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How to Redefine Success And Love Your Life

Posted by Gary Henderson on Mar 30, 2021 9:06:30 PM

What does success mean to you?

For most people it’s climbing the corporate ladder, buying a house, and earning a few weeks of vacation each year. I don't know about you, but this isn’t my definition of success - in fact, it’s more like a nightmare than the American dream. 

Personally, I love the definition of success that Tony Robbins once gave. He said, “Success is doing what you want, when you want,  where you want, with whom you want, as much as you want.” 

And I couldn’t agree more. Choice is the true measure of success in my book. 

But if you never take the right steps to identify success, you’ll never attain it. Which is why I think so many people are absolutely miserable with their life. I hate to see it and want to help others find success and quit living life like zombies. 

By the end of this post, I’m confident that you’ll know what steps you need to take to start creating the life you want. 

Step 1: Start Redefining Success 

Here’s how most people live their life… 

You wake up, get the kids ready, drop them off at daycare or school, work 8-10 hours, spend a few hours at home, and do it all over again. Five days a week, 50 or so weeks per year with the same boring routine. Usually counting down the days to the weekend and your precious paid time off. 

And your kids are seeing the same thing. At a young age, they’re subconsciously learning the same beliefs and how life works. 

But let me ask… Is this what you want for them or do you want more? As a parent myself, chances are you want more for your kids. But it’s up to you to change the narrative and help establish a new norm for them. 

The first step to becoming more successful is to determine what success means to you.

For some, it is the American dream that I mentioned. But for others, it’s very different and might include traveling, running your own business, and a lot more. 

Step one is to gain clarity about what you want in life. But don’t worry about how you will make it all happen (yet).

Instead, focus on your dream… and dream big. Get wildly clear about what you want in all areas of your life. Begin by answering these questions: 

  • What does your ideal day look like? How do you spend your time? 

  • What are you doing to generate income each month? 

  • How much money do you earn? How many hours do you work? 

  • How many days off do you have each month?   

  • Are you working at home or in an office? Do you have a team of people to help you grow a business?

  • How often do you exercise? What are you eating? How are your energy levels?

These are just some of the questions to ask yourself. Don't just limit your answers to business or your job either. Because you can make tons of money and still be miserable as well.

Instead, focus on your overall well-being. Think about family time, health, energy, spirituality, and more.

Don’t be afraid to dream big either - so many people who do this exercise think way too small and don’t challenge themselves. 

As Les Brown said, “Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss it you will land among the stars.”  

Step 2: Do What You Love

We live in a world where you no longer have to do work you hate to make money.

If you think otherwise, read my post about creating an abundance mindset. The truth is, you can make money doing nearly anything in today’s creator economy. 

To create the most successful version of your life, you must do what you love. 

Think about it, how can you expect to be truly happy and fulfilled if you’re miserable 40-60 hours a week? It’s just not possible.

I’m convinced the only way to find true fulfillment is to chase your passion.

As Steve Jobs said, “Your work is going to take up a large part of your life and the only way to be truly satisfied is great work. The only way to do great work is to love what you do.” 

Start by thinking about what lights you up. What are your passion projects? What do you find yourself talking about and thinking about more often than not?

You don’t have to have it all figured out yet either. Usually, action leads to figuring it out along the way. 

I see too many people with amazing ideas that spend all their time thinking about it instead of executing it. Once you get into action mode and chase what you’re passionate about, the solution will become clear. 

Step 3: Find Mentors and Coaches

Times are changing and if the global pandemic from 2020 showed us anything, it’s that no job is safe. In fact, I’d argue that freelancing and becoming your own boss is actually the safe route these  days. 

Thanks to the creator economy, it’s never easier to start making money online.  

Chances are, you can build a business around your passion. Whether it’s a YouTube channel, an e-commerce business, selling digital products or more. The opportunities are literally endless. 

But just because it’s easy to get started, doesn’t mean your laptop will start printing money overnight. Instead, you need to learn and invest in mentors to help you keep going. 

How to hire a coach or mentor

One of the keys among successful entrepreneurs is that they aren’t afraid to hire help. Finding coaches and mentors is one of the fastest ways to speed up success and hold you accountable to hit your goals. 

Step 4: Ignore The Opinion Of Others 

If you’re like most people, chances are you worry about the opinion of others. Maybe it’s your spouse, your coworkers, your friends or your family. But have you ever asked yourself, why do we care so much about the opinions of others?

Why do we let the fear of judgment hold us back doing what we truly want to do in life? 

I feel that life is too short to let the opinions of others hold you back from creating a truly epic life. 

So if you want to create a life of success on your terms, drown out the noise and opinions of others. Once you do, you’ll be amazed and how much happier you are and probably realize how much energy you’ve wasted in the past. 

Final Thoughts 

Success is what you make it - you no longer have to accept what success is to most people. And why should you? 

Technically speaking, most people aren’t successful.

Think about it...

  • Most people have credit card debt and/or student loan debt.

  • Studies show that 8 out of 10 people hate their jobs (or more).

  • Nearly half of all people get divorced (or are unhappy with their relationship).

  • And sadly, most people are either in the overweight or obese category with poor health.

So let me ask, why are you listening to the masses about the definition of success? 

It’s time to start thinking about your version of success and blocking out what most people are doing. Instead, focus 100% of your time and efforts on you!