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When You Should Link Google Analytics And Google Search Console

Posted by Dennis Yu on Apr 14, 2021 2:50:00 PM

There's many reasons why you might want to link Google Analytics and Google Search Console.

When you connect Google Analytics to Google Search Console, you get access to some interesting pieces of data.  You can start to see what kinds of organic queries and landing pages are popping up in your data.

For this particular client, we can see that the top click generating search query is “The Specific Chiropractic Center.”  That makes sense. It's a brand term.


Whereas this  “cream of tartar for migraines” post generates the most impressions. They have a blog post that's getting some good traction right now, and it’s popping up more often than other things.

Adding Google Search Console to Google Analytics really just opens up your ability to analyze organic traffic.

Otherwise, all you'd see is that we had this many sessions from organic sources, but you wouldn't really have any more insight into that within your Google Analytics system.

We'd see that we had 28 users from organic search, but we wouldn't see anything else.  Connecting Google Analytics is great because it gives us that deeper insight.

If we switched over to Google Search Console, you can see some of the same things as in Google Analytics. You can see some performance data, you can see some of those search queries.


It also gives you a lot more in-depth information about your site. You can look at links and inspect certain landing pages to see their performance and how many backlinks you have.  It can show pages with errors and invalid pages and all kinds of other issues and insights..

It’s the same pieces, but a little more-in depth, and a little more focused on looking at the website structure and function.

In our Digital Plumbing Course, we demonstrate the importance of putting these systems properly in place.

So, when you’re considering what kind of access you need…..

If you're giving access to somebody who's simply running ads and doing analysis on the results of the business, access to Google Analytics and the connected data from the search console there is sufficient. 

However, if you're working with someone who's going to be doing SEO work and is going to be looking at links and site structure, then you'll want to give them Google Search Console access.

To give Google Analytics access you just need to come to the admin section, go to Property User Management, and give them access.


You can also add a user by clicking on Settings, then Users and Permissions, and then you can add a user by simply typing in their email.

There are two different kinds of ownership.

There is verified owner, where you've gone through the verification process of either using HTML file, Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, or associating a DNS record with your host.

There's also delegated owner, where someone else has already verified the property.  They've sent you access as a user, but you aren't verified.

If you have delegated ownership status, you won't be able to add users.

You'll have to have either your client add somebody that you'd like to add, or you'll have to become a verified owner by going through one of these verification methods.