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What Is Kartra?

Posted by Gary Henderson on Jul 20, 2020 11:00:32 AM

As a business, what’s your biggest problem in this technologically driven world? Perhaps, it’s not being able to find one platform that offers all-in-one solutions to smoothly transition your work online.

Running an online business is not easy. It requires a lot of time and effort as well as A LOT of money.

While you might have all the money in the world to bring your business to the online platform, sometimes you can’t give it the time and effort needed for a smooth running.

That is where the need for a software arises, which can take care of all the online matters. You need a single platform from a reliable vendor so that you do not have to keep track of all the different tools you have bought for different purposes.

Currently, a number of businesses that are looking for online solutions have to go to different companies to seek help. Each company has a specific online feature that they are an expert at.

For instance, if you are looking for a company that can help you with your landing pages, the first name that might appear in your head is Leadpages.

While for automation services, firms might opt for ConvertKit that specializes in this field. Businesses also head over to Teachable for online course software. And SamCart is one of the popular names in the field for shopping carts.

But can you easily manage all of these different tools, each providing different services and charging different rates?

Wouldn’t it be great if you could have all of the above features in a single tool?

Well, Kartra can be the answer to all your online business problems.

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What Is Kartra?

Karta is the only all-in-one sales funnel builder that can aid all online businesses to make their online ventures more appealing for the customers and also make its management much easier through the softwares provided by Kartra, giving some serious competition to Kajabi, Infusionsoft, and Leadpages.

Good online management of business and business related features like email marketing, listing, contacts, landing pages and much more, is what makes an online business successful.

And this can only be possible when you have a great sales funnel builder onboard with you that will take care of your online business’s functioning and record keeping.

Don’t have the time to put in efforts to maintain the different businesses and different software you have hired for the purpose?

Don’t worry, all you have to do is pick a Kartra pricing plan which suits you best and leave the rest to the company.

They will not only take care of your online business, but will treat it like their own and will help you generate more leads with the high quality services that they provide through their software.

Kartra costs you way less in comparison to if you had to purchase all the needed software separately from different software providers. While most businesses do work under a budget, Kartra’s different pricing plans which include the Starter Plan, Silver Plan, Gold plan, and the Platinum plan can be reviewed and analyzed to see which one suits your business the best.

So you can choose the plans after reviewing how much Kartra costs and which plan will give you your needed features. 

Kartra will act as an important asset for your business, helping you attain an all-in-one plan that will cover up a major chunk of your online business related areas. 

Kartra is an all in one software that takes care of your:

Website Hosting

Kartra caters to all kinds of online business needs for customers and, therefore, makes it your first choice when choosing a sales funnel builder for your business. 

Kartra membership sales page

There are a lot of businesses who already have an existing website, for instance, on WordPress, and want to continue hosting your online business on the same website.

Kartra can aid you in doing so through their helpful software.

If you wish to create a new hosting page, Kartra can do it for you without much hassle and make your online business running continuously without giving any break in between the transition of changing software.

Kartra Integrations

Source: Kartra

Funnel Building

Funnel building is one of the main concerns for businesses when moving their business online into a proper eCommerce channel.  Kartra builds your sales funnel and makes the procedure much easier for you in comparison to other businesses offering the same services. 

Kartra helps you connect the different pillars for a business, which includes linking pages, optin forms, checkout options, emailing, lead tagging and other related features. 

Kartra funnel and Kartra tutorial

Source: Kartra

Affiliate Management

Affiliate management is one of the many services that Kartra provides. It helps you keep a track of your affiliates and manages their data effectively.

The built in system for affiliate management allows you to keep an eye on the transactions being made through those affiliates, how milestones have been achieved and how incentivizing has helped you as a business grow.

You can set up a commission system for your affiliates and their payment milestone can be achieved accordingly. You can also choose to review any of your affiliates manually by simply showcasing a signup form that will help you know your affiliates better.

Through your affiliate’s management provided by Kartra, you can stay connected with your affiliated businesses through a separate emailing list designed for affiliates only.

Kartra’s amazing management system for affiliates helps you subscribe to affiliates who can use the sign up template on your Karta pages. You can even create different commission tiers for different affiliates. Some of the options include standard affiliates, VIP, etc.

Kartra review and Kartra funnel

Source: Kartra

Marketing Automation

Marketing is an important component of a business and a business is not expected to do good without marketing its product or brand.

And because the competition is increasing amongst businesses, the need to have a good marketing automation system is what every great business needs. 

If you are tired of dealing with different vendors for these purposes and to have to follow up with their marketing automation strategies, you might want to look into what Kartra has to offer and how it can be your one stop shop for all online business needs.

Kartra trial membership site

Source: Kartra

Kartra provides you with the much needed marketing tools that will help your online business grow.

Marketing automation tools like a tagging system is something that could really help a business reach out to a potential market who are looking for that certain tag and then come across your brand. Kartra provides this tool along with other marketing tools like 

Landing Page Design

While previously you might have had to hire a Graphic designer separately to make your webpage look great, but with Kartra, you won’t be needing that anymore.

Kartra offers its customers a range of already superbly designed templates that can be utilized by your business and can be altered accordingly without much hassle.

All you have to do through Kartra is drag and drop your favorite template and fill up your canvas according to your wish.

Kartra also gives you various components to choose from, giving you a chance to alter the page as you like and make it appealing for your customers 

Marketing funnel for Kartra membership

Source: Kartra

The professional designer’s team at Kartra has some amazing and very creative designs which would probably be enough for you to commence with your webpage. And with all the tools available for altering and editing on Karta’s software, you can change the elements on every page, according to your business requirements.

The page building tools provided by Kartra also allow you to connect your website's ecosystem altogether, where you can link one tab to lead you to another page just by one single click.

The amazing designs are perfectly accessible and visible on all modes that you or your customers will be using your website on.

This is because Kartra offers tools with which you can edit your views and previews for different devices. For instance, whether it is a phone screen or an iPads, the website will be completely responsive on all modes.

Page Building

Page building has never been this easy. But it now is with Kartra amazing page building features where you can make it all happen with just one simple drag and click. You can choose the templates from the already existing collection of beautifully designed page templates. 

You can also use the different block templates that are present in the Kartra library, and drag them to your page to add more volume to your page.

Kartra helps you add headlines, bullets, images and a background to your pages, you can also add carousels to showcase your range of products on different pages.

The different plans offered by Kartra offer different numbers of videos that you have access to and can add those to your pages. 

Kartra plan for digital marketing

Source: Kartra

Use the tools to add buttons, tabs, icons and navigation menus to make your page more appealing once the customers visit it. It’s really awe-inspiring how a software can give you so much that you can play with on a professional level and create something wondrous for your business.

Kartra allows you to add your Google location through the Google maps present in the software.

You can decide which will be your landing page, your exit page and your pop window page, depending on the nature of your business and the range of products that you have to offer to your customers.

Page building tools on Kartra also make creating your webpages much easier with an easy to understand software. You can also add your social media buttons for your customers to share or connect with you on your social media forums, and you can also add your Facebook and Disqus comments on your webpage through Kartra.

Email Marketing

Businesses often neglect a very important aspect of their business, which is email marketing. The emails designed the procedures for email marketing must be followed effectively to make sure that the customers are not being spammed with your newsletters.

Kartra understands the importance of customer’s privacy while they also understand the importance of putting your business word out there in an effective manner. 

Karta uses one of the most efficient email marketing platforms that helps businesses in a lot of things. You can turn on your host of automations depending on how your customers are behaving while they are on your website.

This automation really makes your life as a business much easier as you would be targeting only customers who show little interest in your brand and your products online. 

Welcome to Kartra membership portal

Source: Kartra

Their online behavior online helps Kartra to pick out all the people who are interested in knowing more and this way you can always pitch the right message at the right time to the right people.

Along with this, the custom tags in your emails can be changed with the changing email addresses by Kartra, showing more efforts from your business and leaving a positive impression on the recipient. 

Why Kartra And Who Is Kartra For?

Being a business, you would always want a solution that costs you less and would give you all the services that you require in making your online business a success.

Kartra can help you with your online goals and aid you in maintaining an online system that you can keep a track of as well.

You can keep a closer look on your affiliations, your customers and their changing behaviors to give you a better idea of how your products are changing or what change could be brought to your products to make your customers happier.

The accessibility to view your customer’s journey is what makes Karta one of the best software for any business to use. And with each sale and changes in customers purchasing behaviors, you can also see which marketing campaigns are doing better for you as a business.

The businesses who have been in the industry for a long time and are pretty well established in their market could make the most of Kartra as it helps them maintain their date and keeps a close track of all business handlings including various marketing tools.

However, you are a new business and have just started with your business with little to no listing history, then Kartra might not be for you.

The one thing that makes Kartra a huge success for many businesses is its active emailing list, which in this case, new businesses don’t have and thus, does not give them the profit as expected.

To make the most of Kartra, it is suggested that you must have a large audience that Kartra can attract through the different marketing tools that they have. But if you are not that business, then you might want to wait till you have an audience that could be utilized fully for Kartra’s purpose.

Take a look at some of Kartra's standard and bonus features listed below: 

1. Course and Membership Platform 

If you are a business that wants to offer courses and memberships to its customers, then Kartra has the best solutions for you.

You can utilize their membership portals which will help you manage your online courses and memberships for your customers.

This management system offered by Kartra makes it easy for businesses to cater to their members and broadcast their content in a very hassle free system.

The automation feature in Kartra gives businesses an option to either offer the entire course in full access to the members, or reveal it to them module by module, depending on which will be the best for their business.

2. Funnel Builder 

Kartra sales funnel building process is very easy for any business to understand. It requires them to simply drag and drop the needed objects or tabs over their canvas and arrange them the way they want it.

You create each component of the page according to your business and by the end of it all, you link all of your steps together which will be shown by a yellow arrow and the next step for you would be to activate it before publishing it. 

3. Landing Page Design/Builder 

A very significant feature of Kartra is its landing page design/builder. The pages can be categorized and managed into different categories present on your page. This works as a quick tool for you to find your pages instantly so that you can make any edit to these without wasting much time. 

Kartra also gives you an option to clone a page in case you want the original page that you created to remain in its original and unedited form.

The idea behind this is so that even if you don’t like a new edit made to an existing page, you can always use the very first original page and clone it again to make different edits. This will save you from making the pages from scratch and also save you a lot of time.

4. Email Marketing 

Kartra is known for email marketing tools it owns and you might want to make the most of this feature as it helps you create some amazing email marketing campaigns that can be made live with a lot of ease.

You can create your email by using the different Kartra tools to customize emails. You can make the headers, add the testimonial or even add videos according to the bandwidth of streaming allowed in your Kartra package.

5. Video Hosting 

Kartra has their own video hosting which means you do not need to use YouTube or other video hosts to upload your videos on your webpages.

You can use Kartra’s video hosting feature and upload them on your page where your videos can be embedded directly and you can also add some really cool features along with it like CTA, organizing your collection of videos, keeping a track of which videos your customers are watching.

6. Affiliate Center

Kartra has an entire affiliate program where a business can incentivize various marketers out there and make them an important affiliation for your business who would help spread good word about your business and will generate major leads through their marketing tactics. 

This affiliation center brought to you by Kartra is a management system which keeps a track of who many leads your affiliations created and how much have you spent on these marketers, helping you save a lot of money which you would be spending on marketing otherwise.

Wrap Up

Kartra brings you 4 different pricing plans which can be utilized by you to cover up a majority of your online business solutions.

It will help you with your Leadpages, automation services, emailing systems, hosting software, helpdesk portals and much more. You can choose the package that suits your business nature the most, and whichever falls within your budget can be availed on monthly or yearly payments.

The efficient team at Kartra and the amazing software that they build help you make your business more worthwhile, and make sure that you reach all your online business goals.

So if you have an amazing emailing list, and know exactly what you want for your online business, then Kartra is the software that you need invest in this 2020 as it will not only help you manage your online business with much more detailing, but will also generate leads for you through their marketing tools which no other software has ever offered.

Purchasing Kartra for your business would be saving yourself the time and efforts which you would be wasting in with other multiple software houses. So why not invest in one software that will take care of everything for you?

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