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How To Use Twitter Voice Tweets

Posted by Gary Henderson on Mar 25, 2021 11:45:00 AM

Social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook enable us to use videos, photos, text, gifs, and plenty of other cool things to interact with our audience.

All these content forms are opportunities for you to add your own flair of personality to your content and conversations. 

Nonetheless, many of us feel like 280 characters are not enough to get the message across when it comes to Twitter. Don’t we? 

To make things easier for users, Twitter started a new feature called Twitter Voice that adds a more human touch to how you use the platform. 

This feature is limited to iOS users - you might have to wait a while if you use a different platform.  

In this post, I will explain what voice tweets are, how to record them, and why you should use them.

Let’s dive right in! 

What Are Twitter Voice Tweets? 

While still in the testing phase, Voice Tweets are a fantastic way to tell the world what's on your mind. 

A Voice Tweet allows you to record a voice note and share it in a tweet. You can record up to two minutes and 20 seconds of audio and share your fleeting thoughts on the go. 

If you want to go beyond that time limit, just keep talking and a new voice note will start automatically. These audio clips are shared as file attachments with a play button. 

Whether your audience is using Android or iOS, they can listen to your tweets and respond. 

As an entrepreneur, coach, or influencer, the voice tweets feature is an opportunity for you to stand out and get yourself heard in a noisy world where everyone else is sharing 280-characters tweets.  

Here is what one of my voice tweets looks like: 

How to use twitter voice tweets

Before you create your first voice tweet, bear in mind that Twitter will use your profile picture as the placeholder image for the audio and can't change that photo after it's published.

Twitter’s voice tweet feature is a perfect example of how social media apps adapt and introduce things that people like to use.

Twitter came out with this new update after the new social media app, Clubhouse started to rise in popularity.

Ready to use this exciting way of connecting with your fans and followers in a whole new way? 

How To Record A Voice Tweet 

It’s super easy to record and share a voice tweet just like the way you create any other type of Tweet.

How to record a voice tweet in four simple steps: 

Step #1:

Open the tweet composer screen and find the voice recording icon. You will see your profile picture with the record button at the bottom. 

How to create a voice tweet

Step #2:

Tap on the record button to start creating your voice tweet. As mentioned earlier, you can capture 140 seconds of audio.

If your message is long, you may create a thread of up to 25 voice messages.  


Tap Done when you are finished recording. 

Pro Tip: Listen to your audio clips before publication. 


Tap Tweet and people will be able to see your voice tweet in their feed amongst other tweets. To listen to a voice tweet, a user just needs to tap the image with your profile picture. 

Cool Twitter Feature:

Voice tweets play in a new window that stays docked at the bottom of your screen. This means a user can listen to your message while scrolling through their feed.

However, they can’t respond to your tweets with a voice message. They have to use the traditional way of leaving a comment on your tweets or retweeting your voice note. 


Why Use Voice Tweets?

Twitter is a great platform to microblog. Nonetheless, the restriction to express yourself in just 280 characters can be frustrating at times. 

With the Voice Tweet feature, a lot can be said. Most importantly, voice messages create a more human experience for your audience. 

Whether you want to share a piece of exciting business news or want to tell a story, voice tweeting enables you to share your perspectives easily and quickly. 

Where else can a true creator go to share their exact thoughts as many times as they want? 

You can share a short 10-second thought and it will forever be in history and you can go back and listen to all of those voice tweets and so can your followers. 

Voice tweets are similar to Clubhouse which is an invite-only voice chatting app. 

Here is what you can achieve with voice tweeting: 

Increase Brand Identity 

When it comes to establishing a strong online presence, you have to focus on authenticity. Did you know 86% of customers prefer to do business with upfront, authentic brands? 

Voice tweet's are your chance to make your personal brand or business feel more real and caring. 

Launch New Products 

An increasing number of businesses now use Twitter to talk about new products or features.

Voice tweeting makes it easy for you to stand out and gets all the attention you need to make an impact. 

Answer Questions With Ease 

Your audience is likely to have some important questions.

If voice tweets align well with your content marketing strategy, it will work for FAQs, too. So, it would be a good idea to use multiple voice tweets to answer those questions. 

Pro Tip: End your voice messages with a CTA in a way that encourages people to respond with questions. 

Drive Customer Loyalty 

All those voice tweets talking about your audience’s concerns and questions will build trust in your brand. As a result, you drive customer loyalty. 

Encourage your customers to share their feedback via voice tweets.

An excellent product review in the form of a voice note will have more impact than a simple text message. That’s how voice tweets can grow your business over time. 

Put a Face to Your Brand 

Your fans like to see the human side of your brand.

So, be sure to use voice tweets to tell exciting stories and showcase your expertise in a creative way.

Sharing your content in the form of voice tweets will make your audience feel like they are communicating with real people. 

Final Thoughts 

Voice tweets open up a new avenue for business growth.

Surprisingly, not too many brands are using this feature to get their message across. 

Before you turn to Twitter to record your stories, choose an awesome profile picture and clearly define your brand voice. And then use voice tweets to humanize your brand and show your personality.