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How To Get Millions Of Views On Social Media By Comment Jacking

Posted by Peyton Henderson on Jun 14, 2023 12:19:28 PM

Have you ever heard of leveraging or stealing someone else's audience?

What if I told you there was an easy way to get thousands, sometimes millions of views by leaving comments on other people's social media posts?

Wait, what?

You can actually do that?

Did you know over 4.48 billion use social media worldwide? That's a lot of opportunities when you know what you are doing...

This blog is going to teach you how to leverage other people's social media audiences to grow your brand faster than ever before and how you can potentially get hundreds of thousands and millions of impressions and post views on social media every day.

Specifically, this blog post will cover:

First off, I have to say I find comment-jacking super fun!

It's a fun way to show your personality and a fun way to engage with other people on social media who are relevant to your brand or interests so that you can finally start to build relationships with the people who matter most.

Let's dive in!

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What Is Comment Jacking? How To Leverage Social Media

Comment jacking is a form of social media marketing that allows you to leverage other people's audience and viral social media posts to bring more attention to your brand, give you clout, and get more views on your social media profile.

Comment jacking is a way to maximize your marketing and gain the upper hand against competitors who do have that large budget to spend on social media advertising. 

So let's take a look at this from a business strategy perspective.

Comment jacking also helps you quickly get more exposure for your brand, more views on your content, more comments on your posts, more followers, and overall more engagement on your social media content.

Simply put, comment jacking is a way to steal someone else’s audience and get more eyeballs on your brand and content for free.

Comment Jacking Examples

Now, let's look at a few examples of creators from our online community, Gary Club. 

Here's one example where a creator from our online community used comment jacking to go from 49,000 organic impressions a day to 2,208,515 organic impressions in one day on the Twitter platform because she added comment jacking to her social media strategy.

Dr. Monika gained over 2,000,000 million organic impressions in ONE day, and this was the first time she ever tried that type of social media strategy on any social media platform!

You can take a look at her Twitter stats in the image below. 

What's crazy is she isn't the only one who's seen success with his social media marketing strategy. 

Here's another example where a different creator shared their experience with "comment hijacking" in one of our Discord channels, where the creators in our community go to celebrate their "wins" with each other.

"Mark-o-vick" shares that back in February, he was grinding on Twitter for approximately three to four hours a day and was sending out approximately 400 tweets, and was only getting around 10,000 organic impressions on Twitter. 

But it changed the game for him when he learned how to leave witty comments and replies on viral social media posts to cut that work in half. 

Mark got over 200,000 organic impressions by leaving a witty comment and replying to 5-10 social media posts which took him about 20 minutes of work. 

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how to get more engagement on Twitter example

This is insanely impressive and is a prime example of how to market on social media and why social media marketing is important. 

What's crazy is this social media strategy works on any social media platform.

But if you think about how many people use social media, this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to getting seen online.

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How To Find Someone On Social Media 

Now, if you are looking for viral social media posts or wondering how to find these social media posts that already have hundreds of thousands or millions of views, there are a few ways to find them. 

How To Find Someone On Social Media

Go to any social media platform and search for an account, brand, business, influencer, name, or person that you want to find on social media.

For example, if you are on the Twitter app, simply tap the search icon and type in who you want to find on Twitter

how to find someone on twitter app

How to find someone on social media twitter example

Or, if you want to find someone on the Facebook or Instagram app, tap the search icon or the magnifying glass at the bottom of the app screen. 

For example, this is how to search and find someone on the Instagram app:

how to find someone on Instagram app

Here is where to find the search bar and how to find someone on the Facebook app.

Facebook is slightly different and puts the search bar at the top of the app.

How to find someone on Facebook

We also created this small list of Twitter handles or Twitter accounts that typically post high-quality content pretty consistently that you can go comment on to grow your brand and get more views on your social media profile. 

Here's a list of Twitter accounts that usually create viral content: 

  1. Elon Musk

  2. Declaration of Memes

  3. Clown World

  4. Andrew Tate

  5. Dr. Nicole LePera

  6. Say CHEESE!

  7. Daily Loud

  8. Spill The Memes

  9. Your typical local man

  10. Sir Doge of the Coin

  11. Greg

  12. Internet Hall of Fame

  13. Out of Context Human Race

  14. Dan Koe

  15. non aesthetic things

  16. Bros Helping Bros

  17. Introverts Memes

  18. Shitpost Gateway 

Final Thoughts

Are you a small business, brand, or creator with a small social media following? Are you getting little to zero views on your content on social media? Do you want to get more engagement and more views on your content and social media profiles?

If you want to learn how to gain leverage over the competition, try out this strategic leverage strategy called comment jacking.

These are a few of the many reasons why social media is good for creators and small businesses who are looking to grow their following and make more with affiliate marketing and online presence fast and for free. 

Make sure to follow me on Twitter and check out my latest Twitter thread on how to use comment jacking on Twitter to get more people to see your pfp (profile picture) on social media. 

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