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How To Start A Youtube Channel

Posted by Gary Henderson on Aug 9, 2021 7:00:00 AM

If you've watched any YouTube videos in the past and want to start your own YouTube channel I'm sure you probably have a ton of questions.

Maybe you're wondering how do I even start a youtube channel, what equipment is needed, do I need software to edit videos, which software is best, can I use my phone when starting out? Do I need a big budget to get started? 

The solution to these questions is just to start and go all in. Trust me, your first YouTube video probably won't be perfect.

There are many successful YouTube stars who have admitted their first YouTube video was so bad that watching their first YouTube video now either makes them cringe or they don't want to watch it at all.

In fact, Gary V and Chris Do who have millions of subscribers to their YouTube channels talk a lot about the importance of just starting and trusting the process along the way. 

The key to creating a successful YouTube channel is to stay consistent, learn as you go, and try to be patient with yourself or your team throughout the process.

It takes practice and hard work to learn how to start shooting, editing, and publishing videos every day before you will become a guru at it.

This blog will teach you the exact steps to create a YouTube channel, which equipment is needed, and how to identify your target audience for YouTube.

How To Set Up Your Youtube Channel Account

  1. Create a Google account

  2. Sign in to youtube on your pc or mobile site (

  3. Click the top-right corner of your screen

  4. Select create a channel

  5. Input the details to name your new channel

  6. Click create. 

 If you got stuck at creating your channel, this article here will guide you on how to fully create your youtube channel.

How To Lay Out Your YouTube Foundation

Laying your channel foundation is simply fully setting your channel. These steps are steps that will make your channel stand out and give it a professional look.

As we all know, to build a good YouTube foundation, try to follow these steps. The steps below should be followed and implemented before you get to the production stage (shooting videos and publishing):

  1. Niche down

  2. Create your channel banner art

  3. Signature color/ Theme

  4. Posting schedule

  5. Set up a game plan for your channel

How To Find Your Niche On YouTube

According to the Oxford dictionary, a niche is a specialized segment of the market for a particular kind of product or service.

What it means to niche down on YouTube is to have a specific niche -- what type of videos will you create? Will you create vlog style videos, how-to videos, influencer-style videos, product reviews, reviews, entertainment style videos, etc.? 

For instance, your niche could be; Fashion, Product Reviews, Gaming channels, Vlogs, Tech Videos. Also, for example, this site which is  from the website name you should know our channel niche is digital marketing.

The most important thing from your channel niche is to ensure your audience has an idea of what type of content they should expect from your YouTube channel. This is one of the reasons why consistency is so important. 

The bitter truth is that at the beginning of your YouTube journey, your viewers are usually only interested in the specific content at hand, they have no interest in you unless they have been following you around social media for years. 

Many people use YouTube as a search engine, so keep that in mind when trying to get discovered. 

In the beginning, you're at the stage of build trust in your YouTube page and content. Then when you have built a substantial following you can decide to experiment with different niches.

Niching down at the beginning of starting your channel is important. It serves as a content calendar for you, it generally guides you on what you want to put out for your viewers.

How To Create Your Channel Banner Art

 Your channel artwork is the large banner that goes across the top of your channel page. It's commonly used to visually communicate a channel's brand and personality.

Items to include in your banner art are your channel name or logo, it can also feature a call to action and your niche.

When designing your channel banner art, your brand name should be at the top of your design, while your niche should be at the bottom of the channel name. 

Here's an example of cool banner art is @JustMaiko

Example of JustMaikos Youtube channel


How To Set Up Signature Colour/Theme

You can also have a channel color, a color significant to your channel.

The color can be used in your design like your banner art, thumbnail, or your channel icon.

For example, Jacksepticeye an Irish YouTuber is known for his signature color green to inform of an eyeball. Thus, anywhere you see a green eyeball on youtube, you'll easily recognize it to be @Jacksepticeye.

jacksepticeye YouTube Channel example

The Importance Of Creating A Posting Schedule

When starting your youtube channel, whether full-time or part-time. I will advise you to handle your channel like a business, take it professionally, and make it more organized.

For instance, you can decide to post twice a week or three times a week. It's important to pick days where you can stay consistent with the YouTube schedule you commit to. 

You should also pick days your viewers are more online to increase your views when you post. 

How To Know When Your Viewers Are Online:

  • Sign in to youtube studio

  • From the left menu, click on ‘Analytics

  • Select ‘Audience’ on the top menu

  • Then you'll see when your viewers are on youtube. 

After you have started publishing videos, there will be enough viewer data reports to show you, days your viewers are on youtube.

Then you can switch to posting on those days, you should also consider if those days will be convenient for you to post.

Meanwhile, youtube allows you to publish your videos in private mode and set a time you want them to be published for the public. This will make more sense to do in case you'll be busy on your posting days. 

You can see that YouTube tries to make content creation easy for its creators.

How To Set Up A Plan For Your YouTube Channel 

You need to set up a long-term goal for your channel, by doing this you need to research your niche, you need to know more about your competitors and the most important thing is, identifying your value theory.

I have crafted out three steps for you, to help guide you when setting up your game plan for your channel.

This can be done in three ways:

  1. Identify your target audience

  2. Research

  3. Identify your value theory

The Importance Of Identifying Your Target Audience

When starting your youtube channel, you should identify your target audience. But, how do you actually identify your target audience?

What you love to do as a creator and the type of content you enjoy creating is one way that can help you identify who is your ideal audience.

If you need more help in identifying your ideal audience download our customer avatar worksheet and answer the questions to help you learn who your ideal audience is and which people to serve. 


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Youtube studio also gives you analytical information about your audience. 

Before starting your channel it's important to research your target audience. It's important to understand what questions they are trying into the YouTube search bar. 

It's essential to be informed about what specific search queries and words are being searched for by your target audience. You can use answer the public to know some questions being searched for by your target audience. 

Here's how it works. Let's say you want to talk about the 2021 Olympics game on your channel and you don't know what you should use as your title or how you should create the content.

Simply go to answer the public and type in 2021 Olympics in the search box.

Then you wait for it to bring out the search result, to know what people are asking Google about the 2021 Olympics. 

How to create a YouTube channel

The questions above now give us an insight into what your audience wants to know concerning the 2021 Olympics. You should find your way around it from here, and choose any question you know you can create great content with.

You can also rephrase the question when using it for your title while publishing your video, just play around with it and come up with great content.

The Importance Of Research

You need to research before starting your channel. I will advise you to have a long list of different topic ideas, you can talk about on your channel.

In a situation when you experience a creative block, you can easily go back to your youtube log.

This is where I write things concerning the development of my channel, my goals, and content ideas in case I experience a creative block.

In other words, it's important to do consistent research on your niche to create the best content for your audience and keep a running list of video and content ideas to make so it's not so hard to figure out what to create. 

Pro tip: A great way to get ideas for content creation is to pay attention to the feedback on your YouTube channel and use those questions, comments, or praises to get new ideas for video creation. 

iv Identify Your Value Theory:

Your value theory is your channel goal or mission. What exactly do you want to achieve for starting a channel?

For example, on this site, our goal as an organization is to help our audience generate revenue by utilizing digital marketing tactics and strategies.

Any content we create is geared towards helping our organization achieve its goal. You should confirm your value theory, it's important. 

Invest In The Right Equipment 

You should best start with what you have if you don't have enough resources to get certain equipment for yourself.

Three essential things you need when starting a YouTube channel are:

  • Sound

  • Lighting

  • Video quality.

Phone camera/DSLR:  

Lots of YouTubers use their phone to shoot. If your camera quality is good, then you can shoot with your phone. I will advise you to shoot in 4k or 1080p HD. It helps bring out good quality. 

For a DSLR camera for a start, I will recommend you use Canon EOS 5D or Canon EOS 90D. This camera works in 4k and it comes with a microphone and tripod. It's like a full package. 


Best vlogging camera

ii Phone audio/Microphone:

You should use your phone audio for only sit-down videos, in a quiet place. For videos you'll shoot outside you will need a microphone.

The best microphone for outdoor vlogs is the lavalier microphone, you can use it when the camera is far away, you can just clip the mic on your shirt or somewhere around your mouth.

It allows smooth communication. You can also use a shotgun microphone, it captures the voice at the front and helps reduce other noises. A shotgun microphone can be used for sit-down videos.

iv Natural light/Professional Lighting:

Lighting is really important for your youtube video, it makes it more clear and neat.

70 percent of viewers tend to watch videos with great quality longer. To make your video look professional you should use a ring light, you can also get a softbox box ring light. 

If at the moment you cannot afford a ring light or other professional lighting, you can simply use natural light, you just need to shoot somewhere close to a window that producing adequate lighting. And I assure you, it can still turn out well. 

Currently, my favorite lighting to use for content production are the "Elgato Key Light Air, Professional LED Panel With 1400 Lumens."

I locally bought these lights from Best Buy and have been using them for a few months and they have worked great for my needs as a content creator so far, especially for Instagram Live, YouTube videos, video, and Zoom calls, and photos. 

Best lighting for videos


Choosing The Right Editing Software

If you're using your phone to edit you can use Imovie for IOS users, while for Android users, you can use Adobe premiere pro, kinemaster, video shop, and filmorago.

These editing apps are free to use and it's flexible.

If you're using your pc to edit videos, you can use a final cut pro. It works on MAC, it's one of the best editing software for MAC users.

You can also use Adobe premiere pro for editing your videos, it works on both PC and MAC. They are paid software, but it's worth the price, it makes your video look professional after editing.  

Final Thoughts

Working as a content creator is a fun job and also a busy one that requires thinking outside the box.

Moreover, the beauty of creating content for me is that; you get to express yourself to your audience and the beauty also comes from enjoying what you do and making money from it.

If you are just getting started on your youtube journey ensure you lay your channel foundation and set up a game plan for your channel. It will help keep you organized and give you guidance throughout your youtube channel.

Which steps will you be working on first?