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How To Support A Content Creator

Posted by Gary Henderson on May 21, 2021 8:40:30 AM

The internet is a world of non-stop entertainment. Whatever you like to listen, watch, or read, everything is just a few clicks away.

All you have to do is initiative a search on Google, open an app, or simply visit a website to find your favorite content. 

When people like to see short, entertaining videos, they go to TikTok, Instagram, or YouTube and find a never-ending streak of awesome content.

When they need some professional advice, they go to platforms like LinkedIn or Clubhouse where content creators serve their needs and give advice.

However, people can’t see all the hard work a content creator does to produce a piece of content. I am sure you know that content creation is a time-consuming process.

It might take someone a couple of hours to produce a 15-second video on TikTok. Or, it might take a blogger days to do research and writing. Good high-quality content takes time and planning.

Simply put, content creators put a lot of their time, resources, and creativity to produce something. 

The question is: do they deserve support from their followers? If yes, how can you show support to your favorite creators? 

Before we answer these questions, let me quickly explain who is a content creator and what they do. 

What Is A Content Creator? What Does A Content Creator Do?

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Content creators, as the name suggests, are people who create valuable content for their audience on a consistent basis.

When we say content, it could be anything: audio-only, images, videos, text-based blogs, podcasts, live streams, and so on. 

So, whoever creates videos, blogs, images, courses, and other forms of content to inspire an audience is called a content creator. 

Content creators make social media entertaining and exciting for us. Just imagine how YouTube or Instagram would look like without content creators. 

Every social media platform from Facebook to Clubhouse to Pinterest is being fueled by creators. These are people who make these platforms worth time spending. 

Here is another question that might strike your mind: Am I a content creator?  

If you contribute information to any media, especially digital media, and you have a specific audience who likes to consume your content, you are a content creator. 

If you create something that is valuable to one or more audiences on the web, you deserve support. Because if you are a creator, you know creating great content consistently is like a full-time job and is a lot of hard work.

But what can you do as a fan or follower? You should explore ways to appreciate the good work of your favorite people. 

The next part of the blog will list 14 creative ways to show support to a creator.

14 Ways To Show Support To A Content Creator

14 way to show Support to a content creator img (1)

You’re not short of things you can do to show support to a content creator. There are so many amazing ways you can appreciate someone online and share their content with others.

Here are 14 ways to show support to your favorite content creators:

1. Amplify Their Voice

Just like brands try to amplify their voice and presence, you can do the same to support content creators. I don’t mean you should run a paid campaign to improve their online presence.

You can do a lot of things to help them increase brand awareness and generate more revenue.

I will talk about some of them moving forward in this post. 

2. Share Their Content Across Social Media

If you like a piece of content, your co-workers, friends, and family might like it too.

So, a quick thing you can do is hit the share button and help more people become more aware of the content. The more people who share, the more opportunities you have to be seen.

By doing so, you not only entertain or educate people in your network but also help the content creators in so many ways. 

Let me give you a quick example. 

Let’s say you are an entrepreneur looking to get more sales online. You found a blog post that helped you execute a highly profitable Facebook ad campaign and you ended up getting the desired results. 

Now, if you share that blog post with others on your social networks, it will be greatly helpful for your entrepreneur friends. On top of this, sharing creates a positive impact for the content creator who created that post. So, it’s a win-win situation for everyone.

The more shares someone gets on social media, the better. 

If you see your favorite creator post something or do something awesome, go share their content on your social media profiles. Shouldn’t other people learn from your favorite creator or at least know they exist? 

3. Create Free Content

You can create free content for your favorite creator as a token of appreciation.

Not sure how to do it? Let me give you a quick demo. 

Let’s say you are in a Clubhouse room where you hear your mentor speaking about something. You can document what they say, make a presentation out of it or design it some way and send it over to the speaker as a gift. 

Or you could even make a simple Instagram post for them.

Something like this or anything way more creative:

You can simply write a Facebook post or create a short video talking about the value of someone’s content. Social media makes it super easy for everyone to share great content with each other. 

One more important thing: don’t expect anything in return or take up a lot of their time. The purpose is to solely serve them or show your support. 

4. Shout Them Out

Whether your favorite content creator is a coach, speaker, writer, or anything else, they are likely to be on Instagram where you can shout them out. 

An Insta shoutout is when you promote another user on their Insta account. It takes the form of you creating a story or post containing a photo or mention of a content creator.

While shoutout can happen in a few ways, you can give a voluntary shoutout when you are darn happy with someone’s content or products.

It is also called word-of-mouth shoutout where a content creator has to do nothing. As a fan or follower, you just decide to mention or promote them. 

Besides, influencers and content creators can buy paid shoutouts to promote their brand. 

5. Send Tips

We are used to tipping at restaurants when we like the food and overall meal.

Social media is now starting the tipping feature to give content creators the opportunity to get rewarded for their content, thoughts, and hard work.

For example, Clubhouse enables Clubhouse Payments where users can tip creators on the live audio chat room platform. This means, if you like to support someone on Clubhouse, just tip them. However, this tipping feature is still in the testing phase.

Once Clubhouse introduced payments, many other social media platforms started to find ways for their users to make money.

For example, to attract gaming content to their platform, Facebook is also introducing the tipping feature that enables users to donate money. 

Twitter also rolled out the Twitter Tip Jar. The Tip Jar is an easy way to support the incredible voices that makeup conversations on Twitter. 

6. Word Of Mouth

I am sure you have heard about word-of-mouth marketing. When people like or dislike a product or a piece of content, they share their thoughts with others. 

74% of consumers identify word of mouth as a key influencer in their purchasing decisions. 

So, if you want to support a content creator, one effective way is word of mouth. If you fall in love with a creator and love what they are doing, feel free to tell your friends and family about it. 

It will help content creators expand their fan base and build a more engaged audience over time. 

7. Consume Their Content

When you consume a piece of content, you eventually support the content creator.

For example, when you watch your favorite videos on YouTube, that helps the video creator achieve their business goal. 

So, when your favorite creator comes up with something new, go consume it. They are out with a new course, be the first to sign up or buy.

If they are back with some amazing videos, go watch them and subscribe to their channel. 

8. Help Them Reach Their Goals

Every successful content creator has a goal to achieve. If their goal is to educate or entertain people, you can help them achieve that goal. 

It’s not hard to understand what a creator is looking to achieve. Follow your favorite creators around and pick up on what some of their wants, needs, or goals are.

If you can support them in any way, do it. 

Most people will vocalize what their wants and needs are if you pay attention.

It is going to be a win-win situation for you and the creator. I am sure that is a great way for the content creator to remember you too!

9. Buy Their Merch, Products, And Services

This one is surely a solid way to support a content creator. If they are selling something, buy it. If you like their content, I am sure you will like their products or services too. 

A large number of content creators sell their art to make a living. As a fan or audience, you are the biggest asset your favorite content creators ever have. When they sell something, they expect you to buy it. 

Neil Patel, for example, is a well-known content creator and entrepreneur that sells products like Ubbersugest. If you’re a business owner and a fan of Neil Patel, there’s nothing wrong with buying his tool. 

10. Leave A Review Or Write A Testimonial

When we want to buy something online, first we check out product reviews to see what the existing buyers think about the product. If a product has great reviews, people would love to buy it. 

A great review and testimonial can generate sales and a customer base for content creators for years to come. It helps them build up their business and personal brand.

MORE IMPORTANTLY, it helps build their creator economy

Especially, getting a great review or testimonial is of great value for small creators. So, make sure to take a moment and write something good about people or products you liked the most. 

Check out this amazing testimonial by Jesse Eker:

12. Listen To Their Podcast

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I am sure you love to listen to people who inspire you and add value to your life.

And podcasts are surely an effective medium for many content creators to share their content, If the people you like create podcasts, be sure to listen to them.

Subscribe to their channels and email list to become their loyal followers. 

Join their discord and other social media channels, Join them wherever you are comfortable. And don’t forget to like, comment, and their content if you really want them to grow and create more cool content. 

13. Listen And Give Feedback

Your feedback can be valuable and help people improve. Giving constructive feedback is also a form of support because you want the creators to improve. 

The good thing about the digital world is the ease of communicating and getting your message across. Also, it enables two-way communication - you can listen and give feedback. 

Another important thing to consider here is that content creators need feedback from their target audience in order to know what they like or hate the most about their content. 

But giving feedback can be a challenging task. You have got to watch your tone and the way you are making suggestions. Explain exactly what it is that can be improved. All while ensuring you don’t appear as a hater or villain. Just be specific and helpful. 

14. Consistently Engage + Show Up

Listening to your favorite podcast once a year or watching a video after a long time will not make a big difference for the content creator.

As a loyal follower, you should consistently engage with the content creators and consume their content. After all, you love their content. 

Consistently comment, like, share on everything they do. Be where they are. If they go live, show up and be a part of live streaming sessions.

If they are excited or celebrating something, join them to help them celebrate well. 

Final Thoughts + Resources

You don’t have to do the following if you don’t want to. But if you really want to support your favorite content creators, you have to step up and do something to help them out. 

You want to offer your support, there must be a better way to do it. 

I have talked about around 14 ways on how people can support content creators online. You can choose whatever you feel comfortable with. Let them know that you love their content and want to see more. But be sure to follow the community guidelines. 

Your support is the only way they can grow their creator economy and keep creating awesome content for you down the road.