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What Is Kartra Agency?

Posted by Gary Henderson on Sep 16, 2020 10:00:00 AM

Built for both beginners and highly experienced marketers and business owners, Kartra is an all-in-one marketing machine that helps you create, launch, and monitor marketing campaigns in a very unified, centralized, and time-efficient fashion. 

If you are an agency, you might be wondering how Kartra Agency can make your business life easier. 

Well, if you want to manage your clients’ accounts all in one place with great ease and speed, Kartra is a must-have platform.

From revenue and sales to leads and website visitors, you can track everything without logging in and out of each individual client account. 

Besides marketing automation capabilities and working efficiency, Kartra gives you all the tools you need to grow your clients’ business.

You don’t need to hire accountants and project managers to run your business efficiently. 

Let’s take a quick look at things you would be able to do with Kartra before we dig deep to explore its features, pricing plans, agency business model, feasibility, and more: 

  • Manage all clients’ account in one centralized view 

  • Handle entire client portfolio through a unified billing profile 

  • Feed your clients with essential metrics 

  • Combine third party app with Kartra tools 

  • Drive brand awareness and recognition 

  • Allow clients to be a part of the process 

Kartra Agency Pricing Plans 


How much does kartra cost?


Kartra offers 4 pricing plans that you can choose based on your business needs or clients’ requirements.

While Kartra offers a 14-Day Trial in just $1 to help you understand the platform better, the following are 4 pricing plans: 

1. Kartra Starter Plan

Starting at $99/month, the Starter plan is an ideal package for beginners or small business owners who’ve just started exploring sales funnel and other online marketing possibilities. 

The Kartra Starter plan comes with enough features and functionalities to help you build an online business, sales videos, and emails. Kartra Starter allows you to have up to 2,500leads, host 100 landing pages, create 2 membership sites, send up to 1500 emails, and sell 20 products while focusing on one website. 

The plan will cost you $99 if you choose to pay on a monthly basis.

You get up to a 25% discount and save $240 when you choose to pay annually. 

The Starter Plan doesn’t include the Kartra Agency feature, the rest of the 3 plans do. 

2. Kartra Silver Plan

The next comes the Silver plan, which is suitable for growing businesses.

If your business has outgrown the Starter plan’s capabilities, it’s time to upgrade to the Kartra Silver plan, which is the most popular of all.

There are no limitations on most of the Silver plan assets, such as emails, bandwidth, pages, products, videos, member sites, and team members. Besides, the Kartra Silver plan allows you to have up to 12,500 leads and three custom domains. 

The plan costs $199 if you want to pay monthly. However, Annual billing saves you $600. 

3. Kartra Gold Plan 

Kartra Gold plan is an upgraded form of the Silver plan. With up to 25,000 leads and 5 custom domains, Kartra gold is designed for medium-sized businesses.

You can enjoy unlimited access to all the features, including Kartra Agency. 

The Gold plan costs you $299/month. You can save $840 with an annual billing option. 

4. Kartra Platinum Plan

Here comes the 4th one: the Kartra Platinum, which is ideal for businesses with longer email sequences, larger contact lists, and the need for more domains.

The Platinum plan allows you to have up to 50,000 leads and 10 custom domains. With unlimited helpdesks and other features, the Platinum plan is a powerful package offering all the things you need to manage and run multiple client accounts.

The plan costs $499/month. 

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Kartra Trial


What Is The Kartra Agency Plan? 

The Kartra Agency plan is available in the top three pricing tiers (Silver, Gold, Platinum).

This feature is designed for marketing service providers who want to manage multiple marketing campaigns on their clients’ behalf from one platform. 

Kartra Agency is much more than a centralized dashboard from where you manage all of your clients.

You enjoy the freedom to determine how you want to control clients’ account access.

Kartra gives you the following two choices when it comes to registering client accounts under your Agency portfolio: 

1. The Account Owner 

The account owner model enables you to own the client accounts that you can sublease to your clients. You get an incredible discount of 40% when you buy these accounts in bulk.

On top of this, you can mark them up and set your own price. 

In some cases, clients don’t want to get involved in the process or they might not have a Kartra account.

The Account Owner model gives full control over your clients’ account access. You can either grant limited account access to clients if they need to co-manage something or choose to provide them with no access whatsoever.

You have the power to negotiate a monthly retainer fee for your services. If a client doesn’t pay, you can simply freeze their account. The best thing about the Agency is that it gives you full flexibility to set the price for your services. 

2. The Service Provider

The Service Provider model connects your Agency account with other existing Kartra accounts and manages them on your client’s behalf. This way you don’t operate as the account owner but as a contractor.

All you have to do is reach an agreement in terms of rates for your services, link Kartra accounts, and start delivering the services. 

You or your clients can terminate the contract at the completion of the project. Besides, your clients manage their billing-related matters at their end.

5 Essential Features Of The Agency Plan 


what is kartra agency?


Managing multiple accounts can be a time-consuming and frustrating process when you have to log in and out every time you want to do something.

With Kartra, you’ll have an “at a glance” dashboard view from where you can manage and log-in to each of your clients’ accounts effortlessly.

Let’s get a bird’s eye view of what you get with Kartra Agency Plan:

1. In-Depth Reports 

It’s critical to determine and follow the most vital metrics, regardless of the nature of an online business.

Custom Kartra Agency reports not only allow you to track key metrics in real-time but also help your clients see how their business is doing.

You can generate personalized monthly, weekly or daily reports for each client so they don’t have to log in to see their business performance (lead generated, revenue, sales, page visitors, etc.). 

Clients often reach out from time to time, asking for account performance. Keeping your clients updated is probably a critical part of your job. Kartra Agency improves your operational efficiency with detailed reports. 

The best thing about the tool is that it provides updates in real-time - your clients can refresh reports as often as they want.

You can give custom permission to your clients, so they could log in and see reports themselves. This way you can keep your clients in the loop without spending any time on data crunching. 

2. A Unified, Simple Billing Process

Kartra Agency plan also streamlines your billing-related tasks under one billing profile, so you don’t have to track multiple billing profiles for your client accounts. It allows you to buy client accounts in bulk using a single credit card.

One single form is enough if you update your card info for all the accounts. Thus, one unified billing profile saves a lot of your time. 

The success of your agency depends largely on your ability to grow your clients’ businesses.

It becomes exceedingly difficult when you spend plenty of your valuable time weeding through mundane paperwork. Kartra Agency removes the paperwork and bottlenecks to make sure you focus on the right aspects of your business. 

3. Brand Your Business

While you’re working hard to produce great results for your clients, don’t forget to brand your own business. As an agency working with multiple clients, you need to drive brand awareness for your clients and for yourself. 

Kartra Agency certainly understands your branding needs. It embeds your branding elements at the footer of every email you send.

These elements are non-clickable and subtle, but it surely spreads your name as a reputable marketing services provider.

Such small branding efforts go a long way when your objective is to ensure sustainable growth. 

4. Allow Your Clients To Co-Manage 

As mentioned earlier, Kartra gives you the power to determine how your clients would interact with their Kartra accounts.

Your clients can log into funnels, emails, and pages if you allow them to do so.

You decide what level of access your clients get.

For example, you can allow them to make changes to pages and other assets or you may limit them to just view things. All you have to do is create their login credentials and allow them to poke around. 

5. Become An Affiliate 


Kartra affiliate center - how to become a kartra affiliate


If your online presence is strong enough to influence consumer behavior, consider becoming a Kartra Affiliate.

The Agency plan gives you an opportunity to be a part of a rapidly growing platform on the market. You can join their affiliate program to be a Kartra advocate. 

You get a commission of 40% every time a sale is generated through your referrals. Your commission automatically upgrades when referrals decide to upgrade their Kartra plan.

Isn’t it fascinating to get 40% for every sale and recurring payment?

You can also earn an affiliate commission If you choose to have your clients own their account and handle billing themselves. Make sure you give your clients affiliate links to purchase Kartra.

Kartra provides marketing materials and valuable content that you can use across social media to promote their products. Which means you don’t have to put in a lot of effort to become a Kartra advocate. 

How Much Does Kartra Agency Cost?

Kartra Agency is surely the most powerful and comprehensive marketing platform for digital marketing agencies running client accounts.

But it’s important to consider how much it costs before you buy a plan. 

As mentioned in the pricing section, the Kartra Agency feature comes with three plans: Silver, Gold, and Platinum which cost $199, $299, and $499 per month respectively.

However, you can save up to 25% if you choose to pay annually.

For instance, if you buy a Platinum package, annual billing will save you $1440. 

If you want to try the platform before buying any plan, make sure to take advantage of their 14-Day trial.  

How Do I Cancel Kartra?

Kartra charges its customers based on its budget-friendly, monthly subscription model. It’s hard to find such a unique mix of online marketing tools in one platform.

Nonetheless, you can cancel/upgrade/change subscription at any time from the Billing self-service portal. You have to initiate a cancellation request at least 10 days before the next invoice date. 

It’s necessary that you talk to their representatives, submit an online ticket through the cancellation form, or utilize the self-service portal to initiate the cancellation of your account.

However, cancellation doesn’t dismiss previously agreed charges or outstanding invoices. You have to settle the outstanding balance before you cancel the account. 

Let’s Sum Up 

Marketers and entrepreneurs often need a set of different tools to run and manage complex campaigns.

It becomes time-consuming and costly when you have to use multiple platforms to perform different tasks.

This is where one central platform with all the necessary tools makes things a lot easier and cheaper. 

If you’re looking to have that one platform to manage all of your clients’ accounts and marketing campaigns, make sure to try Kartra Agency.

Just switch everything over to Kartra Agency and accomplish more than ever before. 


Kartra Trial