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How To Move Your Clubhouse Fans Off The Platform

Posted by Gary Henderson on May 10, 2021 2:30:00 PM

If you’ve been following me for any amount of time, you know I love Clubhouse. The platform has made a huge impact on my business since December 2020 and I think it’s just getting started.

But while I love the platform, I don't rely 100% on it (or any platform for that matter) to run my business.

I think any time you’re putting all your eggs in one basket, your business is extremely vulnerable if something happens.

Whether it's YouTube, Facebook Ads, or Instagram, you’re at the mercy of their algorithm. 

The answer to beating the algorithm is to diversify where you get leads. 

That’s why I think it’s so important to take your fans off Clubhouse and get them into other parts of your ecosystem.

Here are some of my favorite strategies to take your fans off Clubhouse for long-term business growth.

Why Clubhouse Matters

how to move clubhouse fans to instagram

Before sharing how to take your fans off Clubhouse, let’s focus on the benefits of the platform. This audio-only platform is growing like crazy and connects people when social distancing is required.

It also helps reduce screen fatigue unlike Instagram and Facebook making it a welcome change for most users.

Plus, it’s growing like crazy - check out some of these statistics as of April 2021 from Backlinko:

  • 10M weekly active users (up from 600,000 in December 2020)

  • Valued at one billion joining the ranks of Uber and Airbnb 

  • Currently, ranked #16 in the App Store under the Social Networking category (only available on iOS devices at this time).

Needless to say, Clubhouse is a great opportunity for content creators.

While being active on the platform is key, you also want to think about the big picture of how it can help grow your brand.

Specifically, how you can use it to grow your email list. 

Email Marketing Isn’t Dead

While people have been saying email marketing is dead for the past 5-7 years, I 100% disagree. 

Have things changed? 

Sure, but email marketing is still one of the best ways to communicate with your audience. Personally, I still have some emails that get 70% open rates and 50% click-through rates! 

When you have an email list you:

  • Own your subscriber's email address.

  • Can segment subscribers and customize messages to speak directly to them.

  • Communicate with subscribers regularly to share behind the scene's information, invite them to events, share offers, and more. 

  • Send users through an automated welcome email sequence to build the know, like, and trust factor fast. 

My point is to not count out email marketing yet. It’s still thriving and can’t recommend it enough to any entrepreneur who is serious about growing their business. 

It’s such a priority that I still set a daily goal to grow my list and am okay with people unsubscribing as well.  With my list, I share my best (and exclusive) content to my email list and even reward them as well. 

For example, from time to time I will email a segment and ask them to reply to receive a free Gary Coin. This helps with my response rates and they get free coins too.

Plus, it’s training my email list to get them into the habit of responding when I ask them to. 

Remember, even though email open rates aren’t what they once were, it’s still the best way to communicate with your audience.

How To Capitalize On Clubhouse 

Now that you have a better understanding of Clubhouse and email marketing, let’s dive into specific strategies. 

The goal is to take Clubhouse fans and connect with them off the platform. 

This is so important because just like Instagram, Facebook, or YouTube, you don’t technically own fans and followers.

If something goes wrong on one of the platforms or your account gets banned, all your hard work can get lost in a moment's notice.

Here are five strategies that are working for top users on Clubhouse to take fans offline and create an even better experience. 

1. Workshop Offer Strategy 

Let’s start with one of my favorite strategies to turn your Clubhouse fans into loyal followers. 

Here’s the general outline of it: 

  • Host an epic conversation on Clubhouse.  

  • Invite people in the room to a workshop/virtual event (it could be free or a low-ticket offer).

  • Deliver a longer form workshop via Zoom. 

  • Pitch one of my offers (anywhere from $997 to $5,000). 

But it all starts by hosting an awesome room on Clubhouse

There is a general topic for the talk where I’ll share content and also have others in the room contribute as well. Then, throughout the talk, I’ll invite people to a workshop at a future date. 

They’ll usually DM me on Instagram and I’ll have one of my Instagram bots take care of the registration process.

You could also send them to a landing page with the event details as well. This might be a free workshop (if it’s 60-90 minutes) or a paid workshop as most of mine are more in-depth and can last up to three hours.

During the workshop, I’ll talk more about how the specific training relates to an offer I have available.

This could be a $997 online course or something up to $5,000 that might be a course plus coaching calls with me. 

This strategy has worked well because I’ve delivered a ton of value for my audience.

After 4+ hours (between Clubhouse and the workshop), it’s much easier for them to make a decision on working with me at an even deeper level. 

Alternatively, some creators choose to go with a short, no-pitch workshop or webinar after a Clubhouse room. Then they might follow up with offers via email, invite them to follow on their main social media platform, or send them into an automated sequence. 

Here are some other strategies that top Clubhouse users are doing on the platform. 

2. Free 1 On 1 Call Strategy 

The next strategy to capitalize on Clubhouse’s popularity is to offer a free strategy session.

Now, this isn’t very scalable compared to other strategies, but it’s a great way to learn more about your audience and land clients in the process. 

The goal of your strategy call is to share more about your journey and answer any questions they might have. It’s your goal to build so much rapport with them that by the end of the call, they’re actually asking you how to keep working together. 

During the session, you want to treat them as though they are your only client.

Even if you have a roster full of paying clients, go above and beyond to deliver insane value on your strategy call. 

While of course, you won’t get everyone who does a free session to enroll in a paid offer, the odds are much higher.

Plus, you’re putting a lot of goodwill into cultivating relationships with your audience and they’ll likely share it with others as well. 

3. Clubhouse Offer Only Strategy    

One thing I can’t stress enough when it comes to selling online products is urgency.

Without a firm deadline and sense of urgency, people won’t take action on your offer. That’s why you (and everyone else) have items in your Amazon Wishlist that have been sitting there for months or years without purchasing. 

But when you have a limited time window, it gets people into action mode

For example, a few creators I know pitch a middle-priced offer ($297 to $497 roughly) for people who joined their room.

Here’s the catch - it’s only available for 24 hours to the people who are in your room. 

My only piece of advice with this strategy is to not say an offer is going to be live for 24 hours and then extend it (or offer to more people). This kind of marketing tactic gives digital marketing a bad name and you’ll lose tons of trust with your audience. 

Always be integral with your offers!  

4. Assess and Analyze (Listen and Learn Strategy)

Clubhouse is a goldmine to learn about your audience. 

While a lot of people used to go stalk Facebook groups and forums, Clubhouse is a much better way to learn more about your ideal clients. 

This strategy is all about learning more than anything else. 

While I make a direct pitch in the first strategy, this one is great for people who are just starting out. If you’re not yet locked in on who your audience is and what they need, use this strategy first.

You can host rooms or join others on related topics and simply listen and take notes. Learn what is holding people back and identify their goals, problems, and anything else that is relevant. This will then help you to create free and paid offers that speak directly to your audience. 

Once you have enough information about your market, then you can create an offer that they want and need. 

5. LinkedIn Strategy

How to move your clubhouse followers to linkedin

The final strategy to turn your Clubhouse popularity into other forms of your business is using LinkedIn.

While often forgotten about in the myriad of social media platforms, it’s a hidden goldmine for so many entrepreneurs. 

The users of LinkedIn often have a much higher income than most platforms (like Instagram) and offer something most platforms don’t. With LinkedIn, you can see who viewed your profile and then reach out to them directly (unlike Facebook, TikTok, etc.) 

Once you see who views your profile, you can set up a messaging funnel to keep the conversation going.

In one of your first messages, make sure to thank them and also ask if Clubhouse was a referral source in finding your profile. Some people in my Clubhouse rooms have said 50% of people come straight from Clubhouse!

From there, you can invite them to a monthly community call where they need to enter the email. Or, you can do Linked Lives to share more value and then invite them to join your email list as well. 

Final Thoughts

Clubhouse is surging in popularity and can’t recommend it enough. Test out several of these options as there is no one right way and it is 100% dependent on you and your audience. 

But don’t just grow your presence on the platform without also growing your email list too.

Remember, the money is still in the list!

It all starts with taking your followers and turning them into subscribers. But don’t forget to also provide insane value in each room and use one or several of these strategies to keep growing your email list. 

Then, set up a regular schedule and reward your subscribers from time to time to keep them excited to be a part of your community.