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What Is Mindshare? How To Stay Top Of Mind With Important People

Posted by Gary Henderson on Dec 6, 2019 11:58:41 AM

What Is Mindshare? 

Mindshare is when somebody asks you a question, it's whatever comes to your mind first.

Mindshare is when you think about a soda which soda do you think about?

Do you think of Coke or Pepsi?

Or when you think about an energy drink which one do you think about?

How about Red Bull or Monster? 

So many people get caught in driving direct response advertising. 

Direct response advertising it's like an infomercial - it's a direct call-to-action, it's a webinar, it's a sign-up for this or that. 

The ones who use this type of advertising are always begging you to go buy something.

We have to get out of direct response advertising and get into creating mindshare.  We need more people serving their audiences and more brands building relationships with people.  

We have to start building mindshare and staying top of mind with our people.

Why Do You Want Mindshare?

Let me ask you a question. 

What if Facebook, LinkedIn or Instagram disappeared tomorrow? What if the whole world gets up and moves somewhere else? 

If this happened would your business or brand survive? 

If you have mindshare with people then they will come find you wherever you are. 

Let me repeat that, if they know your name they will find you.

Here's how mindshare works on Facebook.


Gary What is Mindshare Example


If people don't know the name of your business or brand how can they buy from you? 

That's why mindshare is the ultimate marketing goal. 

If you think about it, everything else is transactional and mindshare is something that lasts for a really long time. 

Other Examples Of Brands Who Have Mindshare

The example below pretty much says it all. 

This is a poll that was taken on Instagram about mindshare. 


What Is Mindshare Instagram Poll Example

What Is Mindshare Instagram Poll Example

What Is Mindshare Instagram Poll Example

What Is Mindshare Instagram Poll Example

What Is Mindshare Instagram Poll Example


Here are a few more examples of brands that have mindshare.

Paul Mitchell's Tea Tree Special Shampoo

Paul Mitchell did a great job creating mindshare with their Tea Tree Shampoo. 

When you think about shampoo that tingles, you think about the Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Shampoo.

There are a lot of other shampoos that have Tea Tree oil in them, but Paul Mitchell pulled the brand share for that. 


Mindshare example with Paul Mitchell


Your Favorite Local Bar

A lot of bars have mindshare with people.  Think back to when you were in college or in your 20's and your friends would look at you and say let's go to happy hour and you would know exactly where to go. 

Your circle of influence or your group of friends they didn't have to say let's go to Happy Hour at TGI Fridays.

No one ever has to say the name of the bar because everyone already knows which bar they're going to. 

When you thought about having a drink, that bar had mindshare over you. 

The Iphone

The Iphone is also a great example of mindshare. Look at all of the memes about people asking if they have an Android charger.


What is mindshare?

In Closing

Mindshare can help you reach the top in the any industry. 

To get mindshare you have to build relationships with people every day.  You have to serve your audience and ideal people wherever they are and know what they want. 

When you over deliver to people and consistently show up you'll start becoming top of mind with people.