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What Is Clubhouse App?

Posted by Gary Henderson on Jan 5, 2021 1:30:00 PM

2020 introduced some pretty cool changes to how we communicate over the internet.

We’ve seen how Zoom and Houseparty turn things around for people trapped in the deadly pandemic. 

Now, it’s Clubhouse’s turn. 

I’ve already given a quick introduction to how I came across one of 2020’s hottest startups, a buzzy app called Clubhouse.

Let’s use this post to dig deep and explore more about the app and see how it can help entrepreneurs, business coaches, and leaders in so many unique ways. 

Let me define first what this app is all about. 

The Clubhouse app is a voice-based, invite-only social media app that enables you to enter different rooms to listen, participate, or host talks. You can’t go to the past or save content on the platform as everything happens live. 

You can hear people sharing their knowledge and opinion about a subject at hand. And you can always hop on and speak up your mind as well. 

If you’re thinking of going to the App Store and download the app right now, let me tell you that it’s still in beta mode, which means it’s not available to the public yet. 

While waiting for Clubhouse App to go public, think of the app like a large gathering or a party where you hardly know anyone, but you talk to people in your voice.

You put a cool profile picture and set up your bio just like you do on other social sites. 

The most attractive features? 

  • FOMO 

  • Gain free high-level value dropped daily that would otherwise cost thousands
  • You build a loyal and protective audience 

  • You build genuine lifelong relationships 

You’re free to connect with an exclusive network of audiences and make professional and personal connections you may not otherwise have access to. 

Above all, the app shifts the focus from visual content to the audio-only format. And this is what social media is missing right now. 

You’ll find Clubhouse as a place full of possibilities to grow your network, authority, and knowledge. 

Pro Tip: When you are trying to grow your presence on Clubhouse, make sure you are doing it authentically so you attract your ideal audience. If you need help finding that ideal audience download our worksheet here:


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Download this FREE worksheet that will help you identify the perfect customer avatar for your business.


How To Join Clubhouse

Only by invite.

Clubhouse is an invite-only app for now -- you have to wait until someone sends an invite to join.

If you haven’t received an invitation yet, just be patient and wait - there’s no real trick to getting in.

Clubhouse app is also only available to people who have an iPhone device. They might develop a version for Android users later. 

Here's the crazy part of it. 

This app has created so much FOMO for people that I have personally heard of at least a dozen people who have went out and bought iPhones or Apple products just so they can download the app!

What is Clubhouse app?

Why Is The Clubhouse App So Hot?

Clubhouse had few users several months ago. Now, the app is valued at $100 million after a competitive funding round. 

The app certainly has the potential to turn social media marketing on its head.

There are many top influencers talking about how Clubhouse may be the biggest social media platform

It looks like Clubhouse is here to stay and has the power to transform the way we communicate and share our ideas.

We’ve been using Facebook, YouTube, IG, and so many other social platforms to connect with our audience for years. On these platforms, we create content and it stays there for as long as we want. 

One of the reasons Clubhouse is hot right now is because it’s only available Live in real-time.

If you aren’t physically active, then you’ll miss out on the conversations -- you get some serious FOMO.

So, the only way you can be a part of what’s going on in the Clubhouse App is to be live. There’s no opportunity to watch anything recorded as we do on Youtube or Facebook. 

Right now, we’re so used to an environment where we can save and consume interesting content whenever we want to or record stuff on the DVR, watch something on Netflix or Hulu, or get a webinar on-demand.

We are so used to old, recorded evergreen content -- but you won’t find anything recorded on Clubhouse.

All of the content is exclusive and available only to those who are Live and active.

However, just as an FYI, Clubhouse will record a conversation when a problem or issue is reported to them. They hold the recording for 14 days or until the problem is resolved. 

This is what makes this app so cool because you know you’ll be interacting with real, live people in real-time whenever you sign in. 

And the fact that you can hang out with and build connections with people that you wouldn’t usually be able to connect with. 

Here is what Google trends stats tell us about Clubhouse.

Take a look at the rise in popularity for yourself -- it's pretty remarkable.


Most popular social media platform


Another reason I believe Clubhouse is so hot right now is because of the pandemic.

We live in a time where the public desperately misses real connections. 

As entrepreneurs and business owners, we can’t network like we are so used to or go to all of the events like normal.

Which is one of the reasons why I believe this app is so powerful -- we finally have a way to connect with other like minded people in a way that feel like we are at a live event.

And I think the concept of that itself peaks a lot of entrepreneurs interests. 

Whether you are shopping or cooking something at home, you can connect with groups of relevant people on the go. It’s a place of real connections and authentic conversations. 

People spend hours and days on the app, listening to others, asking questions, and sharing their thoughts. 

My wife and I stayed on the app for almost 80 hours the first week we joined the platform, just engaging in conversation, and it was amazing to see how many people really lean into what you have to say.

If you want to know what’s trending or what people are talking about, the clubhouse app will allow you to hear hundreds if not thousands of questions on hot topics from people all around the world. 

Now That You Finally Got In, Here’s How To Get Started 

Once you receive an invitation to join Clubhouse from someone, you need to do some basic things to set yourself up on the platform. 

First of all, optimize your Clubhouse account to attract the right people to your personal brand, just like you do on Linkedin or Instagram. 

Whether you’re a business owner, influencer, or business coach, make sure to do the following three things:

1. Optimize Your Bio

When people click on your profile, the first thing that will appear is your bio. This part seems like a few lines, but it’s a critical one. So, use that little space wisely. 

Your bio must be catchy, attractive and briefly explain what you do or who you are. The idea here is to deliver a quick introduction to whoever visits your profile or want to learn more about yourself. 

If those three lines aren’t enticing, people will move on to someone else rather quickly and you’ll last your chance of connecting with a potential new client or customer. 

The Clubhouse algorithms make your bio searchable.

For example, when you search and type in Hal Elrod, you will see Hal himself. But you will also see me (Gary) right under him or any other people who might have worked with him too.


clubhouse member virtual room

Do you know why my profile showed up right under the Hal?

It’s because I have mentioned Hal in my bio. The algorithm puts me under Hal, predicting that I might have a relationship with him.

So, think strategically when you create your bio. It will have an impact on how many times your people are able to find you on Clubhouse. 

And don’t list or mention people in your bio just to improve your visibility -- don't be slimy. 

Whatever you write in the bio should be meaningful and create a sense of affiliation for readers. 

For example take a look at John Lee's Clubhouse bio.


John Lee featured in Forbes


Your profile picture might not tell the whole story. So, make good use of your bio space.

Include any free resources you might have and make sure to show your personality!

You are what makes you stand out!

Use this place to make it super easy for someone to connect with you.

Include your email, let your audience schedule a call, a free consultation, or whatever fits your business.

Make yourself approachable.

2. Link Your Social Profiles 

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The internet is a world where everyone is connected through different channels.

However, Clubhouse only allows you to connect your Instagram and Twitter account. 

I have noticed so far that when people go to your profile on Clubhouse, they instantly connect or follow you on Instagram and Twitter. 

Your followers should be able to find you in other places, so they could learn more about what you do. One of the good things about Clubhouse is that it opens up doors to exciting opportunities and relationships. 

Since I first started using Clubhouse, I've gained thousands of ideal Instagram followers.

I spent almost 80 hours on the platform in the first week of Clubhouse just so I could see what it was all about and it reaped rewards in every other aspect of my life. 

I was a moderator in one of the rooms, and every time I spoke or answered a question, I got a few more followers on my social media platforms. 

We even had one person book a strategy session with our team to potentially work with us. 

Besides, I grew to over 400 followers on Clubhouse in that time as well. 

Isn’t it amazing how people like to connect so rapidly on this app?

On top, you’re able to connect with your ideal people, people who have the potential to become your customers or clients. 

PRO TIP: Share what you are doing on your other social media profiles to get your current followers engaged with you on the new app! 


clubhouse user chat rooms

3. Follow More To Get More

This part is pretty cool and quite different from other social media platforms. Clubhouse enables you to see rooms based on who you are following. 

Usually, when trying to grow your social media following or become an influencer, you don’t follow many people. But things work differently in Clubhouse -- which is actually one of the things I love the most about the app. 

The more people you follow, the more rooms open up to you. Clubhouse gives you the opportunity to reach millions of people around the world from all different walks of life on a deep and personal level.

According to the small amount of articles on the web, there are well over 600,000 people on Clubhouse, but I think that number has now grown to over a million.

To improve your visibility and credibility, feel free to follow relevant people. The more active you’re on the app, the faster you build your audience. 

And if you’re shy of following others on this platform, you may only see a few rooms because you follow a few people.

Especially if you’re an influencer or a coach, Clubhouse is probably the next big opportunity for you to grow your following and business. 

You can start by following me on the Clubhouse app. I would love to connect and chat with you. We can have a live conversation and learn more about the app and each other. You get a notification whenever I go live on the app. 

Just go to the app and search Gary Henderson or @garylhenderson. I’ll be there waiting to connect -- just tell me you came from our blog and maybe we can hook you up! 


FREE Download!


Download this FREE worksheet that will help you identify the perfect customer avatar for your business.


How Does The Clubhouse App Work? 

The clubhouse app is like nothing I have ever seen. The opportunity to connect with brilliant people so easily is remarkable. 

When you open up the app, you’re greeted with a simple homepage that shows the discussions happening at that moment or whatever is scheduled for later. 

You’ll see chat rooms hosting talks on all sorts of subjects, depending on who you choose to follow and your field of work or interest. 

I highly recommend stepping out of your comfort zone and use this app as an opportunity to learn from as many people as you can. 

Once you’re signed in, you want to go to the main feed - Clubhouse calls it the hallway.

All you have to do is scroll down the hallway and find and join a room that interests you. 

Here is the video that shows how the Hallway looks like: 


Clubhouse Hallway Video Example_1



When you join a room, you will see the following three categories of people: 

1. Speaker

You’ll find speakers at the top of each room. They are generally experts who have some authority in their field of work. 

And the people who have the green star next to their name are moderators.

These people can bring people up to speak on the stage and promote other speakers to moderators. 

If you’re a business coach or influencer and want to join Clubhouse, becoming a moderator or a speaker is a great way to grow your audience quickly.

However, there’s nothing wrong with being a silent listener and learning from the speakers in the room. 

We all still have something to learn right? 

what is clubhouse app

2. People followed by the speakers  

And then you’ll see people the speakers are following. 


people followed by the speakers clubhouse

3. Others in the room 

This includes everyone else who’s in the room and listening.

People just come and go as they have the temptation to check out other rooms. 


Clubhouse user chat room

Any user with a bubble is a speaker.

The following image shows who the speakers are:


clubhouse moderator and clubhouse speaker

When you’re ready to say something, you can simply tap on the small hand at the bottom-right corner to raise your hand.

However, moderators can turn on/off the ability of audience members to raise their hands. 

Did you know the world record for the longest room steak is 12 days? 

There are moderators and hosts trying hard to beat that record, which makes it really fun for business owners trying to keep people engaged in their rooms. 

And if you really want to seem cool in the app follow this pro tip. 

PRO TIP: If you are a speaker flick your mic on and off to applaud someone when they say something you like. 

Final Thoughts

Looking ahead to grow their business in 2021, entrepreneurs, coaches, mentors, and influencers must consider Clubhouse as an incredible platform to reach new audiences and achieve their business goals in a fun way.

If you’re one of them, be the first to take full advantage of the app. 

Clubhouse App is going to be a vital, emerging social media trend for businesses all over the world. 

Clubhouse is 100% what you make of it. 

If you want to learn, then learn. If you want to grow a tribe, then grow a tribe. If you want to make money, then make money. 

Go in and serve and provide valuable content -- that will help attract new people to you or repel them away!