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Is Kartra A CRM?

Posted by Gary Henderson on Nov 17, 2020 11:31:00 AM

Having a lot of customers is great because put simply, more customers mean more profits.

Having customers also means that you need to be able to manage those customers and manage them efficiently.

You need to be able to manage your relationship with them and do what you can to keep them as happy as possible.

If you achieve this then they will continue to come back to you for more business in the future.

With a lot of customers to look after, this can be a lot of work.

The good news is that there is technology available that will help make this aspect of your online business a lot more manageable.

This technology is known as customer relationship management software, and it is a godsend to many small and large businesses.

With this in mind, many people will ask 'is Kartra a CRM?'

Below we take a look at the question.

What Is Kartra?

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Kartra is an all in one platform that offers many essential tools for online marketing in particular.

It also comes with many features that are useful to other types of online businesses.

Kartra is a powerful sales funnel builder, helping online marketers to create complete campaigns that can help sales to go through the roof.

It also offers features that allow you to store your marketing leads in a way that makes them easy to use. And has forms that help you to expand on your database further.

Kartra has a range of other features that are valuable to many online businesses, but the number of features is not the only reason why it is so popular.

One of the key reasons for its popularity is that all the features on the platform are fully integrated.  Meaning every Kartra feature is designed to work with every other Kartra feature.

This makes it a lot easier for you to manage your campaign as a beginner or an experienced business owner.

This, in turn, means you can use your time more efficiently, while it also means you can make your campaigns more effective leading to healthier client relationships and more money in our pocket. 

Now, we get to the main question. 


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Is Kartra a CRM?

In order to answer the question we first need to answer another rather obvious question: Just what is a CRM anyway?

A customer relationship management platform provides a number of features that help you organize and manage your customers.

It includes tools that make it easier for you to store information about your customers, acquire new customers, and maintain and develop your relationships with them.


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Perhaps one key feature that any CRM must-have is a database to store all your customers' data.

This should not be just any database. 

Meaning, you could have all the information in the world but it is no good if you are not able to extract anything meaningful from it.

This is where CRM platforms really tend to come to the fore.

Is Kartra a CRM that allows you to easily access the information you need to be able to see what is performing well?

Is it a platform that makes it easy for you to see where changes need to be made?

The answer is yes.

Kartra has a range of features that make it easier for you to see the information that really counts.

CRM platforms will also make it easier for you to communicate effectively with your customers.

They will provide your customers with portals that give them easy access to speak with somebody at your company.

A good CRM platform will also help you to record and track interactions with your customers.

If the information reveals a recurring issue, you will know to address it. It could even give you valuable insights that will help you to boost your sales.

Your customers will appreciate that you are doing what you can to provide a good service that speaks to them in the way they desire.

This, in turn, will help to strengthen brand loyalty, and can also increase the chances of recommendations.

Is Kartra a CRM that also provides a host of features that help with digital marketing?

It's another yes!

Kartra provides features that will allow you to send unlimited emails to your customers in mass.

This doesn't just mean sending the same email to everybody, but sending the right emails to the right people at the right time.

Have some of your potential customers been through your Kartra funnel but not yet made a purchase?

Again, this information is extremely valuable and can help to provide a considerable boost in conversions.

Powerful marketing automation features will also likely be available that will help ensure the right actions are taken that will further help to strengthen your relationship with your clients, as well as helping to keep conversion rates high.

What CRM Features Does Kartra Include?

So, back to the original question!

Is Kartra a CRM?

The answer is simply: yes.

Kartra is full of features that will help you to manage your database of customers.

It is also full of features that help you to manage your relationships with them, and features that will help you to sell to them.

Here's a closer that at some of those features, and what they can do for your business.

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Is Kartra a CRM that makes it easier for you to store and manage your digital marketing leads?

It's another yes.


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Kartra provides an easy to use database for all of your leads in a format that makes it easy to use.

You are able to select which criteria you wish to add to the database, and it is made easy to see which criteria each of your customers meet.

Of course, focusing specifically on individual customers will not be of much use to you when you have many to deal with.

Kartra is strong in this aspect also because it allows you to segregate different categories of customers and learn out information about their behavior.

One of Kartra's most powerful features is that it allows you to follow your customers' journey through the sales funnel. Is there a point where your customers appear to be jumping from the sales funnel?

This information will allow you to fix the issue and get your campaign running at full effectiveness.


Is Kartra a CRM that makes it easy for your customers to contact you directly?

Again, the answer is a simple yes. Indeed, Kartra has numerous features that allow easy communication with customers, as well as advanced interactive features.

Kartra helpdesks are more than just a live chat channel.

The feature also provides tools that make it easier for you to manage your discussions with your customers.

A ticketing system is available that helps ensure your customers will be serviced even if there is nobody online at the time of their request.

The ticketing system also helps to ensure that the customer is allocated to the right department, helping to ensure they speak with the right person.

If you are manning the helpdesk by yourself, the program will simply run in the background while you work on other aspects of your campaigns.

When a customer is online, a pop-up will let you know that your assistance is required. Kartra helpdesk also offers canned responses, which means that you can reply with just a click from your mouse.

Integrated billing also makes it easy for you to perform actions like making refunds.

All records of customer support chats and transactions made through the helpdesk are kept for reference, and for any useful insights.


Is Kartra a CRM that offers advanced mail features that allow you to send emails to the right people, at the right time?

Again, the simple answer is a resounding yes.

Being able to keep your customers up to date with the latest news and offers is essential for most modern businesses.

Kartra mail is packed with features that will help you to create aesthetically impressive and functional emails.

Other features allow you to know if the email has been opened and if the customer performed other actions like clicking on links within the email.

Marketing automation tools make it a lot easier to deal with many customers, while other features allow you to add a personal touch to each individual email that is sent.


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Is Kartra a CRM that provides calendars to make it easier for you to coordinate with your customers when needed?

Of course, it is!

Kartra calendar allows you to send reminders to your clients so they don't miss your appointments.

It makes it easier to reschedule sessions where necessary, and the calendar is also integrated with the database to give you all the information you need.

Everything is made to run as smoothly as possible to help make the experience a pleasurable one for your customers.


Kartra memberships allow even closer relationships with your customers by giving them membership access to your content.

Different membership levels are also available, and you can select which content they have access to depending on their membership types.

Rewards like more access to content can help to encourage even more interactions with your clients.

This can strengthen your relationship with them further, while also potentially generating more revenue.

Automation features can also allow you to release content gradually rather than all at once.


Kartra agency takes interaction with your clients to a whole new level.

It is a centralized platform that gives you the opportunity to create an account for specific clients - and grant them access to it.


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This means that if you are managing your client's marketing campaigns as a service, for example, you can give them access to the campaign.

You can choose just how much access your client has, and this can allow them to get hands-on with their own campaign.

You can also choose to retain 100% control over the account if you wish.

This makes it so much easier for the client to see how everything works and how well it is going.

Working more closely with you will also help to strengthen your relationship with them.

What Can You Replace Using Kartra?

One of the best things about Kartra is that you will have all you need in one platform. 

This saves headaches from having to switch between different platforms and problems with compatibility.

Having all you need in one platform means that you can put numerous other platforms to rest, streamlining your operations, and increasing your effectiveness.

Email marketing platforms are among the most important tools in marketing.

With its own integrated Email marketing platform, Kartra means separate platforms are not necessary.

That, and the Email marketing platform in Kartra offers just as much functionality as standalone platforms.

With Kartra, you also don't need to worry about the domain or email hosting.

You don't need any additional sales analytical platforms because guess what! - Kartra already has that for you as well.

Some online marketers also need to use separate membership platforms and separate checkout platforms.

Again, with Kartra, these are included, meaning even fewer separate platforms to manage.

This provides so many benefits.

In addition to making everything easier to manage, you also don't need to be concerned about separate platforms becoming incompatible after updates.

You will have the peace of mind of knowing that all tools on the Kartra platform will remain compatible with each other, and more features are also likely to be added that will fit seamlessly onto the platform.


If you are looking for a CRM platform, then Kartra will have pretty much all that you need.

It offers features that will make it easier for you to manage your leads and communicate with them freely.

It also provides CRM features that will help you leverage your relationship with your customers that will lead to directly increasing your revenue.

Plus, of course, Kartra is more than just a CRM.

It is also an online marketing platform that is packed full of features that helps marketers to create campaigns that have a real impact.

With funnel builders, Kartra analytics, and a host of sales tools, the platform can appeal to all levels of marketers from one-man businesses to large conglomerates.


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