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Why You Should Spend Money On Every Social Media Post

Posted by Gary Henderson on Dec 5, 2019 12:03:17 PM

When you look at your audience on social media, there are hundreds if not thousands of different types of people who follow and like us on social media. 

Each one of those people need to see different types of content based on their specific wants, needs, and interests.

We have to stop showing the same thing to everybody.  Everybody isn't interested in what you have to offer, and that's where most people mess up.

If you're aren't willing to invest in social media advertising, don't waste your time, money, and energy creating content. 

Every piece of content and every social media post should be created with intention. 

It can become a huge missed opportunity for you and your business when you don't understand how to monetize your audience or understand what to do with your audience.

Here's some examples of the different types of avatars:

  • business coaches

  • kids

  • adults

  • 6 figure entrepreneurs

  • 7 figure entrepreneurs

  • people who want to become entrepreneurs

  • people who don't have any money

  • wealthy people

  • people who follow you because their friend told them to

You get my point, and the list goes on.

So, when you start to create a social media post, you should have an audience in mind that you want to see it.

But why? 

Here's an example.

If Gary V says you should drop out of college and you are wasting your time by going to college.

Using the #R3MAT Method (show the right message to the right person at the right time), who should you show that to?

You would show that post to kids that are in high school getting ready to go to college or who are around that age range.  You wouldn't want to show that to adults.

The right type of post would be a different social media post or a message specifically for adults. 

It could say something like,

"You're wasting your money paying for your kids education."

That type of messaging is relevant to that person at that time.

If that post does nothing else, it will at least get them thinking.... and maybe they will come back and read more of your content. 

Think of it like planting seeds for the future.  It is relatable and it helps them -- it's a win all around!

What is the R3MAT Method? The right message to the right audience at the right time.

Why You Should Spend Money On Everything You Post On Social Media

When you post something online, organically whoever happens to see it just so happens to see it.  Everyone and everybody sees that same post, whether they're interested or not.

When you publish any piece of content you're going to get whatever organic reach you get.  Which is typically 10% or less of your total following. 

Here's what I mean, if you have 1,000 followers on Instagram, that would mean on a regular basis you have about 100 people actively liking and commenting on your Instagram posts and stories.

And honestly, most of the time it's 5% or less of your total following. 

Which is why you use paid traffic.  When you use paid advertising you're able to show any social media post or any piece of content to anyone you want. 

You can chose anything from the exact age demographic, to interests or income, the choice is yours. 

So take your money and show your audience and people a relevant piece of content that will relate with them, instead of blasting EVERYTHING to EVERYBODY.



Here's an example that I love to give people.

Once you have a piece of content with an audience in mind you can take that post and show it to a subset of your audience and even show it to someone else's audience.

When you show your content to another audience that's also a great way to pattern interrupt and go in and borrow or grab other peoples audiences.

Here's what I mean, you always see Gary V talking about hustle and grind.

You could create a post about hustle and grind and then show that new post to Gary V's audience. His audience would definitely relate with that type of post.

And boom, it's as simple as that.


Gary Vaynerchuk R3MAT Example

If you would like to go a little deeper here's a little more creative thinking.  

When you go to create an ad and you use Gary V's audience, there's like 24 million people in that audience. Your budget isn't going to allow you to show all those people your content or post.

Your budget has to be proportional to the amount of people who want to show it to.

But, you can keep that post running until all 24 million people do get to see it. 

You see, you spend what you can and build an audience over time - that's the key to keeping a steady stream of new interested people aware of your business or brand. 

The example above is also good type of post to show people who do not know you yet so they can began to build a relationship with you. You can always keep warming up a new audience with that type of post.

Honestly, you could spend a dollar or five dollars or 10 dollars a day for the next 15 years and that post would never get old - there will always be an audience for that type of post.

If you always continue to do that you'll always have people ready to invest in you or your business. 

How to know the difference between the different types of posts on social media

There are three types of posts you should be creating and posting on social media.  

There are posts meant for:

  • The general or overall population of people

  • Posts that help people get to know you better personally and professionally

  • Posts that ask someone to take a desired action or CTA

When you create a piece of content, theres a simple test to see which audience your content is made for. 

Ask yourself, would a stranger on the street care about this?

Take your Facebook or Instagram post and walk up to a random person on the street, read it to them, and see what they say.

If the answer is no, then your post is meant for a warm audience or someone who needs to have an understanding of who you are.

This may seem like an extreme and awkward thing to do but I just want you to think about it. 

That's the same thing we are doing to people on social media every single day.  

We are showing and sending out content to people who have no clue we even exist and we're asking them to stop what they're doing and spend money with us right now. 

When we post on social media, we are interrupting what someone else is there to see.

If someone is there to see pictures of their friends or family, we are interrupting them just the same way as if we were to walk up to someone on the street and interrupt them.

Final Thoughts

The world and people want to build a relationship with you and the personal stuff we share on social media is how they start to build a relationship with you.

The things that are more general, motivational, non-specific about you, those are the things that the world wants to see and hear. And it can still be your opinion, it just has to have wide appeal.

All you have to do is show your content to the different types of people and audiences in a way that they understand it. 

That's the best marketing strategy and the best way to grow your business the right way.

If you do that everyday you will always have people waiting to invest in your business and buy your products and services.  

When you consistently build real relationships with people, that's when you'll reach the top.