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Hubspot Visitor Abandonment

Posted by Gary Henderson on Jan 17, 2018 3:17:18 PM

In April of 2017 we became a HubSpot Certified Partner and began exploring the full power of using HubSpot for our clients.  During the last 10 months we have been named Rookie Agency Of The Year and become one of the fastest partners in history to reach their Platinum Partner Level.  Many of our clients were using Infusionsoft so it was a pretty big migration as we eliminated Infusionsoft and moved to HubSpot. 

There have been numerous things we love but here's one of the coolest Hubspot Ninja Tricks we are doing!  

The Goal

Grow the clients course revenue - Each year we set goals with our clients. This includes both MACRO and MICRO goals.  We set goals on things like Company Revenue, Course Revenue, List Growth, Social Media Growth, Engagement Levels and a TON more KPI's. 

This particular client has a goal of selling 2,500 of their $2,000 programs annually which would generate $5 Million in Net Revenue.  

Traditionally they have only had two live launches each year and with the performance of launches in the entire industry declining we wanted to come up with a new way to reach our annual goals!

The Opportunity

We were watching data and found out that we had over 12,000 people a month visiting a sales page for a clients product.  They were getting here from paid traffic, organic search, social media, direct links and just browsing the website.  We dug a little deeper and found out that about 10% of the visitors were already on our email database and we could identify who was actually viewing that page.  This month alone we have had over 7,500 people visit the sales page and 750 of them were already on our database!  

The Tactic  

Visitor Abandonment - Using HubSpot's tracking code we are able to build a list of everyone who is on our database and visits a page on our site but doesn't complete the desired action.  We launched a new HubSpot Workflow to send an email to everyone who visits the sales page but doesn't already own the product.  Our email funnel is pretty simple.  Just a few email invitations that encourages the person to register for the webinar.  

Visitor Abandonment - Hubspot Workflow - Email Funnel 

The Results

We launched this on 1/6/18 with our first invitations going out and saw our first buyer on 1/9/18.  Since the launch we have invited 1,386 people to our evergreen webinar, had 209 of them actually register for the webinar and sold 71 people a $2,000 course! 

So for $0 in ad spend we have generated $162,000 in new revenue for our client as of 3/9/18!     

Next Steps

As we are showing this to be successful we are in the process of implementing this for our other clients.  Implementations include course creators, information marketers, business coaches, eCommerce clients and so much more!

How can you do the same thing?

That's a very common question.  Your current marketing automation platform may have a way to bring this to life but if it doesn't and you want to talk about using Hubspot for your business then just click below to book a call so we can discuss the power of Hubspot!

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