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Infographic: The Ultimate Social Media Checklist For Your Business

Posted by Gary Henderson on Jan 7, 2019 4:21:00 PM

Social media can be a lot to handle, especially when you're trying to keep up with all of the hottest and latest trends. Sometimes it can be overwhelming and hard to complete all of our daily tasks and find the time to focus on new social media strategies and goals.

So, we created a social media checklist to help you stay on top of your goals and attached the infographic below. 

 We broke it down into four sections to keep it simple.

What You Should Do Daily

  • Update your social media calendar.
  • Answer any questions and comments.
  • Monitor and reply to your mentions.
  • Stay up to date with any industry news and trending topics.
  • Research trending hashtags.
  • Identify any industry related keywords.
  • Research what your competitors are posting.
  • Monitor the top influencers and comment on their social media posts.

If you doing nothing else, make sure to watch your competitors.

One very important task that should be done frequently is to watch what your competitors are doing and see how they interact and respond to their audience.  This is where you kind pick up on new strategies and tips for your own business or brand. 

On Facebook, you can go to a competitors page and see all of the ads they are posting on their timeline.  If you want to learn how visit our blog and we will teach you how to spy on your competitors. 

What You Should Do Weekly

  • Identify goals that you want to achieve and upcoming activities for that week.
  • Update your weekly posting schedule.
  • Research your competitors best performing posts.
  • Analyze results from your ad campaigns.

New call-to-action

What You Should Do Monthly

  • Analyze your monthly stats.
  • Identify any strategies your competitors are using.
  • Determine last months successes and integrate them into your strategies.
  • Compare your performance to your competition.
  • Determine the amount of educational and entertaining content you will produce for this month.
  • Discover any upcoming events or news that can be used in your postings.

What You Should Do Every Quarter

  • Evaluate your last quarters KPI's and see where you stand.
  • Analyze your audience and see if you're targeting the right people.
  • Set goals for next quarter.
  • Set KPI's for next quarter.
  • Analyze your brand image and make sure it's consistent across all platforms.




We hope this will help you stay on top of your social media goals and make your days a little easier.  


We hope this blog was helpful and if you need any more help on social media then reach out to or join our DM Impact community.  You can learn new tactics and also have a mentor right beside you to keep you up to date on all of the new changes and help you get the results you need!