIn.

So, there are many ways you can invite your audience to Clubhouse.

Pro tip: Take note of the "Recommended Members" section under your invite link.

The people who appear in this section are the people who followed you most recently--they are your hottest leads. Those people are very likely to follow your club as they just chose to follow you. 

How to add recommended members to your club on clubhouse

5. Watch Your Club Grow

And that's it! Repeat the process as much and as frequently as you want.

The more you do these steps, the more followers and members you will get!

Final Thoughts + Resources

Remember people are going to your club for you. So, create something you love and are passionate about and be consistent!

The Clubhouse Creator

Additional Resources: