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The Commitment Approach - The 6 Phases Of Mastery

Posted by Gary Henderson on May 11, 2018 4:41:33 AM

In 2015 I hosted a small live event in Myrtle Beach, SC and invited a few key speakers in to share their insights and knowledge with our local community.  One of the biggest takeaways, for me personally, was this talk from Greg Harrelson on the 6 Phases of Mastery!

Have you ever had a goal and not been able to reach it?

Do you ever struggle when you are setting the goals because you are afraid of failure?

Do you want an easier path to achieve all of your goals?

Greg takes about an hour and shares The Commitment Approach!  It's the 6 Phases of Mastery that, if followed, will guarantee that you reach every goal you set!

Take an hour of your time and I will guarantee it will be one of the best hours you spend learning about success this week!