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Why You Should Use Facebook Ads For Your Business

Posted by Gary Henderson on May 7, 2020 10:45:00 AM

Did you know that the average person scrolls the length of the Empire State Building on social media in any given session?  

Facebook has been the most popularly used social media forum for a very long time.

It is still considered to be on the top when compared to applications like Instagram and Snapchat.

And because more than 80% of all the people who use internet are Facebook users, it has to be your first choice to digitally advertise your business as an entrepreneur.

Facebook has evolved over time, and so has its advertising tools.

So much so that Facebook ads have a more dominant impact on your returns than any other advertisement forums.

You can promote your page on Facebook by creating engaging content for the audience, which will help you increase your potential customer base.

Your growth as a page depends on the kind of content you create and how influential it is for the audience.

Creating such powerful content and then promoting it through Facebook ads can multiply your current profits, increasing your sales and your customer reach.


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7 Reasons You Should Use Facebook Ads For Your Business

Here is why you need to advertise your brand through Facebook Ads:

1. Facebook Advertising Is Highly Effective

Using Facebook marketing can be highly effective for your business. If you want to increase your community and post reach, followers on Facebook, number of visitors, or messages, then you can optimize your Facebook ads accordingly.

Facebook advertisement gives you options where you can choose your objective for a certain advertisement.

For example, you can choose the audience you want to reach out to or the time at which you want your ad to be displayed.

If you want to focus on increasing messages, then Facebook ads help you increase such activity on your Facebook page, eventually leading your followers to becoming your buyers.

This is why you need to plan and consider what goals you want to achieve through these ads. Creating a roadmap for your business will help you make your Facebook strategies more effective.

If you are confused about what your strategy is, then you might want to do a little research to see what is it that your business needs right now. 

Do you want to increase your ROI or just increase your web traffic?

Moving on, you need to understand that you should not put your posts on boost right after you have uploaded them. Give it some time to reach an audience organically for at least a day.

The purpose here is to see the difference between how the post did before an advertisement and after an advertisement. And don’t be discouraged if your organic reach is not what you expected it to be.

That is when you go for the ads and boost your post so that a larger audience is reached.

2. You Can Reach Your Ideal Audience

As a marketer, your ad objective is to reach an ideal audience that is the most relevant to your business or personal brand.

Through Facebook advertisement, you can reach your ideal audience through a variety of Facebook ads, remarketing audineces, and lookalike audiences. 

Anytime you create content for Facebook or social media, you want to make sure your audience and your message align perfectly.

Which enables you to speak to the right person at the right time with the right expectations. 


how to create better facebook ads


For instance, if you are selling a product that only females should purchase, then you should create content for your Facebook ads that will speak to a female audience directly.

You wouldn't want to create messaging for your ads that was completely masculine or spoke to children. 

The way Facebook uses the data it collects on how a user spends a day on this platform can be very useful for businesses.

By choosing the option for audience and then selecting a specific audience from the dropdown list, you can target all the people who were interested in your Facebook page or your product.

3. People Spend A Lot Of Time On Social Media

Facebook is a social media platform that is used by people so commonly and excessively which gives you as an entrepreneur and marketer an opportunity for lead generation.

Transforming a majority of Facebook users into customers.

Digital marketing on Facebook enables your brand to be advertised during these busy hours where people are more commonly found online.

And once these paid ads are seen by these Facebook users, there are chances that they will click on the ad to know more about you and the product you are selling.

When you see an ad repeatedly, there are more chances of you clicking that specific ad to see more, or the need to buy that certain product arises. This is the impact a Facebook ad has on its users.

This is especially important when it comes to reaching your ideal customer where they already are. 

Use this opportunity wisely.

You know now that Facebook is used by a majority of internet users, and the time also is pretty much throughout the day.

Now when you know that people are online on Facebook at all times, this is when you need to make an active campaign to reach out your audience.

4. You Can Promote Your Story And Content

A marketer understands how important it is to connect with the target audience in order to achieve the expected sales.

Facebook ads help you promote your story behind your brand, helping you make your content viral through these advertisements that can be in the form of slideshow ads, video ads, or any other ad format that can be shared virally.

Internet users can be intrigued by your story content, and therefore it is important that your ad copy used for digitally marketing your brand should be flawless for any layman to understand.

Don’t go overboard with the language you use, you want your ads to be clear and direct for any Facebook user to understand at the first look. 

And because users on Facebook love sharing content that attracts them, you can create a content optimization that is focused solely on attracting eyes to your page which will lead them to share your ads, or your posts as they visit your Facebook page.

For this, you can create some really engaging content that would captivate a viewer. And with one share at a time, your story will be out there to a much larger audience, and that should be your Facebook advertising strategy.

Make sure to keep in mind to show the right message to the right audience at the right time, or as we like to call it the #R3MAT Method. 




5. You Can Remarket To Your Ideal Customer

Let’s assume that a small percentage of your target audience missed out the last time you carried out advertisements other than Facebook ads.

Or a visitor who visited your website, put all the things in the shopping cart but did not check out.

These are your missed customers.

This is your chance to remarket to those potential buyers through the repeated Facebook ad campaigns that will reach out to people who have followed something similar to your brand or have shown interest in a product similar to what you provide.

Now because you want to reach out to these missed conversions, and make them your buyers, you need to be very sure of the content that you will be using to remarket your ideal customers.

There are chances that this specific customer has forgotten about you.

Therefore, your brand advertisement that will reach them should be a fresh start for them. For you as a marketer, it will almost be like making your first impression again. Luckily, you have Facebook ads to help you reach them, making it a lot easier for you as a business.

Cookies and pixels added to your browsers help these ads to reach out to customers based on the information saved in these cookies.

The information basically shows what interests the user digitally, and then these guidelines are followed by the ads, targeting people who have similar or relevant content saved in their cookies.

6. Facebook Advertising Is Simple And You Get Fast Results

It is as easy as you think.

Facebook has made its advertising tools so easy for anyone to understand that you can advertise your business easily without much hassle or any help.

And to your surprise, the results that you get in return are phenomenal.

You will be right to expect a larger return through Facebook ads than any other advertisement medium.

Facebook gives pretty clear instructions for you to follow, guiding you step by step about how you can advertise using any of the formats, helping your target a specific audience and making payment for such ads easy through debit and credit card options.

Now it is up to you which type of advertising you want to choose, and where would you like your ad to be shown to your ideal customer.

The ads can be displayed inside the newsfeed of a customer, both, on the desktop as well as the mobile application, or, you can show your ad towards the right side of the screen

This is not the only easy part of running an ad campaign on Facebook.

You can also manage your ad campaigns easily through the Ads manager, which can be accessed on the desktop by creating yourself an ad account or, Power Editor can be used for a more advanced version of managing Facebook ads. 

You can also access and manage your running or expired campaigns through your phone by downloading the Facebook Advert Manager.

Sounds easy, right?

7. You Are Constantly Growing A Bigger Audience

In many ways advertising on a social media platform these days is literally a piece of cake.

And because you are reaching out a HUGE audience within seconds, your audience base is increasing rapidly.

People who did know you earlier, know you now through these ads. And for people who once had bought something from you as a customer, will now be able to find you much more easily through Facebook.

With more than 2.5 billion users who are active on Facebook, imagine how many people you can reach through your advertisement campaigns?

Facebook ads can be used as a reminder for customers. Flashing your advertisements constantly on their screen as they scroll down on their Facebook feed can be fruitful.

When people see a certain product again and again, there comes a time when they actually start taking interest in that product, and eventually purchase the product if it is something that engages them.

Utilizing the tools offered by Facebook ads, you can reach out to the most powerful segment of audience that will turn out to be the most profitable for you.

With a vast variety of options to choose from, you can grow a much bigger audience every day through these Facebook ads.

To Sum It Up

Many small scale businesses, coaches or influencers do not have the extra money or time to spend on their advertising the right way.

That is why Facebook ads are recommended to everyone as they are cost effective, and pocket friendly for all sorts of businesses.

Facebook advertising caters to the needs of small home-based enterprises as well as large scale firms.

The returns on these Facebook advertisements are visibly effective as you will notice an increase in your likes, follows or messages, whatever it was that you were aiming for through these ads (again, depending on your ad content).

Having said that, you cannot just rely on Facebook ads to increase your profits while your content or your product is not up to the mark.

An entrepreneur needs to be sure of what they are producing, and what to expect out of the audience for a product of this caliber.

If your product is not good enough, you cannot blame Facebook ads to be the cause of not seeing any increase in your sales.

To avoid this, make sure that your brand is outstanding, producing quality and outclass products for the customers to be fascinated when they see a Facebook ad about it.

If you think that Facebook advertising could be your thing and could be the best digital marketing option for you, then you must give it a shot.

The investment you make on these advertising campaigns will help you reach out a larger client base.